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Meeting of the US Community

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Date and Time Poll (available soon)

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Date and Time 2014-06-09 20:30 EST/EDT (click for your time zone)
Chair Robinson Tryon





Robinson, Joel, Charlie, Algot

IRC (Freenode) #libreoffice-us connect via webchat
Video Chat (WebRTC)
(Firefox unsupported)
Etherpad libreoffice-us


  • Our next meeting will be a videochat using WebRTC (video optional)
  • We'll also try to find a permanent time so we don't need to have a poll each month
  • Remember to ping Joel/Charlie/Marketing list after we get definite date and time set



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  • How is everyone?
  • Introductions

Completed Action Items

  • [DONE] ACTION: Add Immanuel to the Venue-selecting team... :-)

Outstanding Action Items

  • ACTION: Robinson will ask Design Team for help w/icons for TDF, LO, and DLP (including guidelines)
  • ACTION: Algot/Robinson will refresh our existing designs and the DFD "open standards" leaflet in preparation for printing
    • TODO: Check-in w/Algot (Inkscape/SVG troubles)
  • ACTION: Check with local librarians abt. LO on computers (For all to do).
    • April 18 - Checked w/a couple Librarians. They didn't even know about it -- gave them pamphlet and stickers. (Robinson)
  • Need to ping the Design Team again re: marketing materials
  • Algot had continuing issues opening the SVG sources in Inkscape


  • We have a state-by-state roster of our team members
    • Please add your name/contact info so we can get in touch
    • Having local contacts makes outreach possible


  • ACTION: Robinson and Morgan will set up Facebook and G+ accounts for LibreOffice US Community
  • ACTION: Morgan will take point on social media presence/alerts
    • After setting-up, go to user list to build-up a presence
  • Website should be up before July event
  • What content would we like to have on the site?
    • Point to our hackfest
    • Getting involved? Maybe local contacts for some hands-on help? (Robinson)
  • Significant uphill battles in education to adopt FOSS (Charlie)
  • Similar concerns from non-profits
  • Are there many educators who understand the intrinsic benefits of FOSS? (Robinson)
    • No -- very few educators understand the importance of software freedom -- just not on the map in k-12 at all (Charlie)
  • Hard for school districts to donate to FOSS projects. Ability to get a contract for service, etc.. a good way to help fund. Does TDF do this? (Charlie)
    • TDF just certifies developers, etc. Then those independent contractors do work (Joel)
  • What about getting schools involved in the community (Either TechEd/Instructors, or even some students) ? (Robinson)
    • Most HS students aren't ready to contribute code at the level of LibreOffice (Charlie)
    • University students are a much better possibility. A computing club is a good environment where you
    • Most CS courses in HS are geared towards the AP test (in Java). These clases are often very rigid, teach from the book, and don't pull in real-world examples into the course.
  • Idea: Scholarship in TDF's name (Joel)
    • Top student would get picked to get some funding
  • Hoping to get an independent study approved at some universities (Joel)
    • Getting that involvement is highly dependent upon Universities
  • A group we should talk to: (Algot)


  • Current status
  • Shirts -> Immanuel for PorcFest
  • I'll poke immanuel later (Robinson)

Sample Talks/Videos

  • ACTION: Immanuel/Robinson (w/help from Italo/Charles) will prepare basic talks (Slides, Talking points) and a couple of example videos
    • These will be helpful for people doing outreach, giving short talks, etc.
  • Working on this -- will do more in Texas
  • Charlie would be willing to proof/review anything I have (I also need to ping Charles/Italo for anything they have prepared)

Events Box

  • ACTION: Joel/Robinson will assemble the parts for v1.0 of the US Events Box
    • Joel: "might be doing a large order of pamphlets for something else" -- ping him
    • Immanuel: for the event box add promotional push pens



  • June meeting
    • Add to the agenda?
    • [DONE] ACTION: Robinson needs to schedule the June meeting
  • [DONE] ACTION: Robinson needs to schedule the July meeting(s)
    • Tentative for July 14th
    • Should add another? June 23 @ same time?
  • Event calendar for the US
    • Assemble list of events in the US?
  • Help with upcoming events
    • Texas Linux Fest (Austin, TX) - June 13-14 (Fri-Sat)
    • (No help needed) Open Source Bridge (Portland, OR) - June 24-27
    • OSCON 2014 (Portland, OR) - July 20-24 (Sun-Thu)
    • US Summer Hackfest (Boston, MA) - July 26-27 (Sat-Sun)
    • FOSSCON Philadelphia, PA Saturday, August 9th, 2014 at the Franklin Institute - 222 N 20th St, Philadelphia, PA 19103.
    • Fossetcon (Orlando, FL) - September 11-13 (Thu-Sat)
    • All Things Open Raleigh NC Oct 22 and 23
    • SeaGL (Seattle, WA) - October 24-25 (Fri-Sat)
  • Schedule 2nd June meeting for the 25th (same time as this meeting)
  • Presence at events leading to recruitment
  • Charlie hoping to present at FOSSCON and All Things Open about education
  • All Things Open is Red Hat's event
    • ACTION: Robinson will submit a talk to All Things Open + FOSSCON

US Summer Hackfest

This will be our primary US event for the year...

  • ACTION: Joel will liaise w/the developers to see who will be in the US around the time of the US Summer Hackfest
  • ACTION: Robinson/Immanuel/Morgan will work on securing venue (MIT Stata preferred?) before June meeting
    • SIPB contacted. Some interest, but nobody stepping up to be the SIPB member in charge;
      • Because of summer/term change time, they're concerned about low student turnout.
      • Got a suggestion re; some other MIT groups
  • ACTION: Joel/Robinson/chicken - Arrange for t-shirts for US Summer Hackfest
    • Hold contest for t-shirt design? Winner gets something special (t-shirt?) (giftcard?)
    • Estimate: $290 for 25 single-color; $370 for 25 2-color
  • Important to have a good number of students and others who are interested in development is key
  • Hoping to have Kohei and Mmeeks there to help instruct
    • Joel will touch base with both of them
  • Working on venue -- FSF offices currently look like a good option if we aren't too many in number
    • Possibly work w/GNOME folks --> MIT Media Lab?
    • Checking on Google Cambridge
    • Will look into:
      • Libraries
      • Community colleges
  • ACTION: Joel will arrange contest for T-shirt design
  • We'll have a number of non-coding activities for people to do, including some intro to QA and Outreach


  • Recruitment and Growth: Buddy-system: Who are you going to bring to the meeting next time?
  • Closing thoughts

Anything else?

  • Tool for collaborative work on our TODO lists
    • Google Docs
    • Remember the Milk (shared account)
    • Redmine
  • ACTION: Ping cloph about testing Redmine for todo items (Robinson)
    • Can we tag items? Hopefuly, yes.

  • Side note: Regarding WebRTC used for the meeting
    • The WebRTC interface worked pretty darn well.
    • We lost Joel a couple of times, but the call quality was good and we could hear (and see) everyone.
    • Definitely support using WebRTC video-chat for our next meeting



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