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    This event's timing will be largely determined by its participants - we offer a number of kickoff/lightning talks, the exact timing and content of which is entirely up to the attendance. Event style is UnconferenceWikipedia logo v3.svg, grab your mentor or join your peer group and JFDI!

    We expect external people to arrive during Friday afternoon, so feel free to join later / during the pub visit. If you need help setting up a LibreOffice build, showing up in the afternoon is appreciated, so you're setup to hack for Saturday morning latest.


    basic dates
    Time Topic Location
    Friday 15:00 KickOff session Beyer room 103
    Friday 16:00 Getting started/get your build Beyer room 103
    Friday 19:00 Joint Pub session B.liebig Liebigstr. 24
    Saturday 10:00 Sprint starts Beyer room 103
    Saturday 15:00 Group picture Beyer room 103
    Saturday night all-evening work Beyer room 103
    Sunday 11:00 Wrapping up Beyer room 103
    Sunday 14:00 Sightseeing tour TBD