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Meeting of the QA Team

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Date and Time (UTC) 2013-10-18 13:00 UTC
G+ Hangout [ This Meeting]
Chair Robinson Tryon
Secretary Robinson Tryon
Started 13:10
Adjourned 15:07
Participants Robinson, Bjoern, Joel
Talkyoo Room Number 537138


  • What prep?

Agenda + Minutes


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  • Meeting started at: 13:10
  • Participants: Robinson, Bjoern, Joel,


Opening Discussion

Change Call Time?

  • Joel - Give priority to people who are willing to show up week-to-week
  • ACTION: Let's set up a doodle and see what response we get (Joel)


  • Remember: separate items in the whiteboard with spaces, not with commas
    • Question: Can we get a query on the whiteboard for commas? (And make a clean-me-up-please page for it :-)


  • ESC asked us to un-tag UNCONFIRMED/NEEDINFO bugs with keyword 'regression'
  • Lots of bugs sit in NEEDINFO for a long time -- any suggestions on how we can get more Bug Reporters to respond before we close out the bug?
    • Joel: We can always email the Bug Reporter directly

Pending Items

PENDING ITEM: BugReport Page

  • [SUPERSEDED] ACTION: Joel will ping them (PT-BR) today
  • [SUPERSEDED] ACTION: Joel will look into additional languages on the wiki (do we have active wiki translators for each listed language?)
  • Joel: Hasn't heard any progress on this one.
  • Robinson: Was some discussion during Milan conference about documentation divergence/being out of date; simplify, simplify!
  • Joel: Have at least a very minimal translation of bug confirmation instructions is important to 1st time triagers who don't speak English well
  • Robinson: It's important to only translate as much as we can keep up to date
  • Robinson: What can we do to foster community? It would be GREAT to bring community leaders together once a month to say hi, quick organizational stuff
    • Bjoern: Suggest QA Pub Chat to the French team (and have someone from QA and/or Dev sit-in on it?)
  • Robinson: Need to connect with local teams before we can make progress on this type of Action item
  • ACTION: Connect with local team leaders (monthly meeting?) and work to interact with those teams in a different way (Robinson)

PENDING ITEM: What to do with FDO bugs filed against Extensions, Templates

  • ACTION: Joel will continue to monitor the situation
  • Joel: 23 extension bugs right now (some are even no extension bugs)
  • Robinson: Not that many bugs, but it's another 'papercut'/hurdle to new triagers
    • Joel: Agrees: we want to find a solution
  • Joel: Wants to keep it on the Agenda


  • ACTION: Joel will create Linux-specific pages
  • ACTION: Joel will proof the macOS page
  • ACTION: Florian R. will ping Joel and start to work on the pending Action items.
  • ACTION: Florian/Joel please give us an update by next time

PENDING ITEM: Tollef and Bugzilla TODOs and planning

  • ACTION: Get Tollef to activate voting on FDO (merged item)
  • ACTION: Get Tollef to add BOLD statement to each FDO mail sent out to not reply via mail (merged item)
  • ACTION: Get Tollef to clarify 'version' label in Bugzilla (merged item)
  • ACTION: Will track the filed bug and wait to hear updates (re: Bold statement on FDO mail)
  • ACTION: Continue discussion (long-term) of move to Locally-hosted Bugzilla

UPDATE: ESC has tasked me with coming up with a migration proposal for the Board (Robinson)

  • Would like help w/proposal
  • Need complete list of Bugzilla-dependent services
  • Joel: Suggest we schedule a 1hr call just for Bugzilla/migration planning
  • ACTION: 1st draft of proposal -> send to QA List (Robinson)

PENDING ITEM: Update the whiteboard/keywords page

  • ACTION: Joel will update the whiteboard/keywords page
  • Joel: Still on my list, but not sure about how stripped-down it should be
  • Robinson: Let's have discussion on the list
  • ACTION: Ask QA list what we want to do with whiteboard/keywords (Joel)

PENDING ITEM: Bibisect Repositories

  • [SUPERSEDED] ACTION: Bjoern/Robinson will investigate the possibility of being able to update the bibisect repository via git
  • [ABANDONED] ACTION: Florian R. will discuss with Bjoern the compression used for the daily builds [If possible "Save only". Fears a big redownload -> Untested...]

UPDATE: Proposals by ESC for official Linux and Windows bibisect repositories!

  • Repositories in git on TDF hardware
  • Timeline? Check w/Bjoern
  • Bjoern: Hopefully both Linux and Windows bibisect repos will be up by the end of the year
  • Robinson: When should I make steps to get mega-bibisect repos put together?
    • Bjoern: Be bold -- take action and we'll get them published
      • ACTION: Combine existing bibisect repos into one (starting pre-fork) (Robinson)

PENDING ITEM: Feedback pages

  • ACTION: Robinson will go ahead with the Feedback page idea (and ping Rob)
  • Robinson: When I get a chance...

PENDING ITEM: Most Annoying Bug List

  • [SUPERSEDED] ACTION: Florian R. will email out to the QA list and shepherd our trial of this process
  • [DONE] ACTION: Robinson will check-in with Florian re: our trial; also 3.6 MAB.
  • Joel: Will send out an email soon; hopes to merge everything on to 1 list before 4.2
  • Robinson: What about moving to using built-in prioritization in Bugzilla?
  • Joel: If we can lock prioritization on Bugzilla, devs would trust that process more
  • ACTION: Set up a single MAB list (Joel)

PENDING ITEM: Keeping track of bug statistics

  • ACTION: Ask Joel to document the bug statistics work that he has done
  • ACTION: Figure out who (1 person or a group) can help us to keep track of these statistics
  • Bjoern: Unconfirmed bug #s are stabilizing
    • However...there was a new Ubuntu release today, so we might get a bunch of new bug reports
    • Joel: If you see a user who's willing to work through the bug triage process, ask them if they'd be willing to test some bugs for us
      • Ask them what component/OS they'd like to test on, and then GENERATE a list of 30-50 bugs FOR THEM
    • Joel: Need to make sure we don't depend on one person to triage unconfirmed bugs; make sure we have multiple people who are actively involved

New Action Items

All items proposed between meetings go here

NEW ITEM: Updates to the BSA (Rob/Robinson)

  • If Rob is in attendance, I'll let him talk here :-)
  • Proposal: Remove EOL versions from the BSA
    • Direct users of EOL versions to update and re-test before submitting a bug
  • Improvement: Tweak BSA code to include application information when triggering the BSA from within Libreoffice
    • When we get this working, push this as the best method of bug reporting!
  • Joel: Good idea; Less versions, less confusing
  • Bjoern: Sounds good
  • ACTION: Remove EOL versions from the BSA and implement 'please update' message (Rob)

NEW ITEM: Tag Repro Needs in Whiteboard (Robinson)

  • Proposal: Tag special requirements for bug repro in the whiteboard as "NeedsXYZ"
    • e.g. NeedsAdobeAcrobat, NeedsmacOS, NeedsNetwareOpenEnterpriseServer, NeedsChinese, NeedsWindows7
    • Multiple tags okay
    • Stupidly simple - No list of approved tags to remember (easily learning curve for new triagers)

We'll create a webpage where we list all of the bugs organized by Repro needs. This will allow triagers with unique tools or language skills to tackle the harder-to-triage bugs first.

  • Joel: Wary about long lists for common things (macOS, Windows, etc...)
  • Robinson: Start small
  • ACTION: Implement webpage displaying lists of NeedsXYZ bugs (Robinson)

NEW ITEM: GUI for Bibisect (Joel)

  • Proposal: Joel thinks that we should create something for the Linux bibisect
    • Perhaps in python?
    • We can reuse the Windows GUI with the Windows Bibisect (once it's up and running)
  • Joel: Would be helpful
    • Ask on QA list if anyone wants to build one?
  • Bjoern: Florian or cloph offered to work on this one, but there are higher priorities for now
  • ACTION: Punt on implementation until after we have bibisect repos up and running (All)

New Items (Proposed/Discussed at the Meeting)

NEW ITEM: Talk to CS Department/others at University (Joel)

  • ACTION: Put up a message on the message board at his University and see who is interested (Joel)

NEW ITEM: QA Contest T-shirts (Robinson)

  • It's been crazy -- the printers havne't been responding to us!
  • ACTION: Pick a printer and get the shirts printed (Robinson)

NEW ITEM: Conference Redux (Bjoern)

  • Robinson: Conferences are the best time for meetings to occur
  • Bjoern: For locals, the conference isn't the best time to ask them for more time (they're already burned out from doing prep for the conference)
  • Bjoern: Were the hackathons useful? (Was the conference already too busy?)
    • In Berlin, we did not have hackathons; people went out and had dinner in small groups (some socializing)

NEW ITEM: Hackfests? (Bjoern)

  • Bjoern: Next hackfest will be 4/5 Feb 2014
    • Perhaps have people in US join-up at a single place and connect w/Europe location via Google Hangouts?
    • Can focus on dev, QA, or any part of LibreOffice
  • ACTION: USA involvement in hackfests -- (Keep on the agenda, discuss on QA list) (All)



  • Meeting adjourned at: 15:07


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