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    While this doesn't count as a translated page, it is one, and there seems to be a discrepancy with the original. Many of the machine translations were quite bad, I tried to make them intelligible, but especially my database knowledge is quite rudimentary, so please, check the result for errors. --Floris v (talk) 2021-01-28T15:45:56 (UTC)

    To learn more about the situation with the old vs. new style translations, see my recent post on the website list. More helping hands are certainly needed. --Beluga (talk) 2021-01-29T08:13:09 (UTC)
    That translation markup looks impressive, can the transfer be done by a bot, or must it be done by hand? --Floris v (talk) 2021-01-29T15:15:04 (UTC)
    The migration of the old strings rarely matches 100%, so you need to move some string blocks in the migration tool by hand. Sometimes the translation is so old and obsolete that it doesn't even make sense to migrate. --Beluga (talk) 2021-01-29T16:23:09 (UTC)

    There's much overlap of this FAQ and the English Faq/Base and a few more, like Faq/General. And they have links to translate to keep all language versions in sync. Suggestions, like reorganize things? --Floris v (talk) 2021-01-28T17:27:59 (UTC)