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    Scheduling Table

    Please add your name to the table below and fill-in the days you will be available

    B Booth (February 1/2, Building K, 1st Floor)
    D Open Document Editors DevRoom (February 1, from 11AM to 7PM, Room S.H.2214)
    x At the conference
    (blank) Not present
    pre-FOSDEM FOSDEM (Feb 1-2) UX Hackfest (Feb 3-4)
    Name Reimbursement Friday Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday
    Italo Vignoli yes x D / B B See the signup page
    Robinson Tryon ? x B ?
    Bjoern Michaelsen (Sweetshark) Canonical-sponsored x x x
    Florian Effenberger yes x x x
    Andreas Mantke yes - x x
    Thorsten Behrens partially x D x
    Bubli partially x x x
    Caolán McNamara x D D
    Stephan Bergmann D x
    Marina Latini yes ? D / B x / B
    Markus Mohrhard ? x D x
    Eike Rathke ? x D x
    Jacqueline yes x D / B B
    Cor Nouws yes x B B