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    The video "Ein Diagramm erstellen in Draw - LibreOffice" shows how you can "Create a Diagram in Draw - LibreOffice" and links to this page here, which provides further information and details.

    The basis of this description is the Documentation / Manuals of LibreOffice.

    Diagrams exist in different forms, known are e.g. Organigrams.

    You can use the Gallery, which is available in Writer, Calc, Impress, Draw and Base.

    Or you can use drawing objects and text fields.

    General drawing techniques in Draw are required. See also Hidden Functions in Draw

    Link to the Video

    Link to the Video (in German [DE]):

    Ein Diagramm erstellen in Draw - LibreOffice

    Creating a diagram

    Gallery in Sidebar

    The author recommends to edit diagrams first in Draw and then copy them e.g. to Writer.

    Diagram from Gallery

    If the sidebar is not visible, choose View ▸ Sidebar ( Ctrl + F5 ).

    On the right edge of the sidebar is the Gallery icon.

    Click on the Gallery icon 202009 LOEN Seitenleiste Symbol Gallery.png.

    See also:

    At the top of the sidebar are the Gallery topics.

    Click on the "Diagrams" topic.

    Below the topic you will now see a number of different Diagrams that you can use freely.

    Insert diagram from the Gallery

    "Block-Colorful" Diagram
    resize Diagram with 8 marker points

    Right-click on the first diagram "Block-Colorful".

    Choose Insert from the context menu.

    The "Block-Colorful" diagram has now been inserted.

    Since the chart is still grouped, it is the best opportunity to resize the chart.

    After insertion, the chart has 8 marker points around the outer edge.

    If you move the cursor over one of these marker points, you will see that the cursor shape changes.

    The cursor is now a double arrow 73EN Draw Gallery Double arrow 02.png.

    Click+hold on a marker point and resize it in the direction indicated by the cursor.

    Drag until the size of the diagram is what you want and release the mouse button.

    Right-click on the diagram and select Break from the context menu.

    The diagram is now broken up and consists of eight polygons and four text frames.

    The eight polygons are four colored faces and four colored frames.

    Use the navigator in the sidebar to see the individual objects.

    See also:

    You can edit each object by itself.

    Click in each text frame (text box) to adjust the text to your liking.

    If necessary, you can of course also change the positions of the individual text blocks according to your wishes.

    Create diagram from drawing objects

    Drawing objects with connectors

    You can also create a diagram using drawing objects and connectors.

    If you want to create an organization chart, for example, you need the "Drawing" toolbar.

    Click the Show Drawing Functions icon on the Standard toolbar or choose View ▸ Toolbars ▸ Drawing from the menu.

    On the "Drawing" toolbar, select the small black arrow next to the Basic Shapes icon.

    In the context, select the "Rectangle, Rounded" drawing object.

    On the slide, drag the rectangle.

    Before you copy the rectangle, you can change the font color and background, for example.

    You can copy the selected rectangle with Ctrl + C.

    Use Ctrl + V to paste as many rectangles as you need for your organization chart.

    Copying is also easy by holding the Ctrl key and clicking and dragging and releasing on the rectangle.

    Position the rounded rectangles that will make up your organization chart.

    For distribution and alignment, select the rectangles you want to work together.

    Right-click on the selection and choose Distribute Selection and Align Objects.

    Label Organization chart

    "Organization chart" labeled

    Double-click in one of the rounded rectangles.

    The cursor will now blink in the center of the rectangle.

    Write your text for this rectangle.

    This is how you label all the rectangles in your Organization chart.


    Both the Gallery objects and the Drawing objects can be connected with connectors to show relationships.

    You connect the rectangles using the connectors that you can select in the "Drawing" toolbar.

    When you have selected a suitable connector, the cursor becomes a crosshair 73 Draw Cursor für Verbinder.png.

    Move the cursor to the rectangle on an edge where you want to start the connection.

    The rectangle will light up and show you the possible Connection points.

    Click on a Connection point, hold-drag to the next rectangle where you want the Connection to end.

    The next rectangle lights up and the connection points become visible.

    Move the cursor to a desired Connection point and release the mouse button.

    In this way you create all the connections.

    See also: Connectors

    Further Informations

    Work files

    "Beispiel Organigramm.odg"

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    Documentation / Manuals

    Here you will find the Documentation / Manuals:

    Documentation / Manuals

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