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For all problems with Extensions. Applicable Subcomponents are:
Extensionname for Problems with a particular Extension (please replace Extensionname in the the Bugzilla Summary line by the name of the Extension, followed by the Extension version if applicable)

[1] for all other [ problems] with LibreOffice Extensions.

SI-GUI if you want to report problems with the Windows Server Installation Assistant

Problems can be:

  • can not be installed (Installation)
  • does not work as expected
  • GUI looks ugly
  • interfering LibreOffice function
  • translation missing / wrong

You can ease search for Extensions if you use additional pseudo key words from BugReport Details.

For problems with "Bundled Extensions" (delivered directly with the LibreOffice Build) generally a different Component related to that ancient Extension should be selected. Example Report Builder problems: REPORTBUILDER in Summary line (here we already have a prepared pseudo sub component), Component Database.