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Meeting of the US Community

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Date and Time 2014-07-14 20:30 EST/EDT (click for your time zone)
Chair Robinson Tryon





Robinson, Phil Shapiro, Algot, Immanuel, Joel

IRC (Freenode) #libreoffice-us connect via webchat
Video Chat (WebRTC)
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Etherpad libreoffice-us


  • Meetings are usually videochat using WebRTC (video optional)
    • We fallback to IRC, if WebRTC is giving us problems
    • Remember: Use Chromium for WebRTC (Firefox doesn't support those functions yet)
  • We'll also try to find a permanent time so we don't need to have a poll each month
  • Remember to ping Joel/Charlie/Marketing list after we get definite date and time set


Dum de dum... working on new info!

Just Phil and Me right now -- chatting in general

  • Consider using Moodle to create modules for learning about Libreoffice (Phil)
  • How do we organize and encourage people to participate? (Robinson)
    • Make a contest (Phil)
  • Another idea: We should start collecting stories about LibreOffice (Phil)
    • Like "How you started using LibreOffice" or "What I use LibreOffice to do" or "etc..."
    • Could be related to the Feedback Form (Robinson)
    • Could we crowdsource funds for contest prizes? (Phil)
      • Perhaps; want to avoid having crowdsourcing take away from general TDF funds (Joel)
  • Another idea: Get users a Linux laptop with VokoScreen (screencasting) (Phil)
    • Perhaps something that could be checked-out of the library


Put start time and attendees list in the table


IRC Minutes

We had some major issues with WebRTC/, so we used our fallback (IRC).

Algot: Hi Phil, was hoping to see your face.
Algot: And the faces of all.
Phil____: yes, it's been great sharing ideas all these years, algot.

----> Hackfest Venue
colonelqubit: After much searching, we have a venue for our hackfest! -- Xamarin
jmadero: colonelqubit: not that news!
jmadero: the bigger news

* colonelqubit . o O (...we just bought-out Microsoft? ...)

jmadero: lol
jmadero: damn you Robinson
Phil____: Linus is running for president?
jmadero: you're too modest
jmadero: everyone
jmadero: colonelqubit is TDF's new employee
Phil____: oh, that is great news.
Algot: Congrats!
jmadero: hopefully starting in the next 1-2 weeks he's now part of TDF on a part time basis
colonelqubit: :-)
jmadero: he's our new QA Engineer
Phil____: rock on

* colonelqubit hasn't decided if that's pronounced "Qwa" or "Kah"

immanuel_: wow that's awesome
jmadero: so between traveling, running US marketing, and all the other stuff - he'll be doing some automated tests, getting our new bug tracker up, organizing cool QA stuff, etc...
immanuel_: so your first day will be at the hackfest :-)
colonelqubit: immanuel_: that seems like a good day to start :-)
jmadero: lol but that doesn't count for his hours ;-)
immanuel_: we must celebrate
jmadero: only stuff that fall in "QA Engineer" count ;-)
jmadero: so we can drive him like a slave
jmadero: "nothing counts, work harder!"
Algot: Drinking soda right now in his honor.
immanuel_: do we have a venue?

* colonelqubit goes off to quality-test the TDF wine

jmadero: okay we can move on colonelqubit ;-)
colonelqubit: okay, thanks joel
jmadero: :-D
immanuel_: we could brew some Free Beer
colonelqubit: So for those of who don't know joel very well, he's an extremely welcoming guy
Phil____: i've been meaning to explore LibreOffice Presenter more
colonelqubit: in fact, he's the reason I've stuck around so long :-)
colonelqubit: Okay, let's get down to that agenda
colonelqubit: Feel free to follow-along at home via Etherpad, as usual:

----> Ideas about Outreach and Education
colonelqubit: Before the meeting, Phil and I had a great chat about LibreOffice outreach and education
colonelqubit: when I was at Texas LinuxFest I had a request from some teachers for more documentation/educational materials
colonelqubit: Phil suggested that we look into Moodle, and perhaps hold a contest to kick-start the creation of LibreOffice modules
colonelqubit: He also suggested that we collect 'LibreOffice stories' -- user experiences, notes on how they first started using LibreOffice, or what fun things they do with it
Phil____: Is it okay for TDF to hold a crowdfunding project to raise money for contest awards?
colonelqubit: Phil____: that's a question for Joel :-)
Phil____: Someone out there has an incredible LibreOffice story. We need to hunt it down and collect the details.
Phil____: We should maybe be inviting some of the Free Geek organization folks to our meetings, too.
colonelqubit: We can't use TDF funds for contest awards, AFAIK, but perhaps if we had donations
colonelqubit: Phil____: I sat down with one of the FreeGeek folks last time I was in Portland. Interesting people
jmadero: I'll have to approach the board with such an idea. But we do have access to funds that can pay for such things
jmadero: outside of TDF
jmadero: my fear is holding crowdsourcing diverts money from TDF core
jmadero: people might think "I donated for gifts, why should I donate to TDF"
Phil____: i totally love what the Free Geeks folks are doing in Portland and in Chicago.
jmadero: and we currently have enough funds for the immediate future for "prizes and rewards"
Phil____: i partcipate in a Googlegroup called Refurbishers
colonelqubit: Phil____: Unfortunately FreeGeek is moving their infra away from FOSS to Google hosted email, docs, etc..
colonelqubit: well, at least the mothership is
colonelqubit: I'll see them again at OSCON in a week, and I'm going to try again to see if we can get some mojo working between us
Phil____: i was telling robinson, there is a very excellent linux screencasting program VokoScreen
Phil____: it's from Germany. it could be used to explain LibreOffice stuff.
Phil____: I'd love to see public libraries have a screencasting laptop they lend out with Linux, VokoScreen and LibreOffice
Phil____: And maybe a logitech clearchat USB headset -- for best quality audio.
immanuel_: are we on the agenda now or is this small talk and intros?
jmadero: lol should be on agenda ;-)
Phil____: whoops, sorry - mea cullpa.
jmadero: colonelqubit might get out his whip soon
jmadero: colonelqubit: if it's okay that we start with hackfest
colonelqubit: I was going to let Phil____ riff for a while -- he's new, and has some interesting ideas
jmadero: then move on to other topics?
jmadero: sure - no problem
jmadero: Phil____: we small talk all the time in #libreoffice-qa
jmadero: lots of people to share a virtual beer/soda with
colonelqubit: So we've chatted together
colonelqubit: immanuel_: we'll return to your idea of promotion to local civic hacking groups after the hackfest stuff

----> Boston Summer Hackfest
immanuel_: so the hackfest is the weekend next week
colonelqubit: Indeed, indeed
colonelqubit: Who here is going to attend?

* colonelqubit raises his hand
* jmadero raises hand

immanuel_: sorry the irc didnt autoscroll
Algot: Algot plans to be there
immanuel_: alright, so at PorcFest, I met these two awesome guys from Maine. and they had a mobile hacking unit
jmadero: Algot: "/me"

* jmadero testing testing

colonelqubit: immanuel_: go on
immanuel_: they hacked an ambulance truck and converted it to a mobile hacking unit
immanuel_: they had tv screens, and spare laptops, etc - they even recorded some radio talk shows
immanuel_: anyways, i told them about the hackfest
colonelqubit: awesome.
immanuel_: and i think there's some people from Maine who want to come down
immanuel_: i tried to edit the wiki page myself but the internet was really bad
colonelqubit: jmadero: so that answers the question "What will we do if we have more people than can fit in the Xamarin space" :-)
immanuel_: so there's a few linux clubs in ME, MA, NH and RI
colonelqubit: Right
colonelqubit: So the venue is a little smaller than I had hoped for
immanuel_: and maybe VT but it's far
jmadero: and just so I can be blunt and forward, IMHO we need to try to encourage at least 3-5 new developers to come
colonelqubit: we're looking at maybe 12-15 people that the venue said they could host, although if more show up I'll figure out something
jmadero: so we should try to save 3-5 spots for those

* colonelqubit nods

jmadero: we have one of our top developers joining, it would be great for him to have some fresh blood to introduce to our millions of lines of code :-D
immanuel_: ok what kind of devs?
jmadero: people who know at least a little bit of C++ and are interested in hacking at the code
colonelqubit: I'll make a set of numbered spaces on the wiki page, and designate 5 of them for people interesting in hacking on LibreOffice

- jphilipz has joined the room
* colonelqubit hi-fives jphilipz

immanuel_: ok so mainly c++ ? was there talk of some python too?
colonelqubit: jphilipz: you coming to the Summer Hackfest?

* jphilipz hi tens colonelqubit

immanuel_: boston has a good python community
jmadero: immanuel_: yeah there's some limited python
colonelqubit: immanuel_: Indeed, indeed
jmadero: vast majority is C++
jmadero: then some java, some python
jmadero: trying to purge java
colonelqubit: we have a couple of projects in Python. Aaaaactually

- jphilipz - jmadero - 

jmadero: yeah we do have some for sure ;-)
jphilipz: colonelqubit: i live in the middle east and i dont think i can get there in time by care :-)
jmadero: and if we get 3-5 who say they prefer/only use python
jmadero: we can tell Michael Meeks that
jmadero: and he can try to get a task or two for the weekend
jmadero: where at the end of the weekend we can do some PR
immanuel_: c++ is kind of old, i don't know how to reach those
colonelqubit: jmadero: i'm going to ping moggi about that. He had some stuff for me a while ago re: testing and such
jmadero: about how an awesome group of new people did something cool in 48 hours
jmadero: yeah for sure
jmadero: maybe dig through some enhancement requests

- jphilipz has left the room ("Leaving")

jmadero: immanuel_: yeah c++ is old but it's versatile
colonelqubit: So just to stay on track, we should try to make sure that we have 3-5 people who are interested in hacking in C++ on LibreOffice
jmadero: or python ;-)
colonelqubit: right.
jmadero: I think we can get two days worth of python only work :-D
colonelqubit: I'll make an action item for me
jmadero: or even java....

* jmadero gasps

jmadero: mmeeks will punch me if he hears that I said that
colonelqubit: ugggh
colonelqubit: So let's go through the list
colonelqubit: Venue is Xamarin
colonelqubit: Here's teh address:
colonelqubit: I think it's close to a T stop, which is convenient
immanuel_: sorry but can you give me another example of app that uses C++ so i can try to cross-reference some meetup groups around Boston?
colonelqubit: no idea about parking in the area, but I'll try to update that section of the event page about it
colonelqubit: immanuel_: Blender....Gnome...linux kernel
jmadero: immanuel_: essentially every large project
colonelqubit: (okay, last one was j/k)
jmadero: million lines +
jmadero: what is linux kernel in?
colonelqubit: C
jmadero: lol
jmadero: basically the same thing
jmadero: well...
jmadero: not really
jmadero: ;-)
colonelqubit: And don't try to write support scripts in bash. Tsk, tsk, tsk
immanuel_: c# ?
colonelqubit: Tomboy was written in that
colonelqubit: Algot: you said that you can bring a monitor and projector?
immanuel_: javascript %
immanuel_: ?
Algot: Yes, can and will.
jmadero: are we naming all the lame programming languages?
jmadero: :-D
jmadero: fortran
colonelqubit: Algot: cool, the venue might have one, but it's definitely good to have backup (or so we can set up two :-)
Algot: Printer needed?
jmadero: nah
colonelqubit: I don't think we'll need a printer
jmadero: I doubt it
colonelqubit: I'll have my conference kit, so that means big markers and paper, if we need to make signs, etc..
jmadero: well
jmadero: let's think a minute
jmadero: if we're doing marketing material
colonelqubit: jmadero: I just realized that the conference kit is basically a larger version of what I carry in my backpack...
jmadero: so let's actually discuss what we can do in 48 hours
colonelqubit: jmadero: sure. Let's get through this list first, ok?
jmadero: Algot, immanuel_ - can we introduce you to some QA stuff
jmadero: sure, sorry
Algot: QA OK
jmadero: let's get through Robinson's list
colonelqubit: I think we can definitely attract several people to the hackfest, so bodies will be fine
jmadero: then I'll tag on what I think :-D
colonelqubit: My biggest concern is to have programmers there
jmadero: ditto
jmadero: minimum 3-5, we have 1, would be really nice to have 2-3 confirmed in the next week
colonelqubit: I'll cook up an invite email with joel tonight, and we'll send it out to the us-marketing list so you can all reuse it
colonelqubit: (Editor's note: okay, I'll just use the IRC log instead of Etherpad...much easier :-)
immanuel_: im updating the wiki
colonelqubit: So, will anyone here need lodging?
immanuel_: how many slots do we have max?
jmadero: 15
Algot: I will commute from home..
jmadero: if we get over that, I mean we'll figure it out, but really the venue is for 12
colonelqubit: Yep, I hope to draw-in a few MIT students, who can just subway over
colonelqubit: So everyone knows, Joel is in charge of housing, so if you need a room, email him
colonelqubit: jmadero: that good?
jmadero: yup, the sooner the better
jmadero: I'm aiming for within a couple miles of the venue
jmadero: else, near subway
jmadero: 2 to a room to save some money
immanuel_: Robinson, i want to start drafting some invitations for python groups in new england - what time should they arrive on Friday evening? what time do we get the room i mean
jmadero: so currently I see the need for 2 rooms
immanuel_: i can stay at the hostel :-)
jmadero: immanuel_: hostel's are okay but not as safe
immanuel_: lifetime member :-)
jmadero: I mean we'll pay for a hostel
jmadero: but we'll have a hotel if you want to bunk with us
colonelqubit: immanuel_: So the plan is to have the room(s) on Saturday and Sunday
jmadero: we'll likely be out late ;-)
jmadero: well Friday night through Sunday afternoon yes?
jmadero: I land 6pm on Friday
colonelqubit: Sorry, Sat/Sunday is when we'll have the Venue Rooms
colonelqubit: hotel we'll have Friday -> Sunday
immanuel_: i would want to leave no later than 2pm Sunday
immanuel_: it's a 6 hours drive for me
jmadero: immanuel_: yeah no worries
jmadero: I'm leaving also around then
jmadero: I have a 7 hour flight
immanuel_: and i wake up at crazy hours 5am
jmadero: :-D
jmadero: we can put you to work early
colonelqubit: immanuel_: regarding invite notes, let me chat with joel about the wording
immanuel_: i'll be there on Friday around 9pm if im lucky but i think people should get there around 6pm if there's someone to welcome them
immanuel_: ok colonelqubit
jmadero: I think colonelqubit will be first one there
jmadero: anyone there can head out to grab some food
colonelqubit: because we already have....7 people signed up, my suggestion would be for us to focus on the Boston area
jmadero: just a heads up, TDF will pay for some but not all stuff
jmadero: Friday night dinner out likely on the person attending
jmadero: I'll have to verify that
colonelqubit: Yes, I'll be taking a redeye in from OSCON, arriving Friday morning
jmadero: Sat. breakfast, lunch, dinner on TDF
jmadero: plus hotel on TDF
colonelqubit: Sun breakfast/lunch, too, I believe
jmadero: yes
jmadero: ;-)
Algot: Will truck in the projector etc. Sat AM
jmadero: sounds good, Friday night will likely be just chit chat
jmadero: since officially it starts Sat. morning
colonelqubit: Just to touch back on attendance, because we have size limitations, I'd suggest that we focus on people in the Boston area
jmadero: sure - if we can get the people from the area it would be best
colonelqubit: I'm really hopeful that we'll be full-up, and maybe even a bit bursting at the seams, and can make a good case for having a larger event in 2015

* colonelqubit is totally learning how to run these things as he goes

jmadero: immanuel_: when you're reaching out, say limited seating, but maybe sign up somewhere and we'll keep them in the loop about future events
jmadero: which we hope to do 1 per quarter in the US
jmadero: at least 1-2 in the North East
colonelqubit: Having a hackfest around the time of a conference can be a really good idea. I was thinking about running a mini-hackfest around libreplanet 2015 (usually in March)
colonelqubit: that's the FSF's annual conference in boston
immanuel_: im not sure if we should mixup libreplanet with hackfest
immanuel_: more like Free Document Day
jmadero: let's deal with that as it gets closer ;-)
jmadero: first is to nail this one down
colonelqubit: Indeed
immanuel_: there's half-dozen python groups
jmadero: ideally 15 people, 5 devs, lots of talk about marketing, QA, and development
jmadero: free food and cool people
colonelqubit: As joel pointed out, ignore the current schedule -- we'll start later than 8am, don't worry :-P
jmadero: that's our selling point ;-)
jmadero: plus perhaps the largest open source project on the planet (don't quote me on that)
colonelqubit: That's about it. Oh -- if you have specific food requirements, please list them on the wiki page by your name
immanuel_: good food good people good times
colonelqubit: jmadero: I'm going to turn that thing into a table...

 colonelqubit: ACTION: Turn attendee list into a table w/name, t-shirt size, dietary requirements, etc..

jmadero: no let's hide dietary
jmadero: else I'll have an impossible menu
colonelqubit: okay, fine
jmadero: "only fish" "no fish" "20% fish" "only lobster"
jmadero: ;-)
colonelqubit: SPAM SPAM eggs and SPAM
jmadero: haha
jmadero: I probably will be pickiest eater

Hackfest: T-shirt
colonelqubit: Okay, now it's that time you've been waiting for: T-shirts!
colonelqubit: we have two marvelous t-shirt designs
immanuel_: we should invite students from Boston university too, they have a LUG
colonelqubit: but only one can win
colonelqubit: immanuel_: Boston uni students would be great -- do you know someone in the lug?
colonelqubit: I vaguely remember talking to someone (I'll have to check my mail archives)
colonelqubit: Everyone gets to cast a vote -- which one do you like?
colonelqubit: P.S. you can click on the shirt images to get a large picture
jmadero: walrus for me ;-)
Algot: Walrus
colonelqubit: Phil____, immanuel_ ?
immanuel_: im still scouting
immanuel_: we need to be here:
immanuel_: this is all the events in Boston
colonelqubit: oh, cool -- that's like the calgator
colonelqubit: (Portland, OR calendar aggregator thingy)
jmadero: immanuel_: we have an event wiki - goal would be to add every event to our wiki
jmadero: and keep it up to date annually, then we pick and choose where to go
jmadero: ideally we have a group in every region that can go for cheap
jmadero: vs. me flying from CA to the east coast ;-)
jmadero: not to say I won't enjoy it, just costly
immanuel_: Boston LUG has their annual BBQ on Saturday, but they could come Sunday morning
jmadero: so it's this core group's "job" to build these local communities
colonelqubit: immanuel_: that would be great
immanuel_: PyLadies have their meeting on Sunday, but they could come on Saturday
jmadero: if they are devs, let's try to get them a build before they come
immanuel_: we just need to know how to market ourservels
jmadero: so they can start right up with the fun stuff
colonelqubit: jmadero: so do you think we should add the hackfest to the Bugc thing, or?
colonelqubit: I'm just thinking that the spots are limited...
jmadero: sure, if we can be clear that it's first come first serve :-)
jmadero: yes
jmadero: if we can't be clear about that, then no
jmadero: I'd hate to have 30 show up
colonelqubit: I want to wait until we have a bigger venue
jmadero: and be like "um....sorry"
jmadero: sure
jmadero: we basically have 8-11 spots open
jmadero: hopefully 4-5 for devs
jmadero: so we have 3-5 for "other" meaning marketing, documentation, translation, design, QA
immanuel_: I have a Boston University LUG contact
colonelqubit: immanuel_: awesome
colonelqubit: I'll get you a note about inviting people, with a strong emphasis on programmers (at least for this event)

- Phil____ has disconnected (Quit: Page closed)

colonelqubit: jmadero: remind me to hack on that with you right after this meeting
immanuel_: i'll start making a list of people to email
colonelqubit: Okay, so back to the agenda: T-shirt?
jmadero: colonelqubit: sounds good, I have until 7:45ish
immanuel_: i don't have a immanuel@libreoffice address so do you want me to be sending the invites?
jmadero: immanuel_: yeah you can, no problems there
colonelqubit: immanuel_: yeah, that's totally fine
jmadero: immanuel_: are you a member of TDF?
immanuel_: re t-shirts, i like the green one
colonelqubit: Okay, so WALRUS it is

 T-shirt chosen: 'Hacking for software independence'/Walrus design (Robinson)

immanuel_: jmadero: im not a member, ive been trying for over a year but i dont know how
immanuel_: i need two sponsors or whatever
colonelqubit: immanuel_: joel and I will walk you through the process at the hackfest!
jmadero: immanuel_:
jmadero: :-D

 colonelqubit: ACTION: Help immanuel apply for TDF membership at the hackfest (Joel, Robinson)

jmadero: you can use myself and Qubit as references
immanuel_: :-)
immanuel_: well I have Sophie as a reference too
colonelqubit: Quick semi-scientific poll for t-shirt sizes: What do you guys wear?
jmadero: good, you're set then
jmadero: god I hate this
colonelqubit: Size Large
jmadero: flip a coin
jmadero: let me check my other one
Algot: 3xl
immanuel_: hmm i dont know like M or L depends on the fabric
jmadero: the other one was a bit tight
colonelqubit: jmadero: the green one, or the milan one?
colonelqubit: (the europe shirts are noticeably smaller)
jmadero: both were a bit tight actually
jmadero: maybe let's go....medium
jmadero: let's get about 5 more than we need
jmadero: 2 mediums, 3 larges extra
colonelqubit: Okay, so we have {M, M/L, L, 3XL}
jmadero: maybe 2, 2, 1
jmadero: or 1,2,2,1?
jmadero: I dunno
jmadero: extras
colonelqubit: yeah, I'll get a few extras. I need to send a couple of shirts to the folks who helped out at the booth at TXLF too, so if we need those shirts, then I can send them shirts from the next batch of 'regular' shirts I make up
jmadero: maybe 10 extras then
jmadero: we'll have the funds
colonelqubit: Yeah, shirts should hopefully be a couple hundred. A little more for 3-color
colonelqubit: Cool. Shirts done
colonelqubit: That's all I have for the hackfest -- anyone else?
Algot: Not from me

Logo use
immanuel_: colonelqubit: check it out LibreOffice logo found here
immanuel_: scroll down
jmadero: so for tentative schedule, just quick brainstorm, I'll go first
jmadero: ;-)
jmadero: morning around 9ish breakfast and mingling
jmadero: I'd like to do an overview of the project
jmadero: a quick "what are all the teams"
colonelqubit: immanuel_: yeah, nice!
jmadero: kind of to say "anything helps"
jmadero: anyone can help*
jmadero: introductions of our team along with Michael
colonelqubit: immanuel_: (technically, they should probably be using the one w/o the 'TDF' sub-title, but I'm not going to bug joel about such things right now)
jmadero: ....dammit
jmadero: lol
immanuel_: lol
jmadero: but - I very much doubt anyone on the board would throw a fit about that
jmadero: anyways
jmadero: I'd like to do a bit more in depth about QA
immanuel_: ok 9am breakfast
jmadero: since that's Robinson's and my area
jmadero: well Robinson is everywhere
jmadero: but my area mostly
colonelqubit: Yep
Algot: I'll contact Dick Miller abt logo. I'm in that group.
jmadero: he can email me
jmadero: and I can get a quick +1 from the board
jmadero: I'd like to half a round table about the struggles and ideas for penetrating US market
jmadero: since it's a lot harder than Europe
jmadero: for that it'd be great to have Charlie on a video line
jmadero: then I'd like to do a few hours of work
jmadero: with lunch
jmadero: devs can hack
jmadero: we can do other stuff - I'll likely be triaging and bibisecting
jmadero: oh yeah I'll do a quick bibisect tutorial
jmadero: those are essentially my ideas :-D others welcome
colonelqubit: immanuel_: logo w/o subline is here:
jmadero: I'm hoping to convince a few people to help out with QA, even with our team growing
colonelqubit: That sounds good
jmadero: we're hardly staying afloat
jmadero: ~220 bugs reported a week
jmadero: oh also just a general talk about what you all think our weaknesses are
jmadero: if there are general areas where we are "falling behind"
colonelqubit: So I think that Michael will take the programmer types over to hack on C++ and python for most of the time
jmadero: yeah I think so also
jmadero: I figure that'll be 10+ hours over the 2 days
jmadero: if there are 5 of them, they can get something cool done with that kind of time
colonelqubit: For everyone else, I think that it would be good to give them (as you said) an intro to some of our teams
colonelqubit: then we can ask them what they're interested in doing
jmadero: yeah for sure
jmadero: and any experience they have
jmadero: (fine if you have none, I had 0 when I joined)
jmadero: now I have like 0.01% experience
jmadero: and pretend like I'm an expert
colonelqubit: I have specific logo needs, for example, so if they just want to jump in and start making shit up, then that's +1000 from me
Algot: "Fake it 'till you make it."
jmadero: basically
jmadero: that's my life ;-)
colonelqubit: that's basically every awesome artist I know
jmadero: so other ideas - please add to wiki
colonelqubit: some of them went from 'fake' to 'master' in about 3rd grade, but.... :-)
jmadero: oh yeah - compiling a 1-3 year todo list
jmadero: would be cool
colonelqubit: put your ideas under
colonelqubit: jmadero: 1-3 year roadmap?
jmadero: for the US - can be very broad
jmadero: like "compile a list of events in the US and try to attend at least 4 per year"
jmadero: "next year have at least 2 hackfests, followed by 4 the next year"
colonelqubit: yeah, that would be good
colonelqubit: redmine might be able to help
colonelqubit: jmadero: did you want to do that AT the hackfest, or?
jmadero: I think at least a roundtable quick talk
jmadero: since the next in person could be 6-7 months away
colonelqubit: roadmap quick talk?
colonelqubit: Yeah, sounds good
jmadero: yeah
colonelqubit: we can definitely do that as a part of the Outreach/Marketing stuff
colonelqubit: which I'm supposed to talk about in Bern...
jmadero: ;-)

* colonelqubit is confused about what talks he's giving... there are  a feewww

colonelqubit: one of them is with this horrible guy. can't stand him
jmadero: haha

* Algot Early morning catching up to me...

colonelqubit: it's okay, I'll get him to write the whole talk. that's what board members do, I think

* Algot Early morning again tomorrow.

jmadero: okay I think I'm done
jmadero: and we have a general idea - please put ideas and what not on the wiki
immanuel_: so according to the wiki, there's 7 of us confirmed /15 and we want 3-5 devs/8 remaining spots ?
jmadero: so 3-5 devs, 8-#newdevs for other spots
immanuel_: ?
colonelqubit: #newdevs?
jmadero: # of new devs
colonelqubit: (8 - #of-new-devs)
jmadero: so if we get 3 new devs, we'd have 5 other spots
jmadero: okay for me, Algot have a great night
immanuel_: could they connect remotely? will there be stuff to be done if they're not in person?
jmadero: thanks for contributing
jmadero: looking forward to working with you
jmadero: immanuel_: yeah we can manage that
immanuel_: i wish we could broadcast US-wide
colonelqubit: Algot: if we have some attendees interested in inkscape, perhaps you could give them an intro?
colonelqubit: Get them working on some materials for outreach?
jmadero: well.....I use google hangout, if others are using it, we can do a public room
colonelqubit: immanuel_: sooooon, soooon :-)
Algot: Can do a cheap Inkscape intro.
jmadero: that means at least 9 videos
colonelqubit: ?
jmadero: I'll setup my system with google hangout - so if people want to connect via video
jmadero: and are okay using google
colonelqubit: ah, okay, I see
jmadero: Michael can surely so something with people remotely
colonelqubit: SWAG
jmadero: and Moggi will be available on IRC
jmadero: as might Kohei

----> Swag: Brochures and Stickers
colonelqubit: just a quick update for everyone -- I've printed some Community brochures and some i-heart-libreoffice and i-heart-open-formats/DLP stickers
jmadero: +1
jmadero: immanuel_: and from QA side, I've helped train at least 5-10 people with QA stuff via IRC
jmadero: and QA includes some dev stuff
jmadero: Reisi might be on part of the time to try to get a developer or two to help him with Bibisect GUI
colonelqubit: assuming that the printers get them to me properly, i'll be bringing them to the hackfest and we can send everyone home with a T-shirt, some brochures, and stickers to hand out at their LUG, to their friends, etc...
jmadero: awesome
colonelqubit: Right now the Design team is really small, and we've been having some problems finding enough time to prep and update our printed materials
immanuel_: only reason im asking is because this is our first and only event in North America in 2014
jmadero: immanuel_: sure, we can manage, get them in this IRC room
immanuel_: so there might be people from all over the place who can't hop on a plane on 1 week notice to be there and we only have 8 spots available
jmadero: we'll have links to google hangout
colonelqubit: So one of my goals for the hackfest is to see if we can find some people who can really help us revamp our brochures and stickers, ec..
jmadero: and we can arrange something
jmadero: colonelqubit: yeah, artists are needed
jmadero: our design and marketing teams need help
jmadero: as does QA, and developers ;-)
immanuel_: jmadero: awesome
jmadero: for millions of lines of code, it's amazing how small our teams are

----> Recap of OSB/TXLF
colonelqubit: Oh, and I said last time that I'd give a recap of Open Source Bridge.
colonelqubit: So quickly -- so you all can go -- I went to Texas Linux Fest and then to Open Source Bridge (Portland)
colonelqubit: I've had further contact with a couple people who were at TXLF, and Austin definitely is a strong location for a hackfest in 2015
colonelqubit: Because our venue might be a hackspace, we could probably have a lot more than 15 people
jmadero: :-D, so let's say our potential is 320 million people
jmadero: find us a venue
colonelqubit: heh
colonelqubit: Texas is a nice place, and the BBQ is totally awesome
jmadero: ...rub it in my face
jmadero: asshole
jmadero: I doubt they'll accomodate my needs
colonelqubit: during TXLF, Austin hosted some kind of biker week
colonelqubit: and they shut down a big street, and there were Harley's outside every hotel... Hampton Inn, Hilton, you name it
colonelqubit: interested juxtaposition
colonelqubit: Open Source Bridge is a very different conference.

* Algot Going...
* colonelqubit waves

colonelqubit: Lots of people who aren't programmers, but a number of very skilled programmers as well

* Algot ...going...

jmadero: take it easy Algot
jmadero: see you in 2 weeks

- Algot has left the room ("Gone")

colonelqubit: lots of opportunities for people to hold side-chats, and lots of people talking about various issues with FOSS, including
jmadero: what happened to Phil?
colonelqubit: jmadero: he left... perhaps got tired, too :-)
jmadero: :-D
colonelqubit: * Organization of projects

  • Inclusivity
  • Community mangement

jmadero: niiice
colonelqubit: Also, a totally sweet talk about fire-fighting (like, literal forest fire-fighting) during the unconference
colonelqubit: the tl;dr there was: Sometimes...much of the time... you just have to let the fire burn

- rkazak has joined the room

colonelqubit: Anyhow, I met a number of interesting people from various orgs, including Internet Archive and Mozilla
jmadero: yeah I can iimagine
jmadero: we have some nasty fires here
jmadero: awesome, it's good for us to be networking
colonelqubit: I hope to chat with those people further about some of their tools that we're using, plus what new tools they have that WE can use
jmadero: awesome
jmadero: colonelqubit: okay should we have our other discussion before my dinner is ready
colonelqubit: For example, it's really easy for us to throw all of our LibreOffice talk videos up [on]
jmadero: Bhavani is making us a mexican feast :-D
rkazak: Yea, why re-invent the wheel…
colonelqubit: awesome. We always have mexican food for x-mas dinner
jmadero: ah, we do Chinese for xmas eve

* colonelqubit thinks it must be something to do w/my parents being from so-cal...

jmadero: actually we shifted a couple years ago to Mediterranean
jmadero: and tried a tofurkey last Thanksgiving
jmadero: horrible idea
immanuel_: it's getting late
jmadero: immanuel_: yeah :-)
colonelqubit: yep
jmadero: I think we're done
colonelqubit: Okay, that's all from me

----> Invite note
jmadero: colonelqubit: but you wanted to talk to me about one more thing?
colonelqubit: Work your contacts. Talk to people about the event, and get excited
jmadero: yup yup - immanuel_ keep me in the loop with #'s
jmadero: and anyone who needs a hotel
colonelqubit: 2 days of hell. I mean, 2 days of awesome
colonelqubit: jmadero: yep, let's chat about invites

* colonelqubit points over to the Etherpaaad

immanuel_: colonelqubit: can you touch base with me when you're done, just send me a text message to let me know when you can send me the invite outline, and i'll post it on a dozen meetups for groups in northeast
colonelqubit: immanuel_: yep, will do :-)
jmadero: colonelqubit: link to ether
jmadero: I'll bookmark this time
jmadero: promise

 colonelqubit: ACTION: Text immanuel when invite is done (Robinson)

colonelqubit: jmadero:
immanuel_: we might get lucky and find those 3-5 c++/python/java devs
jmadero: it seems like it's possible
colonelqubit: (3 - 5) = -2
immanuel_: text so i know to check my emails because Robinson's emails never end up in my inbox :-(
immanuel_: good night
colonelqubit: immanuel_: do they end up in spam?
jmadero: night immanuel_

* colonelqubit sighs

immanuel_: also to let me know about the t-shirts, you wanted me to pick them up
immanuel_: and i'll let you know if i have somewhere to stay but unlikely as i realized it's an hour out of Boston, so not practical
jmadero: immanuel_: no worries, we have the funds
jmadero: they're approved and we're way under budget
jmadero: so long as you'll share a room;-)
immanuel_: gmail is messed up because all my email about open source stuff get tagged OPEN and don't go to my inbox
immanuel_: ok im out
immanuel_: colonelqubit: you have my # if you need to talk voice
colonelqubit: immanuel_: Yeah, I'll confirm with them once they're printed. It's Big Green T's in Lebanon -- so not West Leb where we ate at Yama's, but the other side of Lebanon
immanuel_: the other side of Lebanon, lol, ok just send the zipcode :-)
immanuel_: bye

- immanuel_ has disconnected (Quit: Page closed)

jmadero: so colonelqubit the points I'd say - limited space, huge international project, open source, friendly people, great for learning how to cooperate/team building, etc..., lots of projects, all different types of skills appreciated
jmadero: this is a hackfest/community get together
jmadero: point to the wiki and say "first to sign up get the slots"
jmadero: sorry dinner is nearly done ;-)
jmadero: colonelqubit: if you want I can write up some text tonight/tomorrow
jmadero: and shoot it your way
colonelqubit: jmadero: yeah, I'll start to stub-in some stuff, then maybe you can read over it after dinner?
colonelqubit: We'll want to get the wiki page all cleaned up before we point people at it

* colonelqubit is going to go get some food, too

colonelqubit: Okay, done at roughly 10:30
jmadero: colonelqubit: sounds perfect, I'll await an email (or should I check etherpad)?
jmadero: and I will checkout the wiki tomorrow after work
jmadero: Bhavani is out tomorrow night so I'll be glued to the screen
jmadero: okay off for dinner

* jmadero waves
- jmadero is now known as fooding


  • How is everyone?
  • Introductions
  • Immanuel wants to add to the agenda: 'Promotion to "local civic hacking groups" and "local Linux clubs" '
    • Touched-on briefly at June 25 Meeting (Perhaps Immanuel can say more in next call)

Completed Action Items

Outstanding Action Items

  • ACTION: Robinson will ask Design Team for help w/icons for TDF, LO, and DLP (including guidelines)
    • Asked for help; only heard back from K-J
  • ACTION: Algot/Robinson will refresh our existing designs and the DFD "open standards" leaflet in preparation for printing
    • TODO: Check-in w/Algot (Inkscape/SVG troubles)

File:Lo-document-freedom.pdf draft remake of DocumentFreedomDay flier. Lo-document-freedom-draft.svg Editable SVG (Inkscape)

  • ACTION: Check with local librarians abt. LO on computers (For all to do).
    • April 18 - Checked w/a couple Librarians. They didn't even know about it -- gave them pamphlet and stickers. (Robinson)
    • TODO: Move this ACTION item to a general methods of outreach list/wiki page.


  • We have a state-by-state roster of our team members
    • Please add your name/contact info so we can get in touch
    • Having local contacts makes outreach possible
  • No newcomers


  • ACTION: Robinson and Morgan will set up Facebook and G+ accounts for LibreOffice US Community
    • June 25 - Touched-base w/Morgan. Will work more on Facebook in coming days
  • ACTION: Morgan will take point on social media presence/alerts
    • After setting-up, go to user list to build-up a presence
  • What's new since last month?


  • Current status
  • [1/2] Shirts -> Immanuel for PorcFest

Sample Talks/Videos

  • ACTION: Immanuel/Robinson (w/help from Italo/Charles) will prepare basic talks (Slides, Talking points) and a couple of example videos
    • These will be helpful for people doing outreach, giving short talks, etc.
  • ACTION: Charlie will proof/review these talks/materials

Events Box

  • ACTION: Joel/Robinson will assemble the parts for v1.0 of the US Events Box
  • PENS
    • DLP - Working on sticker design
    • LibreOffice - Need to resize sticker design
  • Will check out projectors @ Best Buy as an in-person test (Robinson)



  • ACTION: Round-up contact info from educators and get them in touch with Charlie (Robinson)
  • ACTION: Joel will check w/Mmeeks re: tutorials and other pieces for introductory marketing/outreach
  • Recap of Open Source Bridge (Robinson)
  • Possible Hackfests
    • Seattle, WA - After SeaGL in October 2014 (Some developer interest)
    • Austin, TX - Possibly spring of 2015 (Interested sponsors and venue)
    • Portland, OR - Sometime in 2015 ( sponsoring CLS this year -- perhaps hackfest in 2015?)
  • Event calendar for the US/Help with upcoming events:
    • OSCON 2014 (Portland, OR) - July 20-24 (Sun-Thu) - Have 4 helpers lined-up!
    • US Summer Hackfest (Boston, MA) - July 26-27 (Sat-Sun) -
    • FOSSCON Philadelphia, PA Saturday, August 9th, 2014 at the Franklin Institute - 222 N 20th St, Philadelphia, PA 19103 -
    • Fossetcon (Orlando, FL) - September 11-13 (Thu-Sat) - Could use a couple helpers!
    • All Things Open Raleigh, NC - Oct 22 and 23
    • SeaGL (Seattle, WA) - October 24-25 (Fri-Sat) -- Could use a couple helpers!

US Summer Hackfest

This will be our primary US event for the year...

  • ACTION: Robinson/Immanuel/Morgan will work on securing venue (MIT Stata preferred?) before June 25 meeting
    • SIPB contacted. Some interest, but nobody stepping up to be the SIPB member in charge;
      • Because of summer/term change time, they're concerned about low student turnout.
      • Got a suggestion re; some other MIT groups
  • ACTION: Joel/Robinson/chicken - Arrange for t-shirts for US Summer Hackfest
    • June 23 - Have two good designs now. Still interest in contest? (Robinson)
    • Hold contest for t-shirt design? Winner gets something special (t-shirt?) (giftcard?)
    • Estimate: $290 for 25 single-color; $370 for 25 2-color
    • If we order ~100, could be ~$9/shirt
  • ACTION: Joel will arrange contest for T-shirt design
  • We have a venue! We'll be at Xamarin
  • ACTION: Set up 5 designated spaces at the hackfest for people who want to learn how to hack on LibreOffice (C++ and/or Python) (Robinson)


  • Recruitment and Growth: Buddy-system: Who are you going to bring to the meeting next time?
  • Recap of lunch with Phil Shapiro (Charlie)
  • Closing thoughts



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