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    Abschnitt "Some popular extensions"

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    This section describes a few of the more popular extensions to LibreOffice. Some are installed by default. If the extension is not already installed on your system, see Installing extensions in the previous section for step-by-step instructions. All tools listed here are open source and free of charge.

    PDF Import

    Enables you to make minor modifications to the text of existing PDF files when the original source files do not exist or you are unable to open the source files. (Whenever possible, modify the source and regenerate the PDF to obtain the best results.)

    When the extension is installed, PDF is listed as a choice in the File Type drop-down list in the File ? Open dialog.

    Best results can be achieved with the PDF/ODF hybrid file format, which this extension also enables. A hybrid PDF/ODF file is a PDF file that contains an embedded ODF source file. Hybrid PDF/ODF files will be opened in LibreOffice as an ODF file without any layout changes.

    Non-hybrid PDF documents open in Draw. Depending on the complexity of the layout, changes may be easy or difficult to make, and the saved result may or may not preserve the original layout. Font substitution may occur.

    Documents with more sophisticated layouts, such as those created with professional desktop publishing applications that use special fonts and complex vector graphics, are not suitable for the PDF Import Extension. Similarly, importing large documents may cause performance issues.

    Presenter Console

    Provides extra control over Impress presentations; for example, the presenter has ability to see the upcoming slide, the slide notes, and a presentation timer—while the audience sees only the current slide. The Presenter Console displays the elements in three easily changeable views:

    The first view displays the current slide, including the effects, and the upcoming slide.

    The second view shows the speaker's notes in large, clear, and scalable type, plus the current and upcoming slide.

    The third view is a slide sorter view with the slide thumbnails.


    The Presenter Console works only on operating systems that support multiple displays.

    Report Builder

    Creates professional database reports from Base. You can define group and page headers, group and page footers, and calculation fields. Export your reports to PDF or OpenDocument formats, or send them as email attachments.

    Professional Template Pack II

    Provides more than 120 templates for Writer, Calc, and Impress. Available in several languages. After you have installed this extension, you will find the templates under File ? New ? Templates and Documents.

    Template Changer (for Writer)

    Adds two new items to the File ? Templates menu in Writer that allow you to assign a new template to the current document or to a folder of documents. All styles and formatting will be loaded from that template and the document will behave as it was created using that template.

    Solver for Nonlinear Programming (for Calc)

    Calc ships with a solver engine for linear programming only. This extension adds more solvers, which are capable of handling nonlinear problems as well as linear ones:

    DEPS - Differential Evolution & Particle Swarm Optimization

    SCO - Social Cognitive Optimization

    DataPilot Tools for Calc

    Adds some utility functions that make using the Calc DataPilot easier:

    Display the current source range for a DataPilot

    Change the source range for a DataPilot

    Refresh all DataPilots on the current sheet