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This event's timing will be largely determined by its participants - we offer a number of kickoff/lightning talks, the exact timing and content of which is entirely up to the attendance. Event style is Unconference⁠Wikipedia logo v3.svg, grab your mentor or join your peer group and JFDI!

We expect external people to arrive during Friday afternoon, so feel free to join later / during the pub visit. If you need help setting up a LibreOffice build, showing up in the afternoon is appreciated, so you're setup to hack for Saturday morning latest.


basic dates
Time Topic Location
Friday 15:00 KickOff session Beyer room 103
Friday 16:00 Getting started/get your build Beyer room 103
Friday 19:00 Joint Pub session B.liebig Liebigstr. 24
Saturday 10:00 Sprint starts Beyer room 103
Saturday 15:00 Group picture Beyer room 103
Saturday night all-evening work Beyer room 103
Sunday 11:00 Wrapping up Beyer room 103
Sunday 14:00 Sightseeing tour TBD