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    This page was marked as inactive and is retained for historical reference.
    BSA is retired



    The Bug Submission Assistant helps the LibreOffice user to report a problem with one of the LibreOffice components (Writer, Presentation etc.). One step at a time, it asks the information that will help the developer to understand the problem.

    The BSA is a substitute to the bugzilla form which is better suited for experts. As can be seen in the screenshots below, the Bug Submission Assistant is a subset of the Bugzilla form where only the required information is shown. They are presented to the user one by one to emphasize that they are necessary to properly fill a bug report.

    The Bug Submission Assistant needs to be continuously improved. A list of small tasks is available to the contributors, as well as detailed implementation notes to help her/him figure out how it is structured. Patches can be sent to the QA/Mailing List or as push-request on github. If provided with associated tests and screenshots demonstrating cross browser compatibility, they can be committed and published with a minimal effort.


    To measure the effectiveness of the Bug Submission Assistant compared to the regular bugzilla form, each bug submitted with it has the status_whiteboard field set to BSA.

    Weekly statistic (last 7 days)


    If you have found a problem, please report it, preferably with a screenshot and as much details as possible using bugzilla

    Release plan

    At this moment there are 2 main plans with the BSA. First add a French version and see how that works. Another is moving to the XMLRPC interface in stead of the current calls.



    For details on the structure and development of the BSA, please see the Implementation page.


    The BSA is currently in English and French.

    The English version enters the bugs in Bugzilla. The French version sends a email to the French QA list and they can enter the bug in Bugzilla.

    For more details, see the Localization page.


    • From February to March 2011, discussion is launched and a draft implementation of the logic related to crash and problematic documents is developed in JavaScript
    • In September 2011, the first implementation of the Bug Submission Assistant is completed, matching the Milestone 2.0 and is published.

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