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    Meeting of the QA Team

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    Date and Time (UTC) 2013-01-25 14:00 UTC
    Chair Joel Madero?
    Secretary ?
    Started 14:05
    Adjourned 15:05
    Participants Peter, Florian, Joel, Joren, Thorsten


    Completed Action Items

    1. Versions on FDO (Joel & Bjoern)

    Pending Action Items

    1. Bugs > 6 months old without action taken
    2. Localized BSA -- French (Joel)
    3. Realistic Goals (Punt until after release of 4.0)
    4. Hard Hacks (All)
    5. Realistic Goals (Punt until after release of 4.0)
    6. Funding WishList
      1. Shipping Details
    7. Triage Contest
      1. Make wiki for triage contest with to do list
    8. Bibisect torrents & mirrors (Joel & Bjoern)
    9. Update QA and QA/Team (Joel & Joren)
    10. FDO
      1. Default mime type (can we set this to auto detect)
    11. Twitter Feed for FDO (Bjoern)
    12. Status clarification (New vs. Reopened)
      1. Needs further clarification, when would we ever use NEEDINFO
      2. Should we do a diagram and update wiki (which wiki)
    13. Permissions for Temp/Perm Ban
      1. Create blog or wiki about FDO policies and enforcement procedure
    14. Metrics of REOPENED bugs until completed

    New Items

    1. FDO
      1. ASSIGNED bugs
        1. Push vs. Pull philosophy, which are we using?
        2. What to do about the current list of ASSIGNED bugs that aren't being worked on, example Assigned (status NEW or Assigned), No Movement 6+ Months
        3. FDO 59717 - Useful?
      2. Default Assignee
    2. Name "persona" for Firefox themes right?
    3. Using QA Contact Field



    • Meeting started at: 14:05
    • Participants: Peter, Florian, Joel, Joren, Thorsten

    Completed Action Items

    • Wiki for Hard Hacks – on hold until after release of 4.0 (Joel)
    • Wiki page for triage contest (Joel)
    • Bibisect Torrent/Mirror – No longer needed with bibisect repository
    • Wiki for FDO policies/rules (Joel)
    • Get permissions for Joel (Bjoern & Tollef)

    Pending Action Items

    PENDING ITEM: Bugs which are not touched for long period of time (Florian)

            -Not users fault, we will not automate anything and will not ask the user for more work on their part.
            - Discussion lead to agreement that automating comment to remind users followed by automatic closer of bug after some period of time appropriate
           -Follow-up email lead to moving this conversation to QA mailing list to get broader consensus..

    PENDING ITEM: Localized BSA (Rob)

       +Rob has been in contact with Florian trying to work out details


        +Punt until after Release of 4.0

    PENDING ITEM: Hard Hacks (Alll)

       +Message on wiki stating that these are on hold until after release of 4.0
            *Funding WishList (Everyone)

    PENDING ITEM: Shipping Costs (was "Funding Wishlist")

        +Marc's email thread on member mailing list possible
            - Details need ironed out but having TDF members sign up to be “carriers” in their region. They can be responsible for buying “locally” and then shipping to prize winners, etc...

    PENDING ITEM: Triage Contest (Everyone)

        +Wiki page up, need to start filling it out
            - Bug Triage Contest
            -AGREED: 2 Days after release of 4.1 RC1
            -AGREED: Length will be 14 days
           +ACTION: Joel will link page to FDO rules (see below)

    PENDING ITEM: Bibisect

        +No longer need mirrors or torrents because of new bibisect repository

    PENDING ITEM: Wiki Updates (Joel & Joren)

        +QA and QA-Team, not much progress yet
        +Action: Joren will add a welcome message to QA wiki
        +Action: Joel will email everyone on QA-Team list and see if they want to stay on that list


       +Mime Type (Bjoern & Joel)
            -Not changed yet to Auto, no word from Tollef
            - Action: Joel will talk to Bjoern about this
       +Version Message
            -Bjoern in contact with Tollef about this
       +Twitter (Bjoern)
            - No Update
        +Permissions (Joel)
            -Joel now has permissions to permanently or temporarily ban users
            -New wiki describes rules and procedures
                *FreeDesktop Rules Procedures
            -Hopefully this is never needed
        +NEW vs. REOPENED
            -Reopened discussion as previously agreed upon structure wasn't working
            -ACTION: Joel will talk with Bjoern about if we can ask Tollef to make it so we can set a bug back to UNCONFIRMED even after it's set to WFM
            -AGREED: If above can be done, we'll ask users to reopen bugs as UNCONFIRMED if WFM status not correct so that other QA members can easily look into the bug as well. NEW will mean confirmed, REOPENED will only be done if the bug was marked as FIXED & is assigned a developer but the user says it's not fixed.
            -AGREED: If above is not possible, we will treat REOPENED the same as UNCONFIRMED unless it is assigned a developer. If the bug is not assigned and is REOPENED, QA will mark as NEW if we can confirm the behavior.

    New Items


       +Assigning Bugs
            -AGREED: At this time QA team “pushing” bugs to developers isn't working, we will now only do “pull” philosophy (developers choose their own bugs and assign themselves
            -AGREED: The >300 bugs that are assigned but haven't been touched in over 6 months is a problem as developers who could fix bugs will not touch bugs that are assigned to someone else. These bugs should be unassigned & developers should be placed in CC list.
               *Assigned (status NEW or Assigned), No Movement 6+ Months
            -ACTION: Joel will e-mail developer mailing list with decision, inform developers that we will be automating an action to unassign them from untouched bugs of over 6 months UNLESS they speak up and say that this is a bad plan.
        +FDO #59717 (Most Wanted Enhancement or some such list)
            -No discussion, will discuss at next meeting
        +Default Assignee
             -Joel doesn't like that there is a default assignee email, could be confusing for new developers – a friend who has started developing for LibreOffice recently pointed this
             -AGREED: No real solution for this unfortunately, e-mail is linked to IRC bots and other things so removing is not possible. Changing name to UNASSIGNED@... would make a mess of FDO
             -Solutions welcome here but no action to be taken
        +QA Field
            -Joel requested that QA field is used by triagers because it will help:
                *Knowing if something has been prioritized correctly
                *In the future with FDO maintenance
        +Default Priority/Importance
            -Can this be changed to NONE or some other such thing so that it's much easier to see when a bug is triaged/prioritized
            -Good to have a QA contact for developer & for reporter/commenters
            -Goal is to slowly move away from lists like MAB, Hard Hacks, etc... and instead be able to use priority/importance correctly (long term)
            -AGREED: Everyone agreed they will try to use QA fied when they triage a bug
            -ACTION: Joel will discuss default Importance/Priority with Bjoern and possibly Tollef

    NEW ITEM: Name “Personas” Could Be Wrong (Florian)

        +Florian brought it to our attention that Firefox is going to be using the name “Personas” for something else and changing to “themes”
             -See comment in:
        +ACTION: Joel will email Kendy about this


    • Bjoern
       +Twitter Feed
       +Mime type default (update?)
    • Joel
       +Metrics (bugs)
       +Update QA and QA-Team wiki
       +Email Kendy about Personas name
       +Bug Importance/Priority Default – discuss with Bjoern, report back
       +Link Triage Contest Wiki to FDO Rules
       +E-Mail Everyone on QA-Team page, find out if they want to stay on there
       +Allow WFM to become UNCONFIRMED again – Discuss with Bjoern, possibly with Tollef
       +E-Mail Dev list about untouched bugs
    • Joren
       +Update QA and QA-Team wiki
       +Add a welcome message to QA wiki
    • All
       +Continue looking into shipping options


    • Meeting adjourned at: 15:05