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I try to export a presentation as HTML and I get an error message saying 'Object does not exist, file does not exist'. What's going on?

This message is a generic message and may point to several different problems. Please read the whole of the explanation provided below to determine what kind of problem you have.

Exporting in HTML format requires write access. The export into HTML format involves the creation of one or more files in the selected directory. If you do not have the write access required to create these files, this error message will occur. Furthermore, export in HTML often requires the creation of numerous files. You are therefore strongly advised to create a new directory to contain all these files and so avoid the write access restrictions.

Not enough space on the disk. You might get this message when you don't have enough space in your directory.

Problem with filenames. You might also get this message because you have put a space in the filename. During the export process, LibreOffice reads the first part of the name as the name of a directory and the rest of the name after the space as the filename. The result is a non-existent entity. The solution is not to put spaces or other unauthorized characters into filenames. Here is a list of unauthorized characters: % ! $ # : ;