Seattle LibreFest 2014

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    Seattle LibreFest
    DatesOctober 26, 2014
    LocationUniversity of Washington
    Communications Building
    Room 242
    Seattle, WA
    Website(this wiki page)
    SeaFOSS Public Calendar
    Google+ Event page


    The US Community is holding a Seattle LibreFest community event on the Sunday following SeaGL 2014, and we want you to join us!

    What's Happening at the LibreFest?

    Representatives of the LibreOffice QA and Developer Teams will be on hand to teach interested users how to get involved with the LibreOffice community. We'll be providing food and t-shirts for all LibreFest participants, so grab your laptop, roll up your sleeves, and let's dig in!

    QA: Bug Triaging Bee

    Ever filed a bug report? Not sure what happens to a bug next? We have almost 900 UNCONFIRMED bug reports that desperately need confirmation and triage before they can get fixed. Let's see how many bugs we can triage by the end of the day!

    Already have some experience with QA? Let's teach you about bibisect, our binary bisection tool that makes it simple to track down the source of regressions.

    Developers: Hackfest

    How are your programming skills? Want to contribute patches to one of the biggest and most widely distributed Free Software applications out there?

    Join 3 of LibreOffice's skilled core developers for a day of hacking on the LibreOffice source code. We'll teach you how to build LibreOffice, submit commits for consideration, and identify coding tasks that are just right for you!

    Next Time!: Security testing

    We've gotten in touch with security researchers at UW who are interested in kicking the tires and seeing what kinds of vulnerabilities may exist in LibreOffice. To make sure we can focus on QA and the Hackfest in October, we're going to move security testing to a future event.

    Interested? Drop us an email!


    Please read the instructions before adding yourself to the list. Thanks!


    • Reserve your place by filling out the next open row in the table below
    • Then read the section on what to bring.


    Name and Email Interested in Bug Triaging Bee (QA) ? Interested in Hackfest (Developers) ? T-Shirt Size Notes
    1. Robinson Tryon Yes L Qa-team testbadge.png
    2. Kohei Yoshida Yes L Dev-team testbadge.png
    3. Norbert Thiebaud Yes Dev-team testbadge.png
    4. Bjoern Michaelsen Yes (until ~noon) L Dev-team testbadge.png Qa-team testbadge.png
    5. Lee Fisher Yes Yes XXL
    6. Scarlett Clark Yes y? M Booth-staff testbadge.png (Needs: transportation from PDX -> GOT: Thanks, Mike!)
    7. Yunfan Yang Yes M Can stay until 12pm
    8. Naudy Villarroel Urquiola ? ? ? Confirmed on G+ Event page
    9. Jaime Lyn Schatz Yes (until 1:30pm) ? XXL
    10. Skylar 'Sky' Lolta Yes Yes M
    11. Mike Hellman Yes Yes XL Might arrive a little late
    12. Richard Callahan Yes Yes XL 老外
    13. Coreen Yuen Yes Yes M
    14. Shiqi Zou Yes Yes S
    15. Igmu Tanka Luta ? ? ? Confirmed on G+ Event page
    16. Daniel Arens Yes Yes M
    17. Atanas Kirilov ? ? M
    18. Chad Condon Yes Yes M
    19. Kirsten Grace ? Yes XL
    20. Andrew Richter Yes Yes L
    21. Ann Summy Yes S
    22. Andrew Kane Yes Yes L
    23. Elcaseti Yes M KDE Fan; Check out KDE bugs here, especially UNCONFIRMED bugs; Chat w/Scarlett -- she's involved w/Kubuntu

    also check with Luboš Luňák, who is our KDE expert

    24. Alex Jordan Yes Yes? L Interested in the dev part, but I'm not sure if I have the C++/Java chops for it
    25. Oscar Valenzuela B ? ? XL
    26. Oscar Valenzuela B's Fiance ? ? S
    27. Fadwa Gmiden Yes Yes L
    28. Mike Overby Yes Yes L
    29. Aleksandar Petrovic Yes Yes XL
    30. Naomi Watabe-Taylor Yes Yes S
    31. AaronPeterson (talk) 2014-10-26T21:11:34 (UTC) donno donno XL


    • If the Confirmed table is completely full, please add your information in the table below
    • We'll try very hard to include everyone who is interested, so even if the Participants list has already reached 30, please sign up.
      • (PRO TIP: If we're not able to include you this time, we'll bump you to the top of the list for our next hackfest.)
    Name and Email Interested in Bug Triage Bee (QA) ? Interested in Hackfest (Developers) ? T-Shirt Size
    J. Examplar Hacker Yes Yes XL


    From G+ Event page:

    • Adriano Afonso
    • Lera Goncharuk
    • Frosch Polster
    • Che Dean
    • nicolas Vienergie

    Can't Make it

    • Joel

    Next Time

    • Adam Gebel (Robinson -> see email)

    Remote Participants

    • Can't make it to Seattle but want to join in on the fun?
    • Interested in mentoring new QA folks via IRC?

    ...then join us remotely! Feel free to list your name below, or just show up to the QA/IRC or Dev IRC channels.

    1. Algot (check to confirm him)
    2. Beluga (UTC+3)


    University of Washington Communications Building (a.k.a. CMU)
    Room 242


    4109 West Stevens Way Northeast
    University of Washington
    Seattle, WA 98105

    Directions to the Venue

    On a map


    • The Communications Building is right next to the Stevens Way & Pend Oreille Rd bus stop.


    Looks like parking is free in the 'unrestricted lots' from Saturday night until Monday morning:

    Late nights and weekends
    Campus parking is complimentary from 9 p.m. until 6 a.m. on weekdays,
    from noon on Saturdays until 6 a.m. on Monday in unrestricted lots,
    and when gatehouses are closed for holidays.

    Venue Contact

    Who's our contact on the ground (i.e. who can unlock doors for us, etc..?)

    • Benjamin Mako Hill

    (Ask Robinson for relevant contact info)

    Stuff Attendees Should Bring


    • Laptop
    • Ethernet cord, if you have it
    • Light jacket (no idea how cool the room will be)


    (Tentative schedule)

    • Sunday
      • 09:00 - Organizers show up and confirm power/network ready @ venue
      • 09:30 - FOOD: coffee/bagels/fruit
      • 10:00 - SPEECH: 'Welcome to the Event!' + hand out T-shirts
      • 10:15 - SPLIT into two teams: Bug Triaging Bee with QA, and Hackfest with developers
        • Bug Triaging Bee: Introduction to using Bugzilla and triaging bugs
        • Hackfest: Introduction to building LibreOffice
      • Lunch-ish time: Pizza appears
      • 16:00 - (or later) LibreFest ends


    The following is a rough sketch of what we'll be doing at the LibreFest.

    QA: Bug Triaging Bee

    • Quick 5-minute talk about how to handle complaints in Bugzilla/on the user lists
      • Make it clear what we provide as a community, and how to address requests for further help and support
    • Introduction to QA, Bugzilla, and Triaging
    • Triaging Bee

    Dev: Hackfest

    • Intro to building LibreOffice
      • Going to use the cloud-hosted VMs?
    • Intro to EasyHacks
    • Further notes on developing...


    • Meals: See the #Schedule for details
    • We'll also have some snacks/drinks

    People to invite

    Some lists would be helpful

    • People who expressed interest at OSCON 2014
      • I have the list with me -- just need to collate and email DONE
    • People in Seattle Area
      • Who else? Ask Lee, Mako, Deb, etc.. DONE for names
      • Also ask Jeff/Kristin emailed
      • People helping out @ LibreOffice booth
    • SeaGL attendees (before and AT the conference)
      • Tweeted to '@SeaGL Attendees'
      • Was retweeted by the @SeaGL account
    • Students at UW and other universities
      • Ask Melody for the right email list, or if she could send something out. DONE
    • Free Geek Seattle
      • Google groups SENT, but waiting for review (I'm not a group member)
      • + perhaps there are specific people who'd want to join?
    • Free Geek (PDX)
      • email the social list DONE
        • Got a bounce (and emailed Darren H. about it) --> UPDATE: He said he was sending stuff out to Facebook, etc..
    • GSLUG
      • email them DONE
    • Linuxfest NW people/mailing list (talk to Bill)
      • Emailed bill -> said to email the Fest list DONE.
    • Oregon Ubuntu LoCo
      • Email DONE
    • Washington Ubuntu LoCo
      • Email DONE
    • Girl Develop It
      • I have a contact card from OSCON - emailed seattle@gdi DONE
    • FSF resources
      • LibrePlanet Seattle (no Portland or Oregon chapter)
        • Email the list DONE
      • FSF members/mailing list people ? (LibrePlanet might be the right resource; could chat w/FSF Campaigns)

    Remote participation

    • It would be cool to have other people in QA Team join us via video-chat and/or IRC.
      • Having existing QA people join electronically would perhaps get new people introduced to our existing team, and encourage retention
      • Having existing QA people join would allow them to step-up into a mentoring role, and take on more responsibilities
      • Florian R., Jay, Joren, Algot, Immanuel all possible to invite; Joel might be waaay too busy.

    Stuff We'll Bring

    • Computer networking supplies (?)
    • Conference kit (Robinson will have it with him)
    • Some marketing materials, stickers, etc..
    • Local copy of builds for Win/Mac/Linux(32 and 64):
      • Latest Fresh
      • Daily builds for last 3 days
      • Bibisect repo (~10G right now)
    Libreoffice-us-contributor-tshirt 2014-rtryon dark-green.png
    • A T-shirt for each participant (Funding Confirmed)
      • Design? --> Perhaps Summer Hackfest or regular US-Community shirt
      • Printer?
        • Ink Brigade in PDX was suggested by the FreeGeek people
        • SELECTED: gave us a really good price (w/free shipping)

    Additional Useful stuff

    Attendees: Please let us know

    • Any food allergies/dietary requirements you may have
    • Any medical conditions that may affect your participation in the Hackfest
    • When you'll arrive and when you'll depart
    • If you're interested in helping plan/execute/clean up after the Hackfest

    Stuff to Promote

    • Future Hackfests
      • Possible Austin Hackfest - 2015
      • Other Hackfests in the US? Portland, OR? Los Angeles, CA?

    Getting involved

    • Please add your name to the #Participants list if you'll be there!

    Venue Planning



    • Seattle Central College (SeaGL venue)
    • Black Coffee Coop in Capital Hill (TA3M meeting place)
    • ??

    Venue Needs



    • Food-friendly space for 20 people
      • Big room
      • Tables
      • Chairs

    Power + Network (for 20)

    • Power outlets
      • Power strips/extension cords
    • Network (unblocked; lots of bandwith)
      • 20 ports (or a switch)
      • 20 network cables (+ 5 extra) = 25 total


    • Projector/screen/computer
      • (I'll have one in the Conference Box)
    • [OPTIONAL] Fridge would be nice

    Hackfest: VMs

    See info here: Hackfests/VMs#Using_a_VM