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Retorna o arco cosseno (inverso do cosseno trigonométrico) de um número. A função calcula o valor principal.




Essa função retorna o cosseno trigonométrico inverso (arco cosseno) de Número, isto é, o ângulo (em radianos) cujo cosseno é Número. O ângulo retornado está entre 0 e PI [0,π].


Number is the real number, or a reference to a cell containing that number, between -1 and +1, whose inverse trigonometric cosine value is to be calculated.

If the value of Number is outside this range, the function returns an invalid numeric value (#NUM!) error.

Additional details:

  • To return the angle in degrees, use the DEGREES function.
  • Alternatively multiply by 180/PI() to convert the result from radians to degrees.

The GIF below illustrates the function ACOS.

ACOS function


Formula Description Returns
=ACOS(-1) Inverse trigonometric cosine of -1 3.14159265358979 (PI radians or π)
=ACOS(0.5) Inverse trigonometric cosine of 0.5 1.0471975511966 (radians)
=DEGREES(ACOS(0.5)) Inverse trigonometric cosine of 0.5. Further, converting angle in radians to degrees. 60° (degrees)
=ACOS(-0.5)*180/PI() Inverse trigonometric cosine of -0.5. Further, converting angle in radians to degrees by multiplying by 180/PI(). 120° (degrees)
=ACOS(2) Inverse trigonometric cosine of 2 will return an invalid numeric value (#NUM!) error because 2 is out of its domain. #NUM!

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ODF standard:

Section 6.16.3, part 2.

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