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    See the Impress hacking page for work items in general. Beyond that, complementing your own ideas, here is a number of specific Impress-related hacking ideas to pick from:

    Type EasyHack
    Details / Links tdf#61904
    Type EasyHack
    Details / Links tdf#51340
    Type advanced EasyHack
    Details / Links tdf#62525
    Type EasyHack - Consolidate bithacks
    Details / Links Collect the various bit-fiddling methods and stick them into one place
    Type XML Hack - create more custom animations
    Details / Links extend accordingly
    Type EasyHack - align Impress key bindings
    Details / Links Compared with PPT, Impress does not provide a number of convenient keybindings. Add as many as possible.
    Type EasyHack - Allow Shortcut Ctrl + # (0-9) to go to Specific Slide
    Details / Links tdf#61645
    Type UI: Duplicate access keys (accelerators) for Alt-I-U in Impress
    Details / Links tdf#57375 - Done


    Title Welcome session
    Session/duration 15 mins
    Speaker Prof. Dr. Karl Leo
    Title Sprint KickOff
    Session/duration 5 mins
    Speaker Thorsten / NN
    Abstract Pointers, directions, work items - introduction of people around.
    Title QA KickOff
    Session/duration 10 mins
    Speaker Bjoern/Jacqueline/Andre/Andreas
    Abstract QA work intro, workflow pointers
    Title Bibisect Intro
    Session/duration 5 mins
    Speaker Bjoern
    Abstract Lightning talk on how to get started with bibisecting bugs
    Title Impress - the what and the where
    Session/duration 5 mins
    Speaker Thorsten
    Abstract Code pointers into Impress - where to find stuff
    Title Android Impress Remote Intro
    Session/duration 5 mins
    Speaker Thorsten
    Abstract Code pointers into AIR, getting started to hack
    Title Building LibreOffice - a quick Linux HowTo
    Session/duration 5 mins
    Speaker Bjoern/Thorsten
    Abstract Getting you setup to hack in ~no time
    Title Impress Problems at IAPP
    Session/duration 10 mins
    Speaker NN / IAPP personnel
    Abstract Pointers to files/hardware that create issues at IAPP
    Title Impress Papercuts
    Session/duration 5 mins
    Speaker Jacqueline/NN
    Abstract A number of annoying smaller issues in Impress
    Title LibreOffice Continuous Intergration Infrastructure
    Session/duration 10 mins
    Speaker David
    Abstract Explanation how the tinderboxes, gerrit, buildbot-plugin and jenkins match together.

    Scratch Pad of misc ideas

    IAPP Problem List

    • Fix the frequent crashes
    • Fix the frequent „hangs“
    • Fix tdf#46447 and related ones: Figures mysteriously disappearing
    • Reduce load and save times
    • Make, like in Powerpoint: F5 start presentation at first slide, Shift+F5 start at current slide (tdf#58505, taken)
    • Show in the status bar at the bottom of the screen not only how many slides the document has (Rob Snelders)
    • When making an enumerated list or bullet list, and using "return" two make a two-line spacing between bullet points, Powerpoint automatically removes the empty number/bullet point while Impress keeps them. The Powerpoint approach is enormously useful in practice (I know that this is not good formatting).
    • It is very difficult to grab small objects and shift them (see example file)
    • Also, grabbing and moving text boxes is much more difficult than in powerpoint
    • When resizing image boxes at the corners, one must press the „Shift“ button to keep the aspect ratio constant. This is annoying since in the very large majority of cases, one wants to keep the aspect ratio. Therefore, it would be better if one would need to press „Shift“ to do changes without keeping the aspect ratio, or one could add in the context menu of the figure a selection know „keep aspect ration when resizing“ which is „normally on“
    • It would be very helpful to add the possibility to paste slides from other documents and choose whether you want to keep their master design or use the one of the file where you paste them to
    • Improve pptx compatibility: Read capability is somewhat lacking, writing is worse
    • The „Compress file“ process is unable to compress some files for unknown reasons (need examples)
    • In the versions before 4.0, Impress had in the „normal view“ on the slides shown in the left column a small open square on each slide where you could block or unblock it. That was extremely handy, but disappeared in 4.0
    • If the first slide of the presentation is blocked, Impress does not start with the first unblocked slide, but shows instead the first blocked one
    • Paper cut / minor annoyance: the progress bar when Impress opens of saves a file is not very nice, in particular when considering that these operations are so slow. Suggestion: a much smaller bar embedded in the lower menu bar.
    • eps graphics change size between editing mode and presentation mode