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Вы можете повысить функциональность LibreOffice с помощью Расширений.

Как пользоваться Расширениями

Установка расширения проста и предоставляет множество полезных функций.

Разработка расширений

Если вы являетесь разработчиком расширений, вы можете использовать несколько языков для разработки расширений LibreOffice. Поддерживаемые языки программирования: Basic, Python, JavaScript и Java.

If you are an extension developer, you can use several languages to develop LibreOffice extensions. Supported programming languages are Basic, Python, JavaScript and Java. For the higher level of integrity and possibilities you can use C++, Python and Java languages to develop UNO complements based extensions.

As a UNO components you can provide new implementations of existing functionality or specialized components like Calc Add-Ins, Add-Ons, DataPilots, Chart Add-Ins, or linguistic components: Spellchecker, Hyphenator or Thesaurus (see Add-Ins documentation).

Also you can pack extensions for additional Templates, Gallery and Autotexts.

Please refer to Development/Extension Development for more detail on how to develop them.

Default Extensions

A handful of extensions are included in LibreOffice by default.

The list of default extensions includes:

  • PDF Import
  • Presentation Minimizer
  • Presenter Console
  • Report Builder
  • Non-linear Solver
  • Wiki Publisher


  • Are these extensions fully-integrated, or can they be as-easily removed as other, non-default extensions?
  • Requirements for default extensions? (e.g. license, size, scope, etc..)
    • "We do not include any third-party extensions in the official builds." tdf#45200
  • How can one suggest a new default extension?

Extension Bugs

See Filing a bug report against an Extension.

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