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    This page is a translated version of the page QA/FAQ and the translation is 50% complete.

    ¿Cómo puedo obtener ayuda?

    Please contact us via

    ¿Cómo puedo eliminar datos confidenciales de un documento de muestra?

    Para proteger su información personal/laboral antes de compartir un documento con el equipo de control de calidad por correo electrónico o un informe de error, haga una copia del documento y elimine de la copia cualquier información confidencial e, idealmente, cualquier cosa que no sea relevante para la investigación del error. Comparte la copia, no el original:

    ¿Cómo reporto un error de LibreOffice?

    Si cree haber encontrado un error en LibreOffice, siga las instrucciones de la página:

    ¿Hay compilaciones nocturnas disponibles?

    Sí, los llamamos compilaciones diarias. Lea Comprobar compilaciones diarias Ejecute, pruebe y «torture» esas compilaciones diarias. ¡Reportar errores para esas compilaciones será muy útil y bienvenido!

    How do I check whether a given (e.g. daily) build contains a specific commit?

    First, get the commit ID from which the build was built: It can be seen in the "about" dialog, where it is called "Build ID".

    Alternatively, the daily build directory contains a _buildinfo.txt file containing lines like:

    tinderbox: git sha1s

    In this case, the commit ID is the hexadecimal number (string of digits and letters between a and f) after "core:".

    As an example, we will use 99eee227ac5a96a2657e26d64b8fbf228fd10bf2 as the revision of the build. You want to see if commit 10777b37536be16c6d2e167b59e9e31e37ba3517 is included in the build. It can, for example, be a commit that claims to fix a bug, and you want to verify that.

    1. Go to the LibreOffice core repository browser.
    1. In the search area (upper right), choose "range" and enter: CHECKCOMMITID..BUILDCOMMITID, replacing CHECKCOMMITID and BUILDCOMMITID by the respective values. That is: the commit ID you want to check, then two dots, then the commit ID of the build. In our example, enter "10777b37536be16c6d2e167b59e9e31e37ba3517..99eee227ac5a96a2657e26d64b8fbf228fd10bf2".
    2. Click "search".
    3. If the result is not empty (it lists a few commits), then the given build contains the given commit. If the result is empty, then the given build does not contain the given commit.

    What is "bibisecting"?

    Bibisect is a nifty Git-based tool we use to track down when a bug was first introduced into LibreOffice. For more information (mostly of a technical nature), please see the page QA/HowToBibisect.