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    Meeting of the QA Team

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    Date and Time (UTC) 2013-02-22 14:00 UTC
    Chair Joel Madero?
    Secretary Joel Madero?
    Started 14:05
    Adjourned 14:55
    Participants Florian, Joel, Petr


    (Same items as QA/Meetings/2013/February 8th, due to cancellation)


    Completed Action Items

    1. If no one objects, removing this from agenda, can see completed items in Minutes
    2. 3.5 MAB
      1. Need to review remaining bugs - move those that still exist on 3.6 to 3.6 MAB if applicable
      2. If a bug is determined not to be a MAB, remove from MAB list with a comment on bug
      3. If bug is fixed on newer release 3.6+, close bug as FIXED, leave comment stating that 3.5 is at end of life

    Pending Action Items

    1. NEEDINFO Bugs
      1. Discuss thread, come up with agreement
      2. Update from ESC meeting
      3. Hold off until Bjoern returns to finalize
    2. Localized BSA -- French (Joel)
    3. Realistic Goals (moved to NEW Item)
    4. Funding Wishlist
      1. Punt until Bjoern returns
    5. Triage Contest (see New Items)
    6. QA Wiki(s)
      1. Update from Joel/Joren

    New Items

    1. Most Annoying Bugs - Definition
      1. Establish some loose policy what is a MAB, ideas like "at least 3 users affected, broad bug that doesn't just affect one document, bad regressions"
    2. Hard Hacks
      1. ESC requested we start getting hard hacks again
      2. 4.0 bugs should be priority but other bugs are welcome (MAB good candidates)
      3. Hard Hacks Link
    3. Current QA Project(s) and Goals
      1. Volunteer to create wiki page for current projects QA is working on
      2. Establish goals (annual?)
    4. Naming Master Builds (Bjoern)
      1. Re-start conversation from ML "Naming builds. Please???" - would be very helpful for QA
    5. Release Notes require Dev to be QA for 1 month; "Discuss who to field questions to"
      1. Suggestion: Put a "report a bug on this" link by every feature listed in the Release Notes

    Ongoing Action Item List

    1. Bjoern
      1. Twitter Feed
      2. Mime type default - FDO
      3. Version message - FDO
    2. Joel
      1. Metrics (bugs)
      2. Update QA and QA-Team Wiki
      3. Bug Importance/Priority Default
      4. E-Mail QA-Team page members to find out if they want to remain on list
      5. Ping Tollef to see if we can make it so NEEDINFO and WFM bugs can go back to UNCONFIRMED bugs
      6. Shipping options for prizes/gifts
    3. Joren
      1. Update QA and QA-Team Wiki



    • Meeting started at: 14:05
    • Participants: Florian, Joel, Petr

    Completed Action Items

    • Note: From now on Completed Action Items will not be listed on agenda and will only be visible on minutes
    • Moved relevant 3.5 MAB to 3.6 and closed 3.5 MAB meta tracker (Joel)

    Pending Action Items

    PENDING ITEM: FreeDesktop.Org

    +Triaging NEEDINFO
     -AGREED: We will move forward with auto closing these bugs moving into the future
     -AGREED: One warning will be given where we:
    • Thanks users for their report
    • Acknowledge that it's been in NEEDINFO for at least 180 days
    • Ask again for information requested
    • Say that if information is not given within 1 month, bug will be auto closed as INVALID
    -ACTION: Florian will write text for first “warning”
    -General agreement that at most it would be 20% of bugs are actual bugs but more likely much lower than this and without this move, they would never be touched


    +Localized (French)
    -Awaiting word from Rob, mostly done though

    PENDING ITEM: Realistic Goals – Moved to New Action Items

    PENDING ITEM: Funding Wishlist

    +Waiting for update from Bjoern
    -Necessary to get update for triaging contest

    PENDING ITEM: Triage Contest

    +No discussion
    +ACTION: Joel will work on wiki page


    +No discussion
    +ACTION: Joren & Joel need to continue working on this, cleaning QA and QA Team(s) wiki pages

    New Action Items

    NEW ITEM: FreeDesktop.Org

    +Most Annoying Bugs
    -General Policies
    • No nominating your own bugs!
    • Only active triagers & developers should do this
    • Triagers will try their best to add comments when they add a bug to MAB
    • UNCONFIRMED – remove them
    • NEEDINFO – can stay on there, but shouldn't stay on NEEDINFO
    +QA Field
    -We've been much better about assigning ourselves as QA contact after triaging
    -Action: Joel will contact Tollef about getting a “take” option for QA field

    NEW ITEM: Hard Hacks

    +New bugs added, awaiting feedback from developers
    +Candidates should be limited to MAB list for the most part but other particularly difficult/annoying bugs can be added

    NEW ITEM: QA Project / Realistic Goal

    +ACTION: Joel will work on getting this page started, should include all projects (long/short) along with goals and “lead contacts”

    NEW ITEM: Timestamp for Master Builds

    +Action: Petr will look into getting some kind of time stamp in the about section of master builds, latest commit date/time is best but other option is time of build.
    +Bjoern may know something about this as there was discussion a year+ ago about doing this

    NEW ITEM: New Features

    +Major concern about new features squeezing through without enough QA testing
    +Many times QA is unaware of new features until it's too late to test, no good list to “test first”
    +Action: Joel will ask ESC if they are okay with
    -Developers create or use an existing bug and add "feature:<version>" flag into whiteboard, e.g "feature:4.1"
    *This will help to find a tested even during the development phase
    -Developers mention new feature in the release notes once completed; see links at ReleasePlan ;
    • mention there the existing bug if exists;
    • the bugs has to me marked as FIXED
    +QA monitor the release notes page; They make sure that all features have assigned bug and that all bugs have the proper "feature:<version>" flag; It the bug does not exist, they create it and add the developer into CC; the bugs should be marked as FIXED at this stage because the feature is ready
    + the bug will be used to track the testing activity and marked as verified once it pass testing; it could be used as a meta bug for tracking related bugs that breaks using the feature
    +Agreed: QA will use “verified” more frequently with FIXED Enhancements especially those marked as NewFeature
    +Agreed: Comments will be used to show that multiple QA people test new features
    +Petr brought up moztrap being a possibility to test new features

    -Needs further investigation (volunteers needed)

    NEW ITEM: Talkyoo Broken (skype)

    +ACTION: Petr will look into other options as this call two people tried calling in using skype but failed to successfully connect

    Action Item List

    • New
    -Write text for NEEDINFO bugs
    -Triage contest wiki page
    -Contact Tollef about QA “take” option
    -QA Projects/Goals Wiki

    -Ask Developers about our idea for New Features

    -Timestamp on Help – About for people building LibreOffice
    -Conference call options outside of Talkyoo
    • Past
    -Twitter Feed
    -Mime type default – FDO
    +Joel also contacted Tollef about this, no email in return
    -Version message – FDO
    -Metrics (bugs)
    -Update QA and QA-Team Wiki
    -Bug Importance/Priority Default
    -E-Mail QA-Team page members to find out if they want to remain on list
    -Ping Tollef to see if we can make it so NEEDINFO and WFM bugs can go back to UNCONFIRMED bugs
    -Shipping options for prizes/gifts
    -Update QA and QA-Team Wiki


    • Meeting adjourned at: 14:55