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Development/Weekly Summary

List of the weekly bug fixes can be found here: dead link

LibreOffice 3.3 Feature List

A somewhat more end-user-friendly version of this raw feature list can be found on the: libreoffice website

Internationalization, Localization

Updated translations

(virtually all languages)

Additional Locale Data

Arabic (Algeria) [ar-DZ], Bafia (Cameroon) [ksf-CM], Bushi (Mayotte)[buc-YT], Campidanese (Sardinia) [sro-IT], Gallurese (Sardinia)[sdn-IT], Gikuyu (Kenya) [ki-KE], Latgalian (Latvia) [ltg-LV],Logudorese (Sardinia) [src-IT], Maithili (India) [mai-IN], MalagasyPlateau (Madagascar) [plt-MG], Maore (Mayotte) [swb-YT], Papiamentu(Netherlands Antilles) [pap-AN], Rusyn (Slovakia) [rue-SK], Rusyn(Ukraine) [rue-UA], Sassarese (Sardinia)[sdc-IT], Sorbian, Tahitian(French Polynesia) [ty-PF], Upper Sorbian (Germany) [hsb-DE], Yoruba(Nigeria) [yo-NG]

Support for Kabyle

Updated dictionaries

Catalan [ca], Croatian [hr] (+ spelling dictionary added), Danish [da](+ thesaurus added), Dutch [nl], Hungarian [hu], Italian [it], Kurdish[ku], Romanian [ro], Serbian [sr/sh], Slovenian [sl], Slovak [sk],Swedish [sv], Vietnamese [vi]

Updated AutoCorrection data

Afrikaans [af], Croatian [hr], English (South Africa) [en-ZA], French[fr], Portuguese (Brazil) [pt-BR], German [de], Hungarian [hu],Lithuanian [lt], Mongolian [mn], Polish [pl]


  1. Added the LibreColors to the palette.
  2. Quickstarter for unix builds
  3. Introducing Linux Libertine G and Linux Biolinum G fonts
  4. tdf#30472 implement import of alpha channel for RGBA .tiffs
  5. i#113141 show all appropiate formats by default on save as
  6. use radio buttons for mutually exclusive menu options
  7. Replace the "Help Support" menu item by the "License Information" one
  8. load and save documents in flat xml
  9. Help available on the wiki
  10. Option to enable saving of documents at all times. (See Tools ▸ Options ▸ LibreOffice ▸ General ▸ Allow to save document ....)
  11. Under Linux, Java Media Framework is no longer needed to play sounds and movies.


  1. tdf#30559: Added new tab page 'Compatibility' in the Options dialog.
  2. Better default key bindings.
  3. Let's use Ctrl + ⇧ Shift + D to launch selection list in LibreOffice.
  4. Added new image file "+" used in the "insert new sheet" button. This image is not visible in read-only mode.
  5. Fix fake small caps resizing factor i#1526
  6. Dotted - dashed borders in Calc
  7. Added icons for toggling sheet grids in Calc.
  8. Better performance and interoperability on Excel doc import.
  9. Better performance on DBF import.
  10. Slightly better performance on ODS import.
  11. Possibility to use English formula names.
  12. Distributed alignment - allows one to specify 'distributed' horizontal alignment and 'justified' and 'distributed' vertical alignments within cells. This is useful especially for CJK locales.
  13. Support for 3 different formula syntaxes: Calc A1, Excel A1 and Excel R1C1.
  14. Configurable argument and array separators in formula expressions.
  15. External reference works within OFFSET function
  16. Hitting Tab ↹ during auto-complete commits current selection and moves to the next cell.
  17. Ctrl + Tab ↹ cycles through auto-complete selections.
  18. find and replace skips those cells that are filtered out (thus hidden)
  19. protecting sheet provides two additional sheet protection options, to optionally limit cursor placement in protected and unprotected areas
  20. copying a range highlights the range being copied. It also allows you to paste it by hitting ↵ Enter key. Hitting ESC removes the range highlight.
  21. Jumping to and from references in formula cells via ctrl + [ and ctrl + ].
  22. Cell cursor stays at the original cell during range selection.
  23. Insert current date and time via Ctrl + ; and ⇧ Shift + Ctrl + ; respectively.


  1. AutoCorrections match case of the words that AutoCorrect replaces. i#2838
  2. turn off NumberRecognition in writer
  3. RTF export (GSoc)
  4. Dotted - dashed borders in Writer
  5. Port of Lotus Word Pro filter
  6. new dialog for Title Page
  7. Navigator allows to unfold one heading as usual in a tree view
  8. Ability to count the number of characters without spaces in the statistic of a selection or a whole document
  9. Cursor returns to its original position after a Search and Replace
  10. New icon in the status bar allowing to save the document by double clicking
  11. Format ▸ Default resets applied character style i#47893
  12. Auto-hide empty paragraph after nested tables
  13. Added support of .doc form fields.


  1. PPTX chart import feature
  2. Dotted - dashed borders in Impress tables
  3. i#112421 make Presenter Screen default to the laptop, not projector
  4. Improve randomisation in 'dissolve' transition


  1. default to just printing the formula itself in math
  2. i#113400 Maths brackets misformed in presentation mode


  1. i#112597 add display properties to control shapes


  1. UNO APIs for size and moveProtect of notes
  2. via i#i80184: allow adding drawing documents to gallery via API

Integrated Extensions

  1. PDF Import
  2. Presentation Minimizer
  3. Report Builder
  4. Solver for non-linear programming
  5. Wiki Publisher
  6. Presenter Console

OpenOffice 3.3 Feature List

Productivity Enhancements

  1. New Custom Properties Handling
  2. Embedding of Standard PDF Fonts
  3. New Narrow Font Family
  4. Increased Document Protection in Writer and Calc
  5. Automatic Decimals Digits for "General" format in Calc
  6. 1 Million Rows in a Spreadsheet
  7. New Options for CSV (Comma Separated Value) Import in Calc
  8. Insert_Drawing_Objects_in_Charts
  9. Hierarchical_Axis_Labels_for_Charts
  10. Improved Slide Layout Handling in Impress
  11. Manual Setting for Primary Key Support for Databases
  12. Support of Read-Only Database Registrations
  13. New Math Command 'nospace'


  1. Additional Locale Data

Usability and Interface

  1. Common Search Toolbar
  2. New Easier to Use Print Interface
  3. More Options for Changing Case
  4. Redesign of Thesaurus
  5. Resetting Text to the Default Language in Writer
  6. Text Rendering of Form Controls in Writer
  7. Changed Defaults for Charts
  8. Colored Sheet Tabs in Calc
  9. Adapt to Marked Selection for Filter Area in Calc
  10. Sort Dialog for DataPilot in Calc
  11. Display Custom Names for DataPilot Fields, Items and Totals in Calc

Developer Features and Extensibility

  1. Grid Control Enhancements
  2. New MetaData Node for Database
  3. Extending Database Drivers Using Extensions