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Marketing Strategy

There are wispers that there will be a interactive marketing kick-off session on the LibreOffice conference 2012 in Berlin. The page is here to collect ideas on how to improve the marketing of LibreOffice as a base and input for that session. There are no restrictions to the craziness of your idea -- basically everything goes. However, as the session in Berlin will boil the topics down to those that seem implementable and find somebody willing to commit himself to it, your best chances are:

  • writing an excellent elevator pitch⁠Wikipedia logo v3.svg for your proposal here (If it is longwinding and boring, it will likely be ignored)
  • coming to Berlin, commit yourself to the idea and excite people to join you in the effort

As a general suggestion, it is a very good idea to read the second chapter of The art of community by Jono Bacon (the rest of it is worth a read too) to finetune your idea before dumping it here.

This page has two sections: One about the Product LibreOffice and one about the Project. Both are rather distinct things to sell, with the Project possibly even being the more important one. Note that there is not a section about 'product strategy' or 'development direction' as that is a whole different issue and does not belong here.

Note again: Nothing here has any commitment to it yet, if you want to see it implemented, commit yourself and make us love your idea in Berlin!

Starting point was the discussion on ml. Please have a look there and follow all the ideas mentioned there,

Marketing of the Product LibreOffice

Marketing of the Project LibreOffice

  • topicdriven fundraisers?
    • set a marketing topic per quartal to collect explicitly dedicated funding for the topic and use the opportunity to grow the related community of the project (e.g. QA)