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    Meeting of the QA Team

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    Date and Time (UTC) 2013-06-14 13:00 UTC
    G+ Hangout This Meeting
    Chair Joel Madero
    Secretary Robinson Tryon
    Started 13:05
    Adjourned 13:56
    Participants Joel, Robinson, Florian R., Ken, Thomas, Bjoern
    Talkyoo Room Number 537138


    Agenda + Minutes


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    • Meeting started at: 13:05
    • Participants: Joel, Robinson, Florian R., Ken, Thomas, Bjoern


    • Bjoern joined later

    Opening Discussion

    Pending Items

    PENDING ITEM: BugReport Page [was Proposals regarding our workflow]

    • [DONE] ACTION: Joel will ask devs/users about moving BugReport page under QA (and perhaps refactoring)
    • Joel emailed dev list, hasn't heard anything. Going to wait another few days and then pull the trigger.
    • ACTION: Joel will move the BugReport page


    • ACTION: 2 weeks from now Joel will provide a staff update; 4 weeks from now, will close the bugs as invalid
    • First part done, but Joel needs to close the next set of bugs.
    • 25-35% of those bugs have had changes; the rest are probably going to be invalid.
      • Unfortunately on some of those there have been changes made, but nobody updated the status (even though we asked them to do so)

    PENDING ITEM: Get French BSA Operational

    • [DONE] ACTION: Joel will do a test of the French BSA and see what is left to do (with Floeff)
    • There was some activity on the QA List re: the French BSA this past week.
    • Joel has been talking with Floeff/Sophie/Rob
    • Email is being hung up somewhere, but we did have successful emails to the QA and FR-QA lists
    • Rob is at the weekend hackfest and intends on working on this/fixing it, so we're all going to cross our fingers and hope this works!
    • Looking promising
    • ACTION: Joel will email Rob for an update

    PENDING ITEM: What to do with FDO bugs filed against Extensions, Templates

    • ACTION: Joel will get Mas the information about the Extension bugs problem
    • Still nothing yet
    • Bjoern knows more about this
    • Joel will send Mas an email today (Joel hasn't seen Mas around lately)
    • ACTION: Joel will talk to Bjoern about this problem

    PENDING ITEM: QA Website

    • ACTION: Joren will create macOS-specific pages
    • ACTION: Joel will create Linux-specific pages
    • No progress since our last call
    • Joel needs some feedback on the main page
      • Would like people to review the homepage before it goes live

    PENDING ITEM: Should we activate voting on FDO?

    • ACTION: Will track the filed bug and wait to hear updates
    • Bjoern hasn't heard anything from Tollef
    • ACTION: Bjoern will try to ping Tollef in the next week or so, after Hackfest is over

    PENDING ITEM: Add BOLD statement to each FDO mail sent out to not reply via mail

    • ACTION: Will track the filed bug and wait to hear updates
    • ACTION: Joel will email Tollef
    • Tollef said this was a minor change, but it hasn't happened yet
    • This is a bit more of a minor issue now, as we remind users

    PENDING ITEM: Update the whiteboard/keywords page

    • ACTION: Joel will update the whiteboard/keywords page
    • Joel worked on it yesterday
      • Needs to figure out what to keep/what to drop
    • There's a new UX whiteboard status, but we might change that to a component
      • Meeks is pushing to make it a component so that we can cc the Design mailing list
      • Joel likes a whiteboard status so that ordinary users can triage using it
      • Astron doesn't want a ping for every single bug that a user creates (e.g. every request for us to add a 'Ribbon' interface, new UI, etc..)
      • Florian R -- Perhaps we should change the name to 'UX Internal Request' or similar

    PENDING ITEM: Use an online collaborative editor for minutes so that they can be viewed as the call progresses

    • ACTION: Robinson + Jonathan Aqualina will get install instructions for Etherpad to Floeff so that it can then be installed
    • Testing with Jonathan
    • Hope to have this wrapped up in the next couple of weeks

    PENDING ITEM: What to do with releases after EOL

    • ACTION: Joel will bring up this topic to the ESC
    • ACTION: Robinson will remove a lot of versions from the BSA (for EOL'd versions, collapse to just major versions (X.x)
      • June 12 - Changes on GitHub, pending review by Joel and then merging by Rob
    • Joel brought up the topic
      • Meeks said "Do what makes sense"
    • Robinson - All 3.3.x and 3.4.x versions (except 3.3.0 release and 3.4.0 release) have been blacklisted for the BSA, and are pending merging
    • Joel - We've thought about creating new versions such as "3.3 - All bugs"
    • Joel - Ubuntu is still on 3.5.4 (6+ months after EOL) -- is there going to be any update there?
      • Bjoern: no, as there's a rule about no regressions there. However dealing with an EOL'd version isn't TDF/LibreOffice's problem, it's something for the distro to address.
    • RedHat is still on 3.4 (!!), so this is a common issue
    • Joel - 94 versions in FDO was kind of lengthy for a new user trying to report a bug
    • Joel - Next steps: We'll try to move forward de-listing RC's and betas for 3.5
    • Thomas - 3.3.x might be best release for users
      • Florian R. - E.g. Base has several regressions after that release
    • ACTION: Joel will hide one release in FDO today
      • If it's really simple to do, then Joel will consider doing this in parallel, otherwise we will work on FDO after the BSA

    PENDING ITEM: Locally-hosted Bugzilla

    • ACTION: Robinson - Keep this on our agenda so we keep track of things
    • No updates

    PENDING ITEM: Clarify 'version' in Bugzilla

    • ACTION: Keep track of where Tollef is with this enhancement
    • ACTION: Keep the idea of a Version/Repro Table on our radar until the Version label is changed or we have another solution.
    • No updates


    • [DONE] ACTION: Joel will investigate why our IRC bot isn't linking to FDO properly anymore
    • Cloph was able to figure out what went wrong (Thanks!)

    PENDING ITEM: Bibisect Repositories

    • ACTION: Bjoern/Robinson will investigate the possibility of being able to update the bibisect repository via git
    • Robinson and Bjoern have both been busy, no updates for now

    PENDING ITEM: Clarify Bibisect + Version #

    • [DONE] ACTION: Joel will ask whoever is updating the bibisect wiki page to note the correct info
    • ACTION: Joel will add a note to the Ideas wiki page that our goal is to eventually have everyone use the bibisect repository
    • Joel asked someone to update the wiki, but don't think it's been done yet
    • At this point we can remove everything but bibisect40 and the daily bibisect
      • Page needs some rework
    • ACTION: Joel will work with Terrence Enger to clean/update this page

    PENDING ITEM: Test New Python Wizards

    • [DONE] ACTION: Joel will email the QA Team and the mailing list and make sure that everyone knows about this
    • Joel emailed the QA/Dev Teams and the User List
    • Pedro did some tests and reported a few bugs
    • There's one particular wizard that isn't currently working properly

    New Action Items

    All items proposed between meetings go here

    New Items (Proposed/Discussed at the Meeting)

    NEW ITEM: Bug Triage Contest (Joel)

    • Joel has been publishing information and inviting people
    • Hasn't been getting good responses

    Does anyone have suggestions on getting more interaction from our User base?

    • Florian R. -- Have we had any blog posts?
      • In particular on the TDF Blog
    • Bjoern - People may be watching the wiki page for the Contest, but be shy about adding their own name
    • Joel - If we have more general LibreOffice chat in the IRC channel this might make it more welcoming (less technical discussion)
    • Bjoern - The day we start we should drop some text announcing that we're getting started (etc.., etc..). It's important to appear professional, but not intimidating
    • Joel -- Perhaps add a banner to the front page announcing the start of the contest?
    • Florian R. -- He's busy with school so it might be hard for him to join the contest
    • Joel - He'll try to be around as much as possible the 1st week (he'll be a bit busy in the 2nd week), so we'll need to pick up the slack
    • ACTION: Joel will add Ken to the list of people joining the contest
    • Localization: Joel has sent an email to Sophie to ping the French QA community;

    NEW ITEM: Netbooks (Bjoern)

    • Those people who are receiving them need to give Bjoern your address so they can be drop-shipped there
    • Joel -- The three people will be [ Joel, Florian R., Joren]
    • Florian R. -- Is there a way to get a bigger screen?

    NEW ITEM: SI-GUI Stats (Florian R.)

    • Florian R. -- If you know people who are using it, please let him know
      • He's looking for more stats (esp. from people who have disabled tracking)
    • Only gotten feedback from Pedro so far


    • ANNOUNCEMENT: Our next meeting will take place... June 28th (Friday) at 13:00 UTC, unless otherwise noted on the QA/Mailing List.


    • Meeting adjourned at: 13:56


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