LibreOffice FOSDEM 2014 UX Hackfest

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    UX Hackfest 2014
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    DatesFebruary 3 - February 4, 2015
    LocationBetacowork Coworking,
    Brussels, Belgium
    UX Hackfest 2014 Brussels Logo Plain.png

    The first LibreOffice UX Hackfest will take place in the City of Brussels in BelgiumWikipedia logo v3.svg on February 3 & 4, right after FOSDEM. This event was generously made possible by Betacowork Coworking Brussels -- give them a shoutout if you can.


    The venue is at Betacowork Coworking Brussels, 4 rue des Pères Blancs, 1040 Etterbeek. Betacowork is kindly sponsoring the venue.


    Don't add yourself to the list of participants -- we are now over the limit. If you feel like it's important that you attend, please e-mail the organizer.

    1. Mazel, Miroslav, Organizer, Designer
    2. Michael Meeks, Hacker
    3. Andras Timar, Hacker
    4. Jan Holesovsky, Hacker
    5. Miklos Vajna
    6. Robinson Tryon, QA, Sometimes-hacker; (I'm particularly interested in our a11y UX issues)
    7. Markus Mohrhard interested in chart UX improvements, especially chart styles
    8. Matus Kukan
    9. Rob Snelders QA, Sometimes-hacker impress
    10. Eike Rathke, Hacker
    11. Florian Effenberger alien :)
    12. Thorsten Behrens hacker
    13. Bubli hacker
    14. Laszlo Nemeth hacker
    15. Gabor Kelemen translator
    16. Jacobo Aragunde <jaragunde at igalia dot com>, human hacker
    17. Tomaž Vajngerl hacker
    18. Stefan Knorr, design guy
    19. Cor Nouws bit QA, UX, l10n, sometimes simple hacks
      [ Template manager - what is still missing for template/style management and maybe improved ]
      [ Side bar and styles - how can we make the side bar useful to enhance and promote the use of styles (and *not* direct formatting :) ) ]
    20. Fridrich Strba hacker
    21. Tor Lillqvist, hacker
    22. Ahmad Harthi, UX Philosopher :)
      [ Styles - I want to discuss a whole revamp for the styling system! ]
      [ Shell - a shell for LO! ]
      [ Shortcuts - espcially for Calc ]
      [ UI mockups and improving Sifr icons ]



    The venue will be open to us from 9:30 to 18:00.

    Bug List

    If you're attending the hackfest, add your name next to what you might like to work on and feel free to add bugs.

    Bug Developer(s)
    Document colors
    Custom colors
    Visual Fixes
    Drawing borders
    macOS toolbar gradient (go for native-looking)
    Combo box appearance
    Non-printing characters Tomaž Vajngerl
    Template Manager
    Fix folder hierarchy
    Create folders with drag-and-drop
    Split into panes
    Styles in Properties
    Get rid of “Insert Shapes” Rob Snelders
    Replace modal dialogs Matus Kukan
    Highlight results
    Split menus
    Contextual styles
    Notes pane
    Empty area
    Increasing combo box target area
    Segmented control
    Calc sheets/Draw layer layout and appearance
    Cut/Copy/Paste right-click menu entires near the mouse pointer I don't even think this is a good idea, see bug comment --erAck (talk) 2014-02-03T14:02:44 (UTC)
    Alignment guides
    Table manipulation
    Writer: Provide obvious way to turn full-page text boundaries on/off, independent from Show non printing characters
    Implement new ATK roles Jacobo Aragunde

    Discussion Topics

    If you're attending, feel free to add to the list.

    Ideas from the Crowd

    Feel free to add some.

    • Custom colors in the color picker
    • On Windows LibreOffice should respect/apply system's high contrast settings to its widgets, e.g. document background color, default text color etc. (Regression) (see related tdf#71511)
    • Retina display support - at least artwork / pixel/doubling
    • Improved (touch friendly) selection / object manipulation
    • User idea: Improve/review user experience of collaborative editing"Vote for Enhancement#Introduction .26 Top Ten of Requests" [2]: track changes (add, view, merge, print), comments (add, reply, view, print), parallel/collaborative editing (lock files, share files, compare documents). Particularly the inability of Writer to properly print comments is a UX pain: AskLO 1, AskLO 2, tdf#36815.
    • Chart styles: a collection of colors, settings, chart types that play nicely together. See: Chart styles in the wiki.
    • VCL documentation
    • Completion while typing formula (in Calc, like [1]? ) Cf. tdf#60245
    • Get rid of some rough edges when working with a bibliography: tdf#73275 tdf#72972 tdf#72955 tdf#72936
    Improved bibliography handling.png

    The selected cell range already contains a conditional formatting [Edit existing formatting] [Create new formatting]

    • Because of the gradient to (almost) white in data bars, it's sometimes hard to determine where they end. A border around them could fix that.
    • Segmented controls
    • Further work on Google Fonts integration
    • Solve Sidebar duplication (discussed a bit here)
    • Discuss/start work on themes
      • Maybe a combination of the styles.xml file in and od* file and and an embedded palette? tdf#63898
    • Consider whether it would be more intuitive if the tabs in the Template manager wouldn't work as filters, but rather different folders:
      • Currently all folders are visible across the different filetype-categories
    • Allow storing templates in the root folder of each category (document/spreadsheet/prsentation/drawing)
    • Replace current default gradients with appealing ones:
    • Implement new ATK roles: tdf#39944
    • Add more default templates (maybe as translated fod*):
    • Remove the 'Elements' window from Math, the new 'Elements dock' replaces it
    • Change default GUI with currently-existing code/framework. An example set of guidelines:
      • Sidebar
        • Make the show/hide icon for the Sidebar more visible. This will help when editing more than one document, resizing etc.
        • If possible, try and make the sidebar more responsive to resizing. In the absence of a tabbed navigation between documents being worked on, it currently impedes resizing and editing more than one document at the same time.
        • Implement dark/grey flat icons.
      • Toolbar
        • Change default toolbar colour to black.
          • (Why? That looks very hard on the eyes.)
        • Implement white flat icons for toolbar.
        • Decrease number of icons on toolbar (those already present in sidebar) and remove formatting toolbar.
        • Default the Find toolbar on the top toolbar.
    • "Vote for Enhancement#Introduction .26 Top Ten of Requests" (DELETED) on the Documentfoundation wiki.
    • Add UI for setting "relative from" in relatively sized TextFrames in Writer: currently "relative from page" can be only created from macros (Miklos)
    • Improve font rendering performance in Linux/KDE desktop environment tdf#59818


    See the FOSDEM page for relevant information.


    Please add here, what you did work on during the Hackfest:

    Native toolbar background
    • Kendy: Start center improvements - tdf#72469 thumbnails for all file types [not only ODF], don't cut off the thumbnails when minimized, tdf#72338 show busy mouse pointer when starting apps.
    • Kendy: Converted the Template manager dialog to .ui
    • Andras: application background color fix in Windows high contrast themes, tdf#74489 replace '\n' to ' ' in fields (e.g. multiline headings)
    • László Németh: Unicode-compliant soft hyphen handling (extending my recent fix tdf#44314 for two-character changes, like hyphenation of the Hungarian double consonant ddzs->dzs- dzs); add help for the new non-standard hyphenation support in user-defined dictionaries, important note for Dutch, Norwegian, Swedish, Catalan, Hungarian l10n groups: now it is possible to complete the hyphenation without the modification of the TeX-like hyphenation patterns, using a default shared user-defined dictionary file (the new help text: You can use a [] block instead of the = sign to specify character changes before the hyphenation break. Possible character changes: (1) Extra characters, for example tug[g]gumi results the correct hyphenation “tugg- gummi” of the Swedish word “tuggummi”. (2) Character removing specified by a digit, for example paral·[1]lel results correct hyphenation “paral- lel” of the Catalan word “paral·lel”, removing one character before the break point. (3) Both removed and extra characters, for example cafee[2é]tje results correct hyphenation “café- tje” of the Dutch word “cafeetje”, removing two characters before the break point, and adding an extra one.); fix Graphite line breaking for Asian languages tdf#70666 (my previous Graphite fix for Western languages tdf#52540 had broken this); fix LibreLogo (program translation doesn't modify the comments).
    • Tomaž: Use "light blue" for Non-printing Characters (tdf#68071)
    Non-printing Characters
    • Michael: Re-order calc sidebars to make the formatting side bar visible by default and more prominent.
    • Michael: Fixed toolbar / docking bug, where panels were lost.
    • Michael: Defaulted to in-direct printing in toolbars, but left the direct print icon as a hidden option to make it easy to restore (tdf#74455).
    • Jacobo: Fixed tdf#35105: implemented UNO accessibility event to notify role changes and used it to notify the changes between paragraph<->heading.
    • Jacobo: Work on 35107: detected the source of the problem but a solution has to be agreed.
    • Ahmad: Fixed tdf#59329: docked panels (like navigator or styles) looks inconsistent with other borders
    • Thorsten: helped Jacobo with ATK_ROLE changes, mulled over ogl stuff with Moggi & Michael, hacked on slideshowprimitives
    • Bubli: converted pivot table dialog (helped by Caolan)