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What do the error codes(Err : NNN ) in a LibreOffice spreadsheet mean?

Error codes
Error code Text Explanation
#### any The cell is not large enough to display the contents.
501 Invalid character The character is not valid in this context. Example:=1¤2 instead of =1E2
502 Invalid argument The argument of a function has an incorrect value. Example: a negative value for a root function
#NUM !
Incorrect floating point operation Example: calculation result outside defined value range
504 Error in parameter list The parameter of a function is not a valid type, Example: text in place of a number or a reference to a cell range in place of a reference to one cell
505 Internal syntax error Not configured
506 Incorrect decimal point Not configured
507 Error : missing pair Not configured
508 Error : missing pair Example : closing parenthesis without an opening parenthesis or a missing closing parenthesis in the middle of a formula (missing parentheses at the end of a formula are added automatically)
509 Missing operator Example : =2(3+4) missing operator between 2 and (
510 Missing variable Two operators, where the second is not a unitary operator, follow each other. example: =1+*2
511 Missing variable The function requires more variables than those given, example AND() and OR() without parameters
512 Formula too long Compiler: This refers to the internal number of bits (512 maximum), which has nothing to do with the length of the character string in the formula in question, but depends on the number of operators, variables, parentheses, etc. Interpreter: formulas which generate too many matrices at once (150 maximum) and Basic functions which receive as parameters an array that is too large (OxFFE maximum is 65534 octets)
513 Character string too long Compiler : an identifier in the formula contains more than 255 characters. Interpreter: the result of an operation on a string of characters contains more than 255 characters.
514 Internal capacity exceeded Sort operations with too much numerical data (100 000 maximum) or which exceed the calculation stack
515 Internal syntax error Not configured
516 Internal syntax error The calculation stack should contain a matrix but it is not there.
517 Internal syntax error Operation code unknown, for example a document containing a new function opened in an old version of the software which does not contain that function.
518 Internal syntax error A variable should appear from the calculation stack but it is not there
519 #VALUE ! No result A function cannot supply a value corresponding to the definition, or one of the cells referenced in the formula contains text instead of the desired number
520 Internal syntax error The compiler has generated a code which it cannot interpret.
521 Internal syntax error No result in the calculation stack.
522 Circular reference A formula makes direct or indirect reference to itself and iterations have not been activated in the Tools ▸ Options ▸ LibreOffice Calc ▸ Calculate menu.
523 The calculation does not converge Statistical (financial) functions tend towards a given value but do not reach it, or iteration of references in a loop do not reach the minimum modification within the defined maximum increments.
#REF !
Incorrect reference Compiler: a line or column heading could not be detected. Interpreter: the formula refers to a cell whose column, row or table has been deleted or which is outside the table.
Incorrect name Compiler: the system could not activate the identifier (no reference, no section name, no row or column heading, no macro, etc.) Interpreter: same thing for the duration of execution, for example a Basic function or AddIn was not found.
526 Internal syntax error This is no longer used but may occur in old documents, if the result of a formula was a range
527 Internal capacity exceeded Interpreter: Excessive nesting of references (the cell references the cell which references a cell which references a cell, etc.)
#DIV/0 !
Division by zero A division operator / where the denominator is 0
Other functions can return this error, for example :
VAR.P with less than 1 argument
ECARTYPEP with less than 1 argument
VAR with less than 2 arguments
ECARTYPE with less than 2 arguments