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DatesFebruary 1-2, 2014
LocationULB Campus Solbosch,
Brussels, Belgium

FOSDEM is the premier open source developers conference, and the most significant developers conference for LibreOffice after the annual LibreOffice Conference.

Stuff in green is from Last Year: remove the color when the section is updated.


Scheduling Table

Please add your name to the table below and fill-in the days you will be available

B Booth (February 1/2, Building K, 1st Floor)
D Open Document Editors DevRoom (February 1, from 11AM to 7PM, Room S.H.2214)
x At the conference
(blank) Not present
pre-FOSDEM FOSDEM (Feb 1-2) UX Hackfest (Feb 3-4)
Name Reimbursement Friday Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday
Italo Vignoli yes x D / B B See the signup page
Robinson Tryon ? x B ?
Bjoern Michaelsen (Sweetshark) Canonical-sponsored x x x
Florian Effenberger yes x x x
Andreas Mantke yes - x x
Thorsten Behrens partially x D x
Bubli partially x x x
Caolán McNamara x D D
Stephan Bergmann D x
Marina Latini yes ? D / B x / B
Markus Mohrhard ? x D x
Eike Rathke ? x D x
Jacqueline yes x D / B B
Cor Nouws yes x B B

to add yourself go to: Marketing/Events/Fosdem2014/Participants (includes #Booth and #DevRoom scheduling)


The Fosdem Booth
  • What: We'll have a booth with two tables
  • Where: Building K, 1st Floor
  • Booth Schedule: See #Participants

Main-track talk(s)



Mathematics Track Talk at FOSDEM 2014

Speaker Title Slides URL
Michael Meeks LibreOffice Calc
Now available on your GPU

Open Document Editors DevRoom Talks at FOSDEM 2014

Speaker Title Slides URL
Tor Lillqvist LibreOffice plumbing on iOS and Android slides
Jan Holesovsky How the Text in Writer Gets on the Screen slides
Thorsten Behrens Once Upon a Primitive Slideshow
and other news from LibreOffice graphics
Markus Mohrhard Time based charting for Libreoffice slides
Markus Mohrhard Automated import and export testing of file import and export slides
Miklos Vajna InteropGrabBag in LibreOffice Writer
What it is, how to use it and what uses it already.
Fridrich Strba librevenge is suite
What is new in the world of import filters and what is coming soon
Eike Rathke How to squeeze a language tag into a Locale
What you need to know about BCP 47 language tags in your ODF editor.
Caolán McNamara How to use the new ui format to do Accessibility right
Notes for developers to get accessibility right in dialogs for LibreOffice when using the new ui format
Michael Meeks re-using and re-targetting LibreOffice
liblibreoffice and other ways of re-using us
Andras Timar Central configuration management of large LibreOffice deployments
... demonstration of new tools and new options
Stephan Bergmann LO++14
How to make use of 21st century C++ in LibreOffice development
Bjoern Michaelsen Liberated Build System: Mission Accomplished
What's next?

add your talk at Marketing/Events/Fosdem2014/talks

Other Stuff

Getting involved