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I have seen on Talkyoo's homepage, that they switched from "talkyoo_skye" to "talkyoo-skype". Has anyone tested it? Does it work? Than (how do I insert an internal link here?) should be changed ... ;) --tha 2013-07-28T06:23:14 (UTC)

If the new skype connection is much more reliable, then we should definitely revisit the evaluation (Thackert -- do you have time to test? :-)
Regarding internal links, just use square brackets like this: [[Talkyoo#Skype (please avoid)]] -> Talkyoo#Skype (please avoid).
Qubit (talk) 2013-07-28T17:03:01 (UTC)
Good morning Qubit,
I have no skype installed, as they do not provide real 64Bit versions of Skype since months, as far as I know ... :( So I am not able to test it myself, sorry ... :(
--tha 2013-07-29T05:52:16 (UTC)
Fair enough -- I'm sure we can find someone else w/skype to help w/the testing. Thanks! Qubit (talk) 2013-07-29T13:35:47 (UTC)