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With a consistent 'look and feel' LibreOffice increases its public recognition. People remember graphical elements once they have associated them with our product and community. That's what branding is for!
By using the material presented in the galleries linked from this overview you support LibreOffice to be recognized as self-constained and self-confident professional part of the office suite market.

The resources linked from here are created in a way that makes it easy to comply with the LibreOffice trademark policy, our logo usage policy and the branding guidelines. In any doubt please have a look at these links.

For Artists: If you want to share your own artwork with LibreOffice, feel free to contact the Design Team. You can use your user page to host your graphical ideas. Have a look at Existing Designs too.

Categories of Artwork - please click on the titles or thumbnails


Official Main Visuals

LibreOffice Logos LibreOffice Icons LibreOffice Product Graphics LibreOffice Motif
LibreOffice external logo 300px.png LibreOffice Writer icon 128.png LibreOffice splashscreen.png LibreOffice MotifScatter RGB.png

Artist Resources

Graphical Branding Elements Branding Guidelines and Hints Mockup Kits Ideas for Collaborative Artwork
LibreOffice-Initial-Artwork-Logo Guidelines Spacing.png Dummy.png Dummy.png Dummy.png

Marketing Resources ready to use

LibreOffice Presentations LibreOffice Videos LibreOffice Flyers
Dummy.png Dummy.png NA-dvd-insert.png
Reference Cards Brochuretypes
Dummy.png Dummy.png

Electronic Artwork

Web Buttons Web Banners Wallpapers
LibreOffice webbutton proposal.png Libo-challengecontinues-banner-by-tobias.png Wallpaper-LibreOffice-1-1600px.png

Physical Artwork

DVD Labels and Covers Posters and Printed Banners Business Card Stickers and Merchandising
Label NADVD.png Scale poster-lax lnd-1680x1050.png Dummy.png Dummy.png

Templates and Documentation

Clipart Galleries Impress Templates Writer Templates Screenshots
Dummy.png Dummy.png Dummy.png Dummy.png
Documentation Fronts
LibO Cover gettingStarted ice castle.png