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We use NextCloud as a production site, with published documentation placed on this wiki Publications page and on the LibreOffice website.


Details of our workflow have changed, as our working files are now located on NextCloud, not ODFAuthors.


Below is the workflow we are theoretically using. (To be expanded.)

For detailed instructions, see the contributor's guide linked below.

If you have need help at any point in the process, remember Documentation Team mailing list and #documentfoundation IRC://.


  1. Create draft document according to:
  2. Upload draft to the appropriate folder
  3. Submit your document for review.

Author: Revise as needed

At each stage, fill in the appropriate task spreadsheet on NextCloud and report what you have done to the document team mailing list (

Task status

Tasks are tracked using a spreadsheet in the NextCloud folder for each user guide.

Using OmegaT for translation

OmegaT is a Computer Aided Translation tool that can be used to handle the translation of the guides produced by the Documentation team. Miloš Šrámek has made a presentation about his workflow. The wiki page UsingOmegaT describes the process based on the development he shared.


Contributors Guide

Note: some chapters are out of date and are being revised.

Chapter 2016-17 version
1 Joining the LibreOffice Documentation Team ODT / PDF (7 Oct 2016)
2 Producing LibreOffice User Guides ODT / PDF (7 Oct 2016)
3 Using the ODFAuthors website ODT / PDF (8 Oct 2016)
4 Style Guide for LibreOffice User Guides ODT / PDF (Being revised)
5 Using the LibreOffice Chapter Template ODT (Being revised)

Chapter templates

Source files for cover art (SVG)