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Meeting of the US Community

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Date and Time Poll (n/a)

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Date and Time 2014-08-11 20:30 EST/EDT (click for your time zone)
Chair Robinson Tryon

IRC (Freenode) #libreoffice-us connect via webchat
Video Chat (WebRTC)
(Firefox unsupported)
Etherpad libreoffice-us

Meeting Postponed to Next Month due to people being busy


  • Meetings are usually videochat using WebRTC (video optional)
    • We fallback to IRC, if WebRTC is giving us problems
    • Remember: Use Chromium for WebRTC (Firefox doesn't support those functions yet)
  • We'll also try to find a permanent time so we don't need to have a poll each month
  • Remember to ping Joel/Charlie/Marketing list after we get definite date and time set



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  • Possible use of Moodle
    • Contest to get LibreOffice modules created?
  • Collecting user stories about LibreOffice


  • How is everyone?
  • Introductions
  • Immanuel wants to add to the agenda: 'Promotion to "local civic hacking groups" and "local Linux clubs" '
    • Touched-on briefly at June 25 Meeting (Perhaps Immanuel can say more in next call)

Completed Action Items

Outstanding Action Items

  • [SUPERSEDED] ACTION: Robinson will ask Design Team for help w/icons for TDF, LO, and DLP (including guidelines)
    • Asked for help; only heard back from K-J
    • July 16 - Figuring out stuff ourselves; Will try to recruit @Boston Hackfest
  • ACTION: Algot/Robinson will refresh our existing designs and the DFD "open standards" leaflet in preparation for printing
    • TODO: Check-in w/Algot (Inkscape/SVG troubles)

File:Lo-document-freedom.pdf draft remake of DocumentFreedomDay flier. Lo-document-freedom-draft.svg Editable SVG (Inkscape)

  • [DONE] ACTION: Check with local librarians abt. LO on computers (For all to do).
    • April 18 - Checked w/a couple Librarians. They didn't even know about it -- gave them pamphlet and stickers. (Robinson)
    • TODO: Move this ACTION item to a general methods of outreach list/wiki page.


  • We have a state-by-state roster of our team members
    • Please add your name/contact info so we can get in touch
    • Having local contacts makes outreach possible


  • ACTION: Robinson and Morgan will set up Facebook and G+ accounts for LibreOffice US Community
    • June 25 - Touched-base w/Morgan. Will work more on Facebook in coming days
  • ACTION: Morgan will take point on social media presence/alerts
    • After setting-up, go to user list to build-up a presence
  • What's new since last month?


  • Current status

Sample Talks/Videos

  • ACTION: Immanuel/Robinson (w/help from Italo/Charles) will prepare basic talks (Slides, Talking points) and a couple of example videos
    • These will be helpful for people doing outreach, giving short talks, etc.
  • ACTION: Charlie will proof/review these talks/materials

Events Box

  • ACTION: Joel/Robinson will assemble the parts for v1.0 of the US Events Box
  • PENS
    • DLP - Working on sticker design [Now ORDERED]
    • LibreOffice - Need to resize sticker design [Now ORDERED]
  • Will check out projectors @ Best Buy as an in-person test (Robinson)
    • [Now ORDERED]



  • ACTION: Round-up contact info from educators and get them in touch with Charlie (Robinson)
  • ACTION: Joel will check w/Mmeeks re: tutorials and other pieces for introductory marketing/outreach
  • Possible Hackfests
    • Seattle, WA - After SeaGL in October 2014 (Some developer interest)
    • Austin, TX - Possibly spring of 2015 (Interested sponsors and venue)
    • Portland, OR - Sometime in 2015 ( sponsoring CLS this year -- perhaps hackfest in 2015?)
  • Event calendar for the US/Help with upcoming events:
    • Fossetcon (Orlando, FL) - September 11-13 (Thu-Sat) - Could use a couple helpers!
    • All Things Open Raleigh, NC - Oct 22 and 23
    • SeaGL (Seattle, WA) - October 24-25 (Fri-Sat) -- Could use a couple helpers!

US Summer Hackfest

This will be our primary US event for the year...

  • [DONE] ACTION: Set up 5 designated spaces at the hackfest for people who want to learn how to hack on LibreOffice (C++ and/or Python) (Robinson)
  • [DONE] ACTION: Turn attendee list into a table w/name, t-shirt size, etc..
    • July 16 - Page organized (Robinson)
  • ACTION: Help immanuel apply for TDF membership at the hackfest (Joel, Robinson)
  • [DONE] ACTION: Text immanuel when invite is done (Robinson)
    • Pinged


  • Recruitment and Growth: Buddy-system: Who are you going to bring to the meeting next time?
  • Closing thoughts



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