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    What do the error codes (Err:NNN) in a LibreOffice spreadsheet mean?

    Error codes
    ERRORTYPE Cell display


    Code Status Bar Message Explanation of the error


    The column is too narrow to display the complete formatted contents of the cell. This is not really an error value, so there is no corresponding numerical error code. The solutions to this problem are to increase the width of the column, or select Format ▸ Cells ▸ Alignment and check either "Wrap text automatically" or "Shrink to fit cell size" in the "Properties" area so as to make the text match the current column width. Other factors are font size, font type and zoom percentage.


    This value is outside of the valid limits for this number format. This is not really an error value, so there is no corresponding numerical error code. String for output error. Example: Introduce -1E+16 and then format the cell as Date.



    NotAvailable Value not available

    A result for the formula expression is not available. The formula cannot find what it has been asked to look for. This is not really an error value, so there is no corresponding numerical error code. ISNA() applied to this value will return TRUE. This value is returned by LOOKUP (and similar) functions which failed, and by NA().


    IllegalChar Invalid character

    Invalid character in formula. Same as the Invalid Name error (525) except that it occurs within a formula. Example: =1¤0 instead of =100; or =1Eq instead of =1E2 (scientific notation).


    IllegalArgument Invalid argument

    An argument of a function has an invalid value. Example: =SQRT(-3). Also occurs if more than one matching cell is found by DGET().



    IllegalFPOperation Invalid numeric value

    Invalid floating point operation. Calculation result outside of the defined value range. A calculation that results in an overflow of the defined value range – a value too big or too small. Example: =1000^500.


    IllegalParameter Error in parameter list

    The type of a parameter of a function is invalid. For instance, a parameter of a function is text instead of a number. Example: =VLOOKUP(1;0;1) where the second argument is not expected to be a plain number.


    Internal syntax error

    Not configured.


    Invalid decimal separator

    Not configured.


    Pair Pair missing

    Missing bracket or parenthesis.


    PairExpected In bracketing

    Missing bracket or parenthesis. For instance, closing parenthesis without an opening parenthesis, or a missing closing parenthesis in the middle of a formula (missing parentheses at the end of a formula are added automatically). Example: =1).


    OperatorExpected Operator missing

    Example: =2(3+4)*.


    VariableExpected Variable missing

    Two operators, where the second is not a unitary operator, follow each other. Example: =1+*2.


    1 (LO > 7.6)

    ParameterExpected Variable missing

    The function requires more variables than those provided. Example: OR() without parameters.


    CodeOverflow Formula overflow

    Formula too long. Compiler: This refers to the internal number of bits (512 maximum), which has nothing to do with the length of the character string in the formula in question, but depends on the number of operators, variables, parentheses, etc. The total number of internal tokens (that is, operators, variables, brackets) in the formula exceeds 8192, or the total number of matrices the formula creates exceeds 150. Interpreter: Formulas which generate too many matrices at once (150 maximum) and Basic functions which receive as parameters an array that is too large (OxFFE maximum is 65534 octets). This includes Basic functions that receive too large an array as a parameter (OxFFE maximum is 65534 octets).


    StringOverflow String overflow

    Character string too long. Compiler: An identifier in the formula exceeds 1024 characters (UTF-16 code points) in size. Interpreter: The result of an operation on a string of characters would exceed (2^28)-1 ((228)-1) characters (UTF-16 code points, so 512MiB) in size. Example: =REPT("1234567890";10^8).


    StackOverflow Internal overflow

    Internal capacity exceeded. An internal calculation stack overflow occurred.


    UnknownState Internal syntax error

    Unknown error.


    UnknownVariable Internal syntax error

    Matrix is expected on the calculation stack, but it is not available. The calculation stack should contain a matrix but it is not there.


    UnknownOpCode Internal syntax error

    Unknown operation code. A document containing a newer feature is loaded in an older version of Calc that did not support that feature.


    UnknownStackVariable Internal syntax error

    Variable not available. A variable was supposed to be popped from the calculation stack but it is not available / not there.



    NoValue No value

    No valid result is possible. A function cannot supply a value corresponding to its definition; or a cell referenced in the formula contains text instead of an expected number. Example: ="string"+0.


    UnknownToken Internal syntactical error

    The compiler has generated a code which it cannot interpret. Example: =2*(3+4)*.


    1 (LO > 7.6)

    NoCode No code or (no) intersection

    No code or no intersection (since LibreOffice 7.6; it was set as "Internal syntax error" up until version 7.5 included). The intersection of ranges produced zero cells. Example: =SUM(A1:A2!B1:B2).


    CircularReference Circular reference

    A formula refers directly or indirectly to itself and the Iterations option is not activated under Tools ▸ Options ▸ LibreOffice Calc ▸ Calculate. Example: =A1 introduced in the same cell.


    NoConvergence Calculation does not converge

    The calculation procedure does not converge. A function missed a targeted value (tends towards a given value but does not reach it), or iterative references do not reach the minimum change within the defined maximum steps (increments) that are set.



    NoRef Not a valid reference

    Compiler: a row or column heading could not be detected. Interpreter: the formula refers to a cell whose column, row, or table/worksheet has been deleted or which is outside the table/worksheet. The formula within the cell uses a reference that does not exist. Either a column or a row description name could not be resolved, or the column, row, or worksheet that contains a referenced cell is missing or it is outside the worksheet. Example: See ERROR.TYPE.



    NoName Invalid name

    An identifier could not be evaluated: no valid reference, no valid function name, no column/row label, no macro, incorrect decimal separator, add-in not found. Example: =bob*5 when there is no cell named "bob".


    Internal syntax error

    Obsolete, no longer used; it may occur in (old) documents loaded in old versions of Calc.


    Internal overflow

    Internal capacity exceeded. Interpreter: Excessive nesting of references (the cell references a cell which references a cell which references a cell which...). References (such as when a cell references another cell...) are too encapsulated or deeply/excessively nested. This is an internal error and should not be displayed in LibreOffice.


    Not used.



    Interpreter, internal: no numeric value but numeric queried.


    NoAddin Add-in not found

    Add-In not found.


    NoMacro Macro not found

    Macro not available / not found.



    DivisionByZero Division by zero

    The denominator of a division operation ("/") is 0 (zero). Other functions can also return this error; for example:

    • VARP with less than 1 argument
    • STDEVP with less than 1 argument
    • VAR with less than 2 arguments
    • STDEV with less than 2 arguments
    • STANDARDIZE with stdev=0
    • NORMDIST with stdev=0

    NestedArray Nested arrays are not supported.

    Example: ={1;{2}}.



    Interpreter, internal: no numeric value but numeric queried.



    Interpreter, internal: jump matrix already has a result at this position.



    Interpreter, internal: (matrix) element is not a numeric value.



    Internal: keep dirty, retry interpreting next round.


    MatrixSize Array or matrix size

    Invalid size of Array. The maximum limit for sorting has been exceeded. The limit is twice the maximum number of rows, so for 1,048,576 rows the limit is 2,097,152 entries. Also obtained whenever a temporary matrix could not be allocated due to its size requirement.


    BadArrayContent Unsupported inline array content

    Bad inline array content, non-value/non-string. Example: ={1+2}.


    LinkFormulaNeedingCheck External content disabled

    A function that requires (re)loading of external sources is encountered and the user has not confirmed reloading of external sources yet.

    ERRORTYPE Cell display


    Code Status Bar Message Explanation of the error