English tutorials (videos) about LibreOffice

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    The following videos are available on YouTube in MP4 format.

    The link to YouTube and to further information is marked in blue in the following tables.
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    General Writer Calc Impress Draw Base

    You will find supplementary web pages for most of the videos.


    Video title Description More info LO Vers. YouTube since Duration
    Switch from Microsoft Office to LibreOffice The video shows how to make a ″Switch from Microsoft Office to LibreOffice". Videos/Transition_from_MS-Office_to_LibreOffice all March 24 2022 01:28
    Preventing data disaster – LibreOffice You will find information about possibilities for data security with LibreOffice, and how to avoid a data disaster. Preventing data disaster all July 09 2020 00:28
    File management with LibreOffice on Windows 10 This video covers various file management topics in Windows 10: creating, renaming, moving and deleting folders and files. File management in Writer all Apr 17 2020 06:07
    LibreOffice: Information for teachers and learners Using LibreOffice in a school? Or want to deploy it there? Our website has plenty of information. Informations for teachers and learner all Jun 06 2019 01:11
    Reference cards / Important menu items The reference card on your desk. Important menu items and keyboard shortcuts. Reference cards all July 16 2018 01:16
    How many file and document formats can LibreOffice open? LibreOffice is the universal office suite LibreOffice all May 25 2018 01:20
    How to download LibreOffice, the free office suite LibreOffice is a free, open source and powerful office suite for Linux, Windows and macOS. Download it now. Download LibreOffice all May 08 2018 00:42


    Video title Description More info LO Vers. YouTube since Duration
    Exercise: Styles in Writer - LibreOffice 6.4 With the help of styles, it is shown how the protocol can be quickly formatted in order to look good. Styles in Writer 6.4 Feb 20 2020 05:14
    5.3 Styles in Writer This video shows how to use formatting styles in Writer. Styles in Writer 5.3 Sep 18 2017 07:44


    Video title Description More info LO Vers. YouTube since Duration
    Docking Color palette in Draw This video shows how you can dock the ″color palette″ in Draw under LibreOffice. More info in the wiki: Docking Colour Palette in Draw 7.4 xx.11.2022 02:25

    Non-English tutorials

    The list below links to collections of LibreOffice video tutorials in different languages.