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    How can I get help?

    Please contact us via

    How can I eliminate confidential data from a sample document?

    To protect your personal/work information before sharing a document with the QA Team via email or a bug report, make a copy of the document and remove from the copy any confidential information and, ideally, anything that is not relevant to the bug investigation. Share the copy, not the original:

    How do I report a LibreOffice bug?

    If you believe to have found a bug in LibreOffice, please follow the instructions here:

    Are nightly builds available?

    Yes, we call them Daily Builds. Please do run, test and torture those daily builds. Reporting bugs for those builds will be most helpful and welcome!

    How do I check whether a given (e.g. daily) build contains a specific commit?

    First, get the commit ID from which the build was built: It can be seen in the "about" dialog, where it is called "Build ID".

    Alternatively, the daily build directory contains a _buildinfo.txt file containing lines like:

    tinderbox: git sha1s

    In this case, the commit ID is the hexadecimal number (string of digits and letters between a and f) after "core:".

    As an example, we will use 99eee227ac5a96a2657e26d64b8fbf228fd10bf2 as the revision of the build. You want to see if commit 10777b37536be16c6d2e167b59e9e31e37ba3517 is included in the build. It can, for example, be a commit that claims to fix a bug, and you want to verify that.

    1. Go to the LibreOffice core repository browser.
    2. In the search area (upper right), choose "range" and enter: CHECKCOMMITID..BUILDCOMMITID, replacing CHECKCOMMITID and BUILDCOMMITID by the respective values. That is: the commit ID you want to check, then two dots, then the commit ID of the build. In our example, enter "10777b37536be16c6d2e167b59e9e31e37ba3517..99eee227ac5a96a2657e26d64b8fbf228fd10bf2".
    3. Click "search".
    4. If the result is not empty (it lists a few commits), then the given build contains the given commit. If the result is empty, then the given build does not contain the given commit.

    What is "bibisecting"?

    Bibisect is a nifty Git-based tool we use to track down when a bug was first introduced into LibreOffice. For more information (mostly of a technical nature), please see the page QA/HowToBibisect.