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    Welcome to our page!

    • Feel free to chat with us on Libera Chat at our QA/IRC channel.
    • Looking for the latest QA news and discussion? Please join the QA/Mailing List and offer suggestions or just lurk for a while!

    How to join

    Have you been busy triaging bugs or helping with the QA Wiki pages? Hoping to get more involved with the QA process at LibreOffice?

    If so, please join our merry band by adding your information to the table below. Please stop by our IRC Channel and say hi to us – we're very friendly!

    QA team

    In case you are searching for other teams:

    NOTE: Please keep this list in alphabetic order (by first name)

    Name IRC Telegram ID Email Expert for OS Mentor? Best way to contact? key activities, remarks Time Zone
    Adolfo Jayme fitoschido L10n, Writer Ubuntu e-mail UTC-6
    Alex Thurgood iplaw67 Base Linux Mint, macOS IRC Confirming, reporting bugs on macOS or Base in general UTC+1
    Áron Budea bearon Generalist Ubuntu, Windows IRC Bibisecting, triaging, interoperability UTC+1 (CET)
    Buovjaga buovjaga Generalist Arch Linux, Windows, any amount of Linux VMs Yes IRC Confirming reports and going through old ones, clean-up work, regression testing UTC+2
    Cassandra Freund Papamatti LibreofficeDesign SIFR, Commenttranslation GER->ENG Ubuntu, Windows irc, email Just for fun UTC+1
    Christopher M. Penalver penalvch Bug report triaging of Calc, Draw, Impress, Math, and Writer Ubuntu/Windows As a member of The Document Foundation since its inception, my focus has been upstreaming LibreOffice bug reports from Ubuntu, triage upstream LO bug reports, and reporting bugs myself that are easily reproducible and well defined in scope.
    Cor Nouws CorNouws mostly Writer and the rest available quite irregular
    Drew Jensen djredaux General Linux/Win10 email Triaging mostly GMT - 5 (EST)
    Florian Reisinger Reisi007 no component, but I try to do my best ;) Windows Yes Email or Skype Filing, checking and confirming bug reports
    Harshita Nag harshita @sudoharshita Writer Linux- Ubuntu email Mainly confirming reports, beginner in bibisecting too GMT+5:30
    Jan jab Writer, Calc, Impress Ubuntu issues Checking and confirming bug reports, QA UTC+1
    Jean-Baptiste Faure JBFaure all and nothing but Base Checking and confirming bug reports; I am building master and current version almost each day, therefore I can do tests on new features or patches almost as soon as they are committed. Please, ask me. UTC+1
    Joel Madero Jmadero Writer, Calc, other Linux (Bodhi,Ubuntu,Fedora), XP, W7 Yes Email or IRC Checking and confirming bug reports, QA organizational stuff, "new ideas", other things as they come to me GMT - 7 (PST)
    Joren DC Jorendc Mostly Writer macOS and Linux (Mint)) Yes? Checking and confirming bug reports UTC+1
    Julien Nabet julien2412 None Linux (Debian) mainly but also macOS 10.9 and Win7 triaging + providing bt with symbols if reproduceable on Linux:-) UTC+1/2
    Marina Latini deneb_alpha Mostly Writer but also Calc, Impress and Draw Linux (openSUSE), Windows XP, W7, W8, W10 irc, email Checking and confirming bug reports UTC+1 (CET)
    Miguel Ángel m.a.riosv Maybe calc Windows 10 Reviewing and reporting bugs. UTC+1 (CET)
    Mike Little MikeLittle MaCOS [x86] irc, email Newbie tester, but full of bean.. Checking and confirming bug reports UTC+11
    Nino via Wiki - mostly Linux (openSUSE) Occasional: Testing, Reviews, Wiki Translations (EN->DE) UTC+1
    Roman Kuznetsov kompi @Kompilainenn Ubuntu/Windows @Kompilainenn in Telegram, CC in bug Bibisecting regressions, also checking, confirming bug reports; UTC+4
    Rostislav Okulov mostly Writer and Calc macOS/Ubuntu/Windows CC in bug Bibisecting regressions, also checking, confirming bug reports; UTC+4
    Shinji Enoki enoki Debian, Windows7 email Local Event Organizer (for QA and more) UTC+9
    Régis Perdreau Reg73 generalist Mint/Windows CC in bug reporting, confirming bug reports; UTC+1
    Stéphane Guillou stragu Generalist Ubuntu + various Linux distros + macOS and Windows VMs IRC/Matrix, email, CC in bug QA Analyst at TDF UTC+1
    Steve-_- Steve-_- macOS IRC Easy testing when time allows UTC+1
    Stuart Foote Accessibility & Assistive Technologies Windows builds (other OS on VM as needed) email Checking and confirming bug reports GMT -6 (CST)
    Thomas Lendo ThomasLendo Writer, Calc, UX Ubuntu Linux, Windows Telegram categorizing bugs in meta bugs, confirming new bugs, testing old bugs, reporting bugs CET, UTC+1
    Tommaso Bartalena tommy27 Writer, Autocorrect Windows XP, 7, 8.1 Yes Email or CC in Bug Bug triaging, MAB migrations
    Xisco Fauli x1sc0 General Linux/Win/Mac Yes Mail,IRC, CC in bug QA Engineer @ TDF, bibisect, reporting bugs UTC+1 (CET)


    • Carlos Rodriguez
    • Dan Lewis
    • Daniel Donadel
    • Diana Sedlak
    • Jay Lozier
    • Kieran P
    • Mas Walls
    • Petr Mladek
    • Rainer Bielefeld User:RBd
    • Richard Holt
    • Rob Snelders
    • Robinson 'qubit' Tryon
    • Roman Eisele
    • Thomas van der Meulen User:Pje335
    • Timur
    • Yifan Jiang
    • Yousuf 'Jay' Philips

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