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Meeting of the QA Team

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Date and Time (UTC) 2013-03-08 14:00 UTC
Chair Joel Madero
Secretary Joel Madero
Started 14:05
Adjourned 15:10
Participants Florian, Joel, Joren, Petr, Robinson


Pending Action Items

  1. NEEDINFO Bugs
    1. How to track - more discussion
  2. Localized BSA -- French (Joel)
  3. Realistic Goals
    1. QA Projects
  4. Funding Wishlist (Bjoern)
  5. Triage Contest
    1. Timeline good?
    2. Rules - anything in particular to write out?
    3. Prizes - Bjoern?
  6. QA Wiki(s)
    1. Update from Joel/Joren (See Project & Team Items in "New")

New Items

  1. Prioritized Bug
    1. We are starting to get pretty good about prioritizing - how to we distinguish these from non prioritized?
    2. Whiteboard status? -- not ideal, could be temporary until all bugs are prioritized (haha...)
  2. Project Page
    1. QA Projects
    2. Additional Items?
  3. Team Page
    1. Additions/Subtractions?
    1. Same workflow as VERIFIED FIXED (even though we don't use it that much)
    2. Maybe only marked by the original reporter?
  5. Signature for FDO
    1. Current - Ideas?
  6. Bugzilla Questions
    • Am I able to add "strike" to the whiteboard when doing this: " --do_not_change-- strike"
  7. Stats:



  • Meeting started at: 14:05
  • Participants: Florian, Joel, Joren, Petr, Robinson

Pending Action Items


   +AGREED: Current text is good for 1st comment to be added to all NEEDINFO bugs which have not had activity for 6+ months.
   +AGREED: This week we will start process
   +ACTION: Joel will be responsible for mass bug changes this round, he will do test with ~20 bugs to make sure system works, then move forward with the rest of them
       -Will email developer list to let developers know the data/time that change will occur
       -AGREED: Temporary whiteboard status to monitor bugs that are mass commented on

PENDING ITEM: Bug Submission Assistant (Localized French)

   +Update from Rob is that most technical work is done, some minor translation is ongoing from Sophie

PENDING ITEM: Realistic Goals

   +New wiki page discussed in “NEW ACTION ITEMS”
   +QA Projects

PENDING ITEM: Funding Wishlist

   +Need update from Bjoern about status of netbooks
       -If netbooks are approved: ACTION: Joel will write up proposal for how we go about determining if someone is eligible to get one

PENDING ITEM: Triage Contest

   +AGREED: Timeline looks good, plan to do contest June 20th – July 5th
   +Any notes about rules can be sent to Joel via email
   +ACTION: Joel will work on rough draft of rules over the next few weeks
   +Ideas for prizes
      -Hoodies, T-Shirts, Mug, laptop case


   +Joren has merged and cleaned QA-Team page
       - QA/QA Team

New Action Items


   +Prioritized Bugs
       -AGREE: Somehow being able to determine what bugs have been prioritized by QA is a good thing
       -A lot of discussion about using QA field or new whiteboard status – pros and cons discussed
       -Lead to discussion about what QA contact means, some disagreement and acknowledging pros/cons of different ideas
       -AGREED: Move conversation back to mailing list to try to find best solution, aim to have final vote next meeting.
       -ACTION: Joel will start thread back up from Rainer's previous thread.
   +Verified – WORKSFORME
       -AGREED: Makes a lot of sense to have this, original reporter can confirm that a bug indeed WFM by setting status to VERIFIED – WORKSFORME
       -AGREED: If QA member sets bug to WFM they should leave a comment explaining that if reporter can verify to change status, if they cannot, to reopen as UNCONFIRMED
       -Using signature could be good if it invites users to contribute to LibreOffice through multiple avenues such as QA, marketing, developing, and explains that run by a team of volunteers. Also a pointer to good bug reporting (reproducible steps, good prioritizing)


   +New wiki page to track QA projects
       - QA Projects
       -Everyone welcometo add projects, idea is that if someone leaves QA, their projects will continue for others to work on
   +Team Page
       - QA/QA Team
       -Everyone who wishes to be included in “QA Team” should add name to this list


  • Meeting adjourned at: 15:10