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BugHunting Session

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Date October 21
IRC Channel #libreoffice-qa IRC://

Quick Start :

  1. Download: here! NOTE: Builds will be available at the time of the Bug Hunting Session
  2. Test what you want
  3. Found a bug? Mention it on QA/IRC or file a bug!

It's as simple as that -- your help is greatly appreciated!


Our community is preparing for the release of LibreOffice 5.3.0. We've added many new features and fixed loads of bugs (see below...), and we want to make sure that the new version is well-tested. You can help to make this release a great one! Be aware however that the translations for this version are still being done and are not yet integrated.

On October 21st we will have an international Bug Hunting Session (BHS), testing the Alpha version of LibreOffice 5.3.0. Please join us! :-)

How to join

Linux (32-bit)
Linux (64-bit)

Note that it will not replace your actual installation -- this is a development version that will not install as a production version.

When: October 21st

Feel free to join us at any point during this Friday.

  • #Mentors will be available from 08:00 UTC to 22:00 UTC on that date.

If you can't join us during this session, you're always welcome to help us hunt for bugs on other days. The builds of this particular Alpha release (LibreOffice 5.3.0 Alpha) will be available until end of November ;-)

What to test

We aim to:

  • Do as much testing on the 5.3.0 as possible
  • Triage all already-filed issues for this version, so that it's as clear as possible for the developers to step in!

There are always more ways to test: do your regular tasks, structured tests, or play with the new features..

Choose what suits best for you :-) All testing is great and important, and the more we are, the more chance we have to hunt a bug!

So take one of those:

  • Things that underwent major refactorings between 5.2 -> 5.3:
    • Text layout underwent a major refactoring to unify it accross platforms.
      • The new layout engine can be enabled by setting SAL_USE_COMMON_LAYOUT=1 enironment variable before running LibreOffice.
      • Watch for any text layout regressions when the new layout engine is enabled, or regressions from 5.2 even without enabling it.
      • New features to test:
        • Layout with the same fonts should give the same result on all platforms.
        • Graphite fonts and vertical CJK text now work on macOS.
        • OpenType features can be controlled as Graphite features.
        • Default ligatures and kerning are enabled by default on Windows.
      • Verify if any of the bugs blocked by tdf#89870 is now fixed.
    • <your refactoring here> ...

Dedicated sessions

You want to participate for a short period of time or only on a dedicated module, join us for this dedicated session that will happen between 15:00 and 17:00h UTC on Friday.

Another session concerning a set of top 7 features to test will be organized between 17:00 and 19:00h UTC on Friday.

During those dedicated sessions, we will try to concentrate all our efforts together. This will ease reproduction of bugs, make it more fun to work together and at the end, we will have bugs confirmed or filled in a more complete manner.

Found a bug?

At first, make sure it isn't already reported by searching in our bug database. If it isn't reported yet, you can add it to our bug database using our [1], which is a guided form to report bugs. If you are more confident with Bugzilla, you can report your bug using the Bugzilla interface. When you want to discuss first, use chat or mail, fast and direct.


If there is a bug that you want to pin point as clear as possible, then bibisect (explained by Bjoern Michaelsen) will be a great tool for you (for advanced testers)!

Get a little support

Other users and testers are on IRC and the mailing list to help with any question. Don't be shy, don't hesitate to ask!

More info on Moztrap, to work with our test cases, is here

If you have an idea for a test case, feel welcome to post this at our QA mailing list


Who's available to manage the #libreoffice-qa IRC:// channel? It would be great to have a couple of people providing coverage most of the day...


  • sophi
  • xisco
  • buovjaga
  • (your name here)


Joining us for Bug Hunting Fun?

It'd be very helpful for us if you could register for the TDF Wiki and add your name or IRC nick below. This helps us keep track of participation in the event, and gives us stats to help us plan our next Bug Hunting event!


  • sophi: Mentoring.
  • xisco: Mentoring.
  • (your name here): (what you want to test)

I don't want to commit to a particular day!

For those of you who like to keep things loose and fluid, please add your name (and/or IRC nick) below. We're looking forward to seeing you in #libreoffice-qa at some point during the weekend :-)

  • (your name here)


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