Impress Sprint Dresden

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    Dresden ImpressSprint 2013 Logo

    Impress Sprint Dresden

    The LibreOffice project was offered a project weekend at Dresden Technical University, specifically focusing on Impress.


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    To focus, for one weekend, on LibreOffice Impress:

    • get into the code that is on stage with boatloads of presenters each year
    • go bug hunting, and help bug fixing
    • find paper cuts, and look into usability - life on stage is stressful enough without your software acting up
    • have a good time, and get to know new people!

    Taking Part

    We highly welcome new people to join this sprint (such as local students, Ph.D. students etc.). It offers a great opportunity to learn how a big software project works, to improve skills and to get in touch with interesting people.

    We need:

    • people who would work as testers, report bugs, provide presentations which demonstrate bugs, etc.
    • people who know C++ reasonably well to fix bugs.

    If you are interested, please add yourself to the list of participants below (wiki registration required) and/or contact the organizer.

    Of course, spreading this information to potentially interested people, is appreciated as well.

    If you have concrete ideas on what to work on, or concrete questions to ask, please add this to the detailed proposals page - that page is work in progress, please add/amend/fix at will!

    Main Venue

    The Sprint will take place at the Beyer-Building Room 103 on the Dresden Technical University main campus' physics faculty

    OSM location

    Please use the entrance marked in campusplan with transport and entrance information


    • Friday March 22nd - arrival and introduction, knowing your way around Impress
    • Saturday March 23rd - bug hunting and fixing
    • Sunday March 24th - wrap-up, future work

    The detailed schedule is work in progress, please add/amend/fix at will - this event is from the people, for the people!

    City Tour by Bus Leaflet Download


    Please add your name and e-mail address to the below list in case you want to participate. We will use this list for planning, logistics and announcements.

    1. Behrens, Thorsten Organizer, coder
    2. Snelders, Rob coder
    3. Bubli coder
    4. Arnhold, Thomas
    5. Rahemipour, Jacqueline QA
    6. Mantke, Andreas QA, (spare time)coder
    7. Schnabel, André QA
    8. Hofmann, Matthias coder
    9. David Ostrovsky
    10. Xiaoli, Duan
    11. Bjoern Michaelsen
    12. Władysław Ostrowski
    13. Moritz Kütt
    14. Marcus Haehnel
    15. Johannes Widmer

    Travel and Accomodation

    From Friday to Sunday, TU Dresden will host participants in their guest house (OSM location).

    If you want to stay extra days, please contact them directly, or alternatively use one of the following affordable accomodations:

    A&O Ho(s)tel DD-Hauptbahnhof (Strehlener Str. 10) (OSM location).

    Andor Hotel Europa (Strehlener Str. 20) (OSM location).

    Public Transport

    Exit at Dresden Main Station, then head south, following Fritz-Löffler-Strasse, which turns into Bergstrasse. Once you've left the train station, looking south, you can already spot the observatory atop the red-brick Beyer-Building (where the venue is located). Walking distance is approximately 15 minutes.

    Or take front exit from Main Station, and take tram line 3 or 8 heading south (direction Coschütz or Südvorstadt). Get off the tram after two stops (at Nürnberger Platz), find the red-brick Beyer-Building roughly south-east from you. Or take front exit from Main Station, and take bus line 66 heading south (direction Coschütz or Mockritz). Get off the tram after two stops (at technische Universität), find the red-brick Beyer-Building in front of you.

    campusplan with transport and entrance information

    Air travel

    Take the train S2 to Dresden Main Station, then see above.

    By car

    Exit from the motorway A17 at Dresden-Südvorstadt, then proceed after Dresden-Zentrum. The 5th crossroad (not counting that at the motorway exit) is Fritz-Foerster-Platz, and you can spot the Beyer-Building on your left.

    Getting involved

    Easy Hacks: Development/Easy Hacks

    Discussions with developers and code hackers take place on

    Fixed bugs / completed tasks

    • missing German date format in Impress header/footer (bubli) (commit)
    • SVG export does not include hyperlinks (moritz, tdf#47576) (commit)
    • hyperlinks in SVG export also for shapes (moritz, tdf#47576) (gerrit)
    • Show the number of slides also when multiple slides are selected (ertai_NL) (commit)
    • At the end of the presentation always go back to the last shown slide (ertai_NL) (commit)
    • Translate German comments in Calc (Johannes) (commit)
    • Show number of active slides in status-bar (ertai_NL) (commit)
    • touched/triaged some 60 Impress bugs (Jacqueline/Martha)
    • fix custom animation tabpage control size (wladek/xiaoli) (commit)
    • cow_wrapper changes -> convert manual refcounts / cow-implementations over to cow_wrapper (tom) (commit commit comment)
    • add cow_wrapper unit test for the static default case (thorsten) (commit)
    • Fixed templates notes view and master pages - with the updated ones, the notes pages where completely empty (bug during writing, not fixed - just the templates for now!)(Jacqueline) (commit)
    • If the first slide of presentation is blocked (=hidden), Impress does not start with the next visible slide, but shows instead the current hidden one (bubli) (commit commit)
    • tdf#57375 - UI: Duplicate access keys (accelerators) for Alt-I-U in Impress (Rob Snelders) (commit)
    • SLIDESHOW start slide setting ignored (Matthias) (tdf#62665) (commit)
    • Shorter timeout / locked tooltip mode in Impress slidesorter (like on toolbars) (Matthias) (commit)

    started tasks

    • tdf#54025 - UI VIEWING: Unnecessary horizontal limitation on text in Outline View (Rob Snelders)
    • tdf#62525 - Rework refcounting / cow to use helper template (Tom)
    • python tests (Xiaoli)
    • protect grid / snap lines (Moritz)
    • tdf#45498 - pdf export for handout slides (Andi)