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How do I delete pages that seem empty?

You might face two scenarios:

  1. one or several pages are present in the document but seem empty; or
  2. the software adds empty pages when you select the print preview, when you print the document, or when you select the book mode.

Pages are present in the document

You have to remove the non-printable characters that create this page:

  • check the View ▸ Formatting Marks menu (or press Ctrl+F10); and
  • remove the unnecessary characters.

Unwanted “added” pages

By default, the software is configured to correctly manage duplex printing: odd pages are always right pages. If you change the current numbering so that an odd page follows another odd page (for example page 1 followed by page 5), the software automatically adds an even empty page.

This behavior can be disabled:

  • as a one-off, to print the current document using the print dialog:
    • select the File ▸ Print menu;
    • select the LibreOffice Writer tab;
    • under the Pages section, uncheck Print automatically inserted blank pages;
  • globally by changing the default option:
    • select the Tools ▸ Options menu (or press Alt+F12 keys);
    • on the left side, select LibreOffice Writer ▸ Print; and
    • under the Other section, uncheck Print automatically inserted blank pages.