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This page is supposed to document the work of the Membership Committee

General Information

The role of the Membership Committee is defined in the Community Bylaws. The mission of the MC is to administer membership applications and renewals, following the criteria defined in the Membership section of the Community Bylaws

Membership Committee Members

Current members of the Committee

as declared by the BoD on 2016-09-19

  • Members: (5)
    • Katarína Behrens
    • Cor Nouws
    • Gustavo Buzzatti Pacheco
    • Gabriele Ponzo
    • Miklos Vajna
  • Deputies: (4)
    • Stephan Bergmann
    • Klaus-Jürgen Weghorn
    • Charles-H. Schulz
    • Antonio Faccioli

Former members of the MC

as appointed by the BoD on 2014-09-18, change on 2016-01-25 when Jan Holesovsky resigned

  • Members: (5)
    • David Emmerich Jourdain
    • Cor Nouws
    • Charles-H. Schulz
    • Gabriele Ponzo
    • Klaus-Jürgen Weghorn
  • Deputies: (1)
    • Andras Timar

as appointed by the BoD on 2014-09-18, untill a change on 2016-01-25

  • Members: (5)
    • David Emmerich Jourdain
    • Jan Holesovsky
    • Cor Nouws
    • Charles-H. Schulz
    • Gabriele Ponzo
  • Deputies: (2)
    • Klaus-Jürgen Weghorn
    • Andras Timar

as appointed by the BoD on 2012-09-21

  • Members: (4)
    • Sophie Gautier
    • Cor Nouws (Chairman since 2013-11-29)
    • Jean Weber
    • Leif Lodahl (member since 2013-11-29, deputy before)
  • Deputies: (1)
    • Simon Phipps

as appointed by the BoD on 2012-09-21

    • Eike Rathke (chairman from October 2013 to November 2013 resigned 2013-11-28)
    • Fridrich Štrba (chairman from .. to October 2013, resigned 2013-10-21)

as appointed by the BoD on 2011-11-09

  • Members: (5)
  • Deputies: (2)
    • Cor Nouws
    • Drew Jensen

(as appointed by the SC on 2011-01-13):

  • Sophie Gautier
    • Deputy: Cor Nouws (as per voting concluded on March 22 2011)
  • Fridrich Strba
    • Deputy until 2011-11-02: Thorsten Behrens (as approved by SC on 2011-04-21)
  • André Schnabel

Regular Work of the Committee

The Membership Committee will have regular meetings (either on IRC, phone or face-to-face) to work on its tasks. These meetings will be held every two weeks (but committe members may agree to have additional meetings or skip meetings for periods with higher or lower workload).

Regular meeting

The meetings will have a generic agenda which is dereived from the regular and special tasks of the committee.

  1. define duties for next period (write minutes, update members list, send out mails for approved/rejected/deferred applications, process incoming applications)
  2. general discussion items
  3. process open applications
    • collect the list of applications that came in since last meeting (check mail alias
    • identify members who need to affirm membership (all members after one year of membership approval or last affirmation plus members that are inactive for more than three months without giving explanation)
    • assign one MC-member to each application or affirmation who will review the application and process the affirmation (this should be based on the work area of the applicant. e.g. one might review developer's applications, another UX, design, work in locale teams, and yet another does l10n, QA, website ...)
    • each application or affirmation should have been reviewed as defined in the last meeting ago. Based on this review MC decides to approve, reject or defer (if there are questions) the application (or to affirm / revoke membership).
  4. other topics / information
    • check if there have been revokation requests (check mail alias and forward those to the BoD with us commenting (we should take care about this, but actually the BoD is in charge)
    • check if there have been resignation mails (check mail alias According to the bylaws a resignation has immediate effect. Therefore we should remove the member from the website, but ask for confirmation.

Logs, minutes and information flow

  • To protect applicants personal information full meeting logs (irc log, call recordings) and detailed minutes will be stored at a non-public place (accessible for MC members, BoD and people appointed by the BoD). MC will publish minutes without personal data only (usually this will mean, we pulish minutes with statistical data only)
  • Applicants will get information via private mail about the status of their application (application received, in review, deferred, confirmed or rejected).
  • In case we miss a membership request (e.g. applicant does not a mail after the meeting following his application) the applicant should contact the membership committee (send a mail to membershiprequest -at- If the MC does not react, the BoD should be contacted.
  • If a applicant does not agree to the MC's decision, this should be brought to the MC's attention first (send a mail to membershiprequest -at- If no agrement can be reached, the issue should be escalated to the BoD.

Information to start working with the mcm-database and mcm application

This documentation is provided for the management of the member database on gerrit. Each member application is created in gerrit as a patch. Then, approval, disapproval or delay are dealt via the gerrit voting system. In order to be able to vote on gerrit, you need :

  • to create an account on gerrit
  • to register your public ssh key via gerrit
  • then send you gpg public key to a gerrit admin (Norbert for example)
  • then access to the project:mcm-database

To be able to work in the mcm-database and handle applications, you need to downloaded and install the mcm package (more) For this and other details, see this detailed information).

How to apply for membership

A form is available on the TDF website to fill the application which, then will be sent to the Membership Committee mailing list.

The form contains those fields to be filled primarily in English if possible.

  • Full name
  • Permanent e-mail address
  • Username(s) at TDF infrastucture (e.g. git, wiki, pootle) if any


Please provide a description of all your past and present contributions including a rough timeline to help the Membership Committee determine your eligibility to join the Foundation. Remember that any contribution made for The Document Foundation is valid so either if you do e.g. code development, packaging, design or support on the list, you will be definitely welcome to join The Document Foundation. Note that by applying you also make a moral commitment to at least six month activity (not counting the first three months of fulfilment qualification).

Contacts Information

Please list at least two contacts who can confirm your contributions or indicate to the Membership Committee the best way to verify your contributions. You should provide their name, a valid e-mail address to contact them and a brief description of their role as a reference. Two contacts is good but only one is mandatory.

Other Comments

Please feel free to include any additional information you believe the Membership Committee should consider while reviewing your application.

Renew Option

If you are an existing Foundation member and would like to renew your application, just indicate it in the form but fill out the application form again (just a few details are usually fine, no need to be verbose).

Note: there is this explanation on the role of members.