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    I cannot edit a newly created table.

    There could be several reasons for this difficulty.

    • The table doesn't contain a primary key or a unique index.

    In this case, open the table in Edit mode and select a column which uniquely identifies the row, open the context menu and select the "Primary Key" entry then save the table. After this the table will be editable.

    • The rights on the table aren't correctly set up. This is the case when the table mysql.tables_priv isn't correctly set up. To verify this, open a new request and insert the text.
      SELECT * FROM mysql.tables_priv

      and select native mode in the icon bar. When you have done this you should see your selected table set up with the necessary privileges. If your table does not appear in the list, you should give yourself the rights below. It is not the default setting.

    Open the context menu next to the entry for your table on the left of the Base data navigator and choose SQL. In the window which appears insert

    GRANT ALL ON <tablename> TO <username>

    and execute the statement. Now your table should be editable.

    • The driver that you are using is not up to date. In old versions of ODBC it canbe that the privileges and name of the current user aren't correctly displayed.
    • Base is still connected (following a bad shutdown, for example). To disconnect it, you'll have to go to the directory where the database is held and remove the file whose extension is .lck.