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The US Marketing Team has meetings...hopefully monthly.

Next Meeting/Upcoming Meetings

  • We're planning to have IRC Meetings every month, announced (hopefully) at least a week ahead of time.
  • There's no default day/time at the moment.

Here's a quick link to the upcoming meetings

And meetings we've had:

What happens in US Outreach/Marketing Meetings?

  • We discuss marketing and outreach in the US
  • And Canada (because they have a much smaller team than us right now)

How to prepare yourself for a US Marketing Meeting

  • Many topics we will discuss have been raised on the mailing list already. Please have a look at them, to stay up to date on recent activities.
  • Join our IRC channel #libreoffice-us IRC:// ahead of time, and say hi.
  • (We don't yet have an Etherpad, but when we do...) Open up our Etherpad to follow the agenda (feel free to fix typos in this collaborative editor!)


Most of our meetings will be on IRC, because it's an easy medium, and allows people to join, even in a noisy room. It also makes taking minutes much easier :-)


Minutes are much easier in an IRC chat than in a phone/videochat meeting, but should be recorded regardless of our meeting format.

  • Minutes should be recorded and added to the wiki page for the meeting
  • Minutes should include
    • The Chair (the person who lead the meeting)
    • The Secretary (the person who took/formatted the minutes)
    • Who was present (Full name + any official role/title)
    • A summary of the meeting

A link to the meeting page should be emailed to our mailing list once the meeting is complete and the minutes have been added to the page.

Meeting Agenda

The current Meeting Agenda is short and sweet:

  1. Pending Action Items
  2. New Action Items

Meetings by Year

Minutes and Agendas from our meetings are arranged by year:

Planning For A New Meeting

  • Figure out a date/time for the meeting (using, a FOSS clone of, can be helpful)
  • Email out the date/time of the meeting, along with a link to the meeting page