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Meeting of the US Community

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Date and Time Poll

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Date and Time 2014-05-07 20:00 EST/EDT (click for your time zone)
Chair Robinson Tryon

20:14 (EDT)


21:10 (EDT)


colonelqubit (Robinson),
jmadero (Joel),
Algot (Algot Runeman),
Guest19263 (Morgan Johnstone),
kohei (Kohei),
immanuelg (Immanuel Giulea)

IRC (Freenode) #libreoffice-us connect via webchat


  • NOTE: Our next meeting will probably be a videochat using WebRTC (video optional)


jmadero: is it phone or IRC?
colonelqubit: IRC
jmadero: okay
colonelqubit: I might try to make the next one videochat via WebRTC
jmadero: that'd be cool
jmadero: computers can suck sometimes
jmadero: lol
colonelqubit: e.g.
colonelqubit: although that's chrome-only right now
jmadero: I found out today that Chrome is by far the most popular OS
jmadero: I mean browser
jmadero: colonelqubit: what's the goal for today?
colonelqubit: primarily to check-in with people
colonelqubit: and to promote our July event
jmadero: k
colonelqubit: I've got a number of people who can't make it to the meeting in person
colonelqubit: but having the event is good so I can send them minutes/a summary
jmadero: maybe we can do a video call with some
colonelqubit: Oh -- got a ping from the Ta3m people in Seattle. They asked if I was local and could come to a meeting. I said that I'm not, but could try to show up and give a talk at some point
colonelqubit: perhaps I can do October (they have a meeting each 3rd Monday of the month)
colonelqubit: just before the SeaGL event there
jmadero: nice
colonelqubit: They said that they "wanted to see a bigger LibreOffice community in Seattle"
colonelqubit: it's great to see people suggesting things like that
colonelqubit: having boots on the ground willing to help w/that is key to creating the US Community
jmadero: yeah I just hope to see more activity

- immanuelg has joined the room

jmadero: I think we've had too many kind of show up but not do much
colonelqubit: Boston, Seattle, Portland, etc.. are going to be the best places to get things started

* colonelqubit waves at immanuelg

jmadero: yeah - just a matter of seeing them actually active
jmadero: hey immanuelg
immanuelg: hi jmadero
immanuelg: waves back at colonelqubit
colonelqubit: jmadero: I met this guy at LinuxFest NW
immanuelg: i made it!
colonelqubit: :-)

- Algot has joined the room

jmadero: hi Algot

* colonelqubit waves

Algot: Evening All!

* colonelqubit looks at the clock

colonelqubit: Algot, immanuelg: I'm convinced that when you are elected to the Board you get a really big hat

* colonelqubit motions with his hands...

colonelqubit: :-)
jmadero: it's called a big dunce hat

* colonelqubit laughs
* jmadero notes loudly that I do not represent the opinion of the board during this meeting

jmadero: ;-)
jmadero: so if I say something stupid - it's on me not the board

* colonelqubit is amused how hard it is to express nuance and inflection via IRC

jmadero: 3 more minutes and start?

* colonelqubit twirls his moustache villainously

colonelqubit: jmadero: sounds good
jmadero: colonelqubit: you're running the show ;-)
colonelqubit: immanuelg, Algot: How have you guys been

* colonelqubit points at his smaller hat and sighs...

Algot: Fine, but unproductive (sad)
Algot: No luck with the Doc Freedom Day files
Algot: Could not open them
Algot: Says Inkscape works for SVGs but my version won't open them

- Morgan has joined the room

Algot: Therefore "action" is "none" for me
Morgan: Hi

* colonelqubit waves at Morgan

Algot: Hi, Morgan

- Morgan is now known as Guest19263

Guest19263: How is everyone?
jmadero: not bad at all
jmadero: yourself?
Guest19263: Doing well, just got back from the store.
Algot: O-KEE-Doke

* colonelqubit just hiked up a waterfall

colonelqubit: ..._near_ a waterfall
jmadero: that would have been amazing
Guest19263: :-)
Algot: Sounds like "Last of the Mohicans
colonelqubit: There's this neat bridge that's been around for decades, and just recently a rock came down and poked a hole in it

* colonelqubit . o O (...the bridge is MS-Office, and the rock was LibreOffice...)

Guest19263: That stinks
Guest19263: Lol
Guest19263: Oooops
jmadero: shall we begin? :-D
jmadero: not to rush or anything but I'll be taking off in 45
Guest19263: sure
colonelqubit: jmadero: yep, is kohei around?
jmadero: just pinged him
jmadero: and Norbert
colonelqubit: dope


Put start time and attendees list in the table


  • NOTE: Because we bounced-around from topic to topic, I'm going to reorganize the IRC minutes a bit so that the discussion pertaining to each Agenda ITEM will sit below the item on this page.

colonelqubit: Okay, let's start things off
colonelqubit: START: 5:14pm here on the West Coast
colonelqubit: I think everyone has said hello

- kohei has joined the room

colonelqubit: It's beautiful here today, and I hope it's beautiful for the rest of you!

* colonelqubit waves at kohei
* jmadero warns that kohei1 has warned he is just going to lurk and not say much as he's busy

jmadero: ;-)
kohei: hey there
Algot: hey here, too.
colonelqubit: For those of you who don't know, kohei is one of our Ace Calc developers
Guest19263: Nice!
Algot: Cool
colonelqubit: We don't have many devs in the US right now, but we're hoping to increase their number!


  • How is everyone?
  • Introductions

jmadero: I think one good thing would be to hear what each of the new faces want to do on the project (just so we have an idea of how to get each of you a little more active)
immanuelg: ok im back
jmadero: oh and where everyone is from - as we're trying to see how we can increase the # of live get togethers in the states
jmadero: (and possibly Canada)
colonelqubit: Sounds good
Algot: Natick, MA
immanuelg: colonelqubit:: im not sure ill ever make it to the Board, I am not even an official member yet. Membership is complicated
Algot: User
jmadero: Algot: any hopes for near future
jmadero: in terms of moving towards contributing
jmadero: ?
Algot: Not a coder
Algot: Hope to help marketing

jmadero: Algot: interested in QA at all?

* jmadero ALWAYS pushes for QA people

Guest19263: << Morgan >> Somerville, MA >> Marketing/Event Planning
jmadero: immanuelg: how about you
immanuelg: id like to get more involved to grow New England once i move to NH. I think there's a great potential there, great tech community and Boston's proximity must be leveraged
colonelqubit: :-)
Guest19263: :-D

Completed Action Items

  • [DONE] ACTION: Robinson will rename the "Marketing/US-Marketing" pages to "Marketing/US"
    • April 12 - Change complete. Redirects in place. (Robinson)
  • [DONE] ACTION: Robinson will register a account for @LibreOfficeUS
    • April 12 - Account created as (We can hook it up to feed to twitter next)


Outstanding Action Items

  • ACTION: Robinson will ask Design Team for help w/icons for TDF, LO, and DLP (including guidelines)
  • ACTION: Algot/Robinson will refresh our existing designs and the DFD "open standards" leaflet in preparation for printing
  • ACTION: Check with local librarians abt. LO on computers (For all to do).
    • April 18 - Checked w/a couple Librarians. They didn't even know about it -- gave them pamphlet and stickers. (Robinson)

colonelqubit: jmadero: Algot and I are going to talk more about some marketing and pamphlet design
colonelqubit: he mentioned that he ran into some trouble opening SVG files in Inkscape, but I'll chat w/him after the meeting
jmadero: kk good

colonelqubit: Really quickly -- one of our primary goals with the US Community is to spread information and awareness of TDF/LibreOffice
colonelqubit: So remember our action item from last time:
ACTION: Check with local librarians abt. LO on computers (For all to do).
Guest19263: Ok
immanuelg: thats a great action item!
jmadero: good luck with that colonelqubit - seriously I think you might be running head first into a wall
colonelqubit: I'm sorry I don't have pamphlets for all of you right now, but we're going to get those printed up asap, and I'll send-out packets to everyone who's active in the US
jmadero: county IT departments hate change
jmadero: and when the computers come preinstalled with Windows + MSO
colonelqubit: jmadero: sure, I'm not looking to migrate anyone new right now
jmadero: hard to convince them
colonelqubit: I'm just hoping to find some sympathetic folks who would be okay with a stack of pamphlets and/or a poster up on their board
colonelqubit: just a basic "Hey! This product exists"
jmadero: yeah for sure
immanuelg: i migrated my mom from openoffice 3.3 to LO 4.3 :-)

Guest19263: Yes!

jmadero: sorry guys I have to run ,will leave this open so I can catch up when I get back

* jmadero waves
* colonelqubit waves at jmadero running away

jmadero: if there are additional action iitems
colonelqubit: ...give them to Joel
jmadero: you know, plug me in and I'll take them (within reason)
jmadero: ;-)
jmadero: after Monday's meeting my list is to 25


  • We have a state-by-state roster of our team members
    • Please add your name/contact info so we can get in touch
    • Having local contacts makes outreach possible


  • What's new since last month?

Guest19263: Does LibreOffice US have any social media pages?
Guest19263: I found Twitter.
colonelqubit: I tried to use the FSF's outreach people to email-out about my Document Freedom Day event, but didn't get much success. With enough lead time, we can definitely go through them
jmadero: Guest19263: not that I know of, but colonelqubit was looking into some
immanuelg: Guest19263: the account is setup
colonelqubit: Guest19263: yes, we have twitter,
jmadero: would be nice to do facebook (yawn) and google plus
Guest19263: I can do those two.
jmadero: Guest19263: you interested in leading that a bit
jmadero: :-)
jmadero: perfect
colonelqubit: That's about it. I'm not hot about Facebook or G+, but would be happy to help set those up if people can help to lead them
Guest19263: I love working social media.
colonelqubit: That would be great
jmadero: good
Guest19263: Cool
colonelqubit: ACTION: Robinson and Morgan will set up Facebook and G+ accounts for LibreOffice US Community
Guest19263: :-D
colonelqubit: ACTION: Morgan will take point on social media presence/alerts
jmadero: so with the social media, once they are established I suggest going to mailing lists and inviting people
jmadero: make it really active

* colonelqubit nods

jmadero: especially user list - we need to encourage more users to move to contributing
jmadero: ....our teams are just stretched to thin
colonelqubit: I've gotten some encouragement from up in Seattle
jmadero: good, and that trip is close enough for me that I can do it if I have locals to help with the seting up
jmadero: setting*
jmadero: ideally we'd have at least 10 people per region


  • Current status

immanuelg: 1 more question
colonelqubit: shoot
immanuelg: does LO/TDF have anything that we can sell at a vendors' booth?
immanuelg: like the t-shirts?
colonelqubit: I have a few shirts in Vermont; you thinking about PorcFest?
immanuelg: yes :-)
colonelqubit: Yeah, ping me on email and we can work something out
immanuelg: sounds good
colonelqubit: Perhaps we can fund our next batch of shirts with our current one :-)


  • June meeting
    • Dates/times?
    • ACTION: Robinson needs to schedule the June meeting
  • Event calendar for the US
    • Assemble list of events in the US?
  • Help with upcoming events
    • Texas Linux Fest (Austin, TX) - June 13-14 (Fri-Sat)
    • (Possible Event -- no help needed) Open Source Bridge (Portland, OR) - June ___
    • OSCON 2014 (Portland, OR) - July 20-24
    • US Summer Hackfest (Boston, MA) - July 26-27
    • Fossetcon (Orlando, FL) - September
    • SeaGL (Seattle, WA) - October

colonelqubit: ITEM: EVENTS
colonelqubit: Right now we have July 26-27 scoped-out for our US Summer Hackfest
immanuelg: alright
colonelqubit: OSCON limited their non-profit booths to about 20-ish this year, and we were selected. Hooray!
Guest19263: Where is OSCON?
colonelqubit: OSCON is in Portland, Oregon
immanuelg: i also have some ideas for sponsors
Guest19263: Ah, okay
colonelqubit: We'll have 3 passes; two for the booth and one 3-day pass. I haven't figured out what the difference is right now, but I believe that I have a local person interested in helping out
Guest19263: Ok
colonelqubit: It's a multi-day event, held during the work-week, so it might be nice to have a handful of people who can help staff the booth
colonelqubit: if you guys know of anyone in the area who'd be interested, please let me know. Here are dates:
Guest19263: I can't really travel, I would love to though if I could.
colonelqubit: Guest19263: no worries -- we'll be looking forward to your help in Boston!
jmadero: indeed - ideally we'll have close to locals in every location
jmadero: with colonelqubit doing the around the world trips
Guest19263: :-)

* colonelqubit pats his grey hairs

colonelqubit: Aside from OSCON, we've got Texas Linux Fest coming up in June
jmadero: colonelqubit: do we have a wiki with all of these listed?
colonelqubit: jmadero: events? Yes, I believe
colonelqubit: Open Source Bridge (possibly) in June (also in Portland)
colonelqubit: our Summer Hackfest in Boston in July
colonelqubit: Fossetcon in Orlando, FL in September
colonelqubit: and SeaGL in Seattle, WA in October

Guest19263: Alright, what's next?

* colonelqubit checks the Agenda

colonelqubit: Next time we're going to try to have a Venue for July
colonelqubit: set up Social Media accounts
colonelqubit: Joel will ascertain which devs can attend
Event Box:
colonelqubit: I'm going to try to get a lead on printing-up stickers and more pamphlets
jmadero: colonelqubit: and I'll go to the user list
colonelqubit: Our conference box is coming together:
jmadero: colonelqubit: we might be doing a large order of pamphlets for something else, hit me up about it
colonelqubit: I took that to LinuxFest NW and it worked out really well -- the conference organizers need to borrow a few things like tape from me!
colonelqubit: s/need/needed/
jmadero: colonelqubit: also I think we should buy that pelican box by next time
jmadero: we should definitely have that kit together by July
jmadero: so you can lug it with you
colonelqubit: thanks...
colonelqubit: :-)
jmadero: any time
jmadero: I want to see you curl it with one arm
immanuelg: one whole chicken in the event box ?
jmadero: so for everyone here, we're putting together a conference kit - if you have ideas of what should be in it, send qubit and myself an email
colonelqubit: ACTION: Joel/Robinson will assemble the parts for v1.0 of the US Events Box
jmadero: colonelqubit: did that chromebook arrive?
jmadero: chrome book?
jmadero: two words
jmadero: one
colonelqubit: jmadero: chrome box
jmadero: chrom e bo x
colonelqubit: yep, it's here. Also got the "asset tags"
jmadero: perfect, next is a tv or a monitor

* jmadero thinks tv

jmadero: but happy with a monitor also
colonelqubit: (note the quote marks...they look more like return address stickers :-P)
colonelqubit: immanuelg: re: chicken, you'll note that it says "# in the box: zero, # we want: zero" :-)
immanuelg: colonelqubit: for the event box add promotional push pens
immanuelg: those are cheap and can be given out as freebies
jmadero: nice - but if we purchase something before that it'd be nice to have it
jmadero: Europe is awaiting our results for the conference box
jmadero: so hopefully we have a complete one together by July
Guest19263: Awesome
colonelqubit: jmadero: Yeah, I'm happy to play guinea pig
jmadero: +1

* colonelqubit checks the Agenda

jmadero: something goes wrong - you'll get the bill

* colonelqubit quacks like a duck

immanuelg: when we;re done with the event box, id like to add an item on the agenda
colonelqubit: immanuelg: sure, one second
jmadero: sure - I have to leave in just a couple
jmadero: friends from out of town are awaiting
jmadero: with small child who is hungry

US Summer Hackfest

This will be our primary US event for the year...

jmadero: and any of you going to try to make the trip to Boston in July?
jmadero: immanuelg: I believe I saw your name
jmadero: colonelqubit: want to talk a bit about that
Algot: I hope to be there
Guest19263: Ah! I have an update!
colonelqubit: Guest19263: great -- any notes about venue?
immanuelg: yes jmadero the Boston hackfest was my idea
jmadero: lol I know ;-)
immanuelg: it started as a hackfest idea for Montreal, but lack of people who want to help led me to suggest Boston
Guest19263: Yes! It looks like our best choices are NERD or MIT STATA.
immanuelg: its a good way to test the waters for a host application for 2015 LibCon
colonelqubit: Guest19263: heh -- I was half-joking about the NERD
immanuelg: LibOCon*
Guest19263: Good :-)
Guest19263: I prefer Stata
jmadero: so Guest19263 you are attending ?
colonelqubit: Guest19263: but if they'd like to host us...
Guest19263: Yes
Guest19263: NERD... Ick
colonelqubit: General question: Does anyone have contacts at MIT/etc... ?
immanuelg: And I already know that Charles and Sophie are behind me to expand outreach in North America
jmadero: that puts us at 4 confirmed - and two probably (kohei and Algot)
jmadero: immanuelg: yes - the board is fully on board
jmadero: it's just finding the right strategy to do so
colonelqubit: I have some indirect contacts to MIT, but would appreciate more
jmadero: looks like we have strength in the north east
colonelqubit: I was thinking we could also talk to the FSF, as they held LibrePlanet at the Stata Center
jmadero: so maybe more events around there, then flying out to SF/LA area on the west
Algot: I've participated with the Scratch group at MIT
Algot: Might offer contacts
jmadero: +1
immanuelg: i dont know anyone at MIT but I know Lawrence Lessig is at Harvard Law

* jmadero wonders if we can encourage some advanced students to attend - maybe have kohei mentor them on a section of the code

immanuelg: MIT is a hot place, they are giving bitcoin away to their students
jmadero: take on some easy hacks over a long stretch over beer and pizza
jmadero: it's too bad the timing doesn't work for Norbert also
jmadero: colonelqubit: have you pinged the dev list at all about europeans in the US during that time?
kohei: would be nice to have at least some europeans.
colonelqubit: So if we think MIT is our ideal location, and we have some dates (26-27), I think a couple of us should spearhead getting space at Stata
colonelqubit: jmadero: I have not pinged the dev list yet
Guest19263: Brb
jmadero: colonelqubit: I believe 26/27 at MIT would be awesome
colonelqubit: jmadero, kohei: Would one of you like to check in with the dev list?
jmadero: I will
colonelqubit: ACTION: Joel will liaise w/the developers to see who will be in the US around the time of the US Summer Hackfest
immanuelg: how likely is it that FSF will get behind the hackfest and help with the venue ?
Guest19263: Not sure, I can try to reach out.
colonelqubit: immanuelg: I think there's a good chance. I had dinner w/the FSF exec director at LinuxFest NW, and they're on our TDF advisory board
colonelqubit: I have some connections w/some other Free-Software people in the Boston area
Guest19263: Awesome
immanuelg: awesome
immanuelg: another possible venue: Berkman Center For Internet & Society (Harvard) ?
colonelqubit: If Guest19263 and I have some contacts w/MIT, why don't the two of us work on securing the venue?
colonelqubit: immanuelg: sounds like a good backup plan
Guest19263: Didn't think of that one.
Guest19263: SOunds good
colonelqubit: ACTION: Robinson and Morgan will work on securing venue (MIT Stata preferred) before June meeting
jmadero: okay I'll tackle going to the mailing lists - you two tackle venue (and possibly start looking into hotels)
Guest19263: Great!
jmadero: then we need to start finding more people - so spamming personal connections to invite
colonelqubit: Correct

immanuelg: jmadero: i forgot why the dates were july 26-27 instead of the previous weekend before the 4.3 release?
jmadero: what were those dates?
colonelqubit: Given that we have a # of people here in this meeting from the Boston area, I'd love to see if we could meet up for coffee or whatever sometime before July
immanuelg: July 18/19/20
colonelqubit: immanuelg: the weekend prior I'll be in Portland for OSCON
jmadero: oh yes, I knew there was a conflict
colonelqubit: (and Community Leadership Summit)
colonelqubit: Which is a perfect segue... :-)

* colonelqubit checks our Meeting Agenda

immanuelg: more venue ideas: and
colonelqubit: (ACTION: Add Immanuel to the Venue-selecting team... :-) )

immanuelg: about Boston hotels/hotels, we can copy the list from here
Guest19263: Ha!
jmadero: those seem um - expensive?
immanuelg: and restaurants
kohei: $100 a night!
kohei: no, double that
jmadero: lol I'll do a little digging
Algot: Boston is not cheap in tourist season
Guest19263: I can put someone up on my couch :-D
Guest19263: Lol
jmadero: maybe if we have 10 I can get us a bit of a discount
Guest19263: Hostels?
jmadero: that's an option - not ideal but possible
Guest19263: There's one in Downtown Boston.
colonelqubit: jmadero: So one option w/hostels is to rent-out a room
colonelqubit: that we can lock, etc..
jmadero: yes that's better - we'll have some expensive stuff with us
colonelqubit: that might give us cheaper accommodations if we have a number of people coming in from out of town
jmadero: I mean it's a single night right?
jmadero: or are we doing 2
colonelqubit: it depends upon when people arrive and leave
colonelqubit: if people arrive Friday and leave Sunday, that'd be 2 nights
jmadero: yeah, I'll be arriving early Saturday morning (early like 2am)
immanuelg: theres several hostels in Boston
jmadero: worst case I can go to a club and party for 6 hours before starting ;-)
jmadero: juuuust kidding (I'm too old for that)
Algot: Way to old
colonelqubit: :-)
jmadero: we just need security
immanuelg: you're never too old for hostels
jmadero: so we need to be able to lock doors
colonelqubit: yep, we can make that work
jmadero: lol too old to club
jmadero: and party all night
jmadero: I hit a wall around 1am these days

* jmadero is sad to admit I've grown up

Algot: 9:00pm
Algot: My wall
colonelqubit: I'd be happy to have some of us go out for drinks
jmadero: lol my work day is usually 7am - 11pm
jmadero: colonelqubit: yes for sure, I'd love to Saturday night
Guest19263: We should do a dinner/drinks Friday or Saturday evening.
colonelqubit: if we do have some younger people who aren't over 21, we'll make sure to organize something else for them
jmadero: get a decent meal and have some drinks
jmadero: yeah
colonelqubit: or find ourselves a venue for all ages
jmadero: indeed - chuck e cheese
colonelqubit: lol
colonelqubit: Do they serve beers now?
Algot: Ha!
jmadero: lol who knows
jmadero: starbucks is going to soon

Algot: Can supply monitor and projector for July
colonelqubit: Algot: cool
Algot: Monitor & projector just for July mtg.

jmadero: colonelqubit: another action item - shirts for anyone who attends in July
colonelqubit: jmadero: guess who's getting that one?
jmadero: lol ummmmmmm
jmadero: chicken
colonelqubit: ACTION: Joel/Robinson/chicken - Arrange for t-shirts for US Summer Hackfest

Immanuel: Ignite Talk at PorcFest

colonelqubit: immanuelg: I think you had something to discuss?
immanuelg: ok thanks
immanuelg: id like to give a Ignite talk (6 minutes) at PorcFest in June
immanuelg: so i was wondering if i could get some help on prepping my speech

colonelqubit: immanuelg: Sure, what help could we give you?
immanuelg: just the talking points
immanuelg: how do you present LO in 6 minutes
colonelqubit: So just a basic talk about LibreOffice?
immanuelg: yes
colonelqubit: I've been meaning to do a couple of talks like that
jmadero: it would be nice to have a shared presentation
colonelqubit: Perhaps I could record a couple of 5 - 10 minute talks and then put them up somewhere?
jmadero: that we can say "this is the basic 101"
colonelqubit: I could make up slides, etc..
jmadero: +1
colonelqubit: Awesome. I'll rope-in some of our Senior Marketing people like Italo and Charles to help
Guest19263: Sounds interesting.
Guest19263: I need to get going.
colonelqubit: ACTION: Immanuel/Robinson (w/help from Italo/Charles) will prepare basic talks (Slides, Talking points) and a couple of example videos
Algot: Likewise...gong

- Guest19263 has disconnected (Quit: Page closed)

colonelqubit: Cool, I'm about done here


  • Recruitment and Growth: Buddy-system: Who are you going to bring to the meeting next time?
  • Closing thoughts

colonelqubit: Algot: Let's try to touch base soon re: SVGs and pamphlet designs
Algot: Right on. email?

* colonelqubit nods

colonelqubit: Anyone else have anything?
colonelqubit: Items...Questions... a magical pot of money to fund us?
Algot: Sorry, no $$

colonelqubit: If that's all...
colonelqubit: Thank you all for attending! We'll have our next meeting in June -- I'll send out the poll about that in the next week or so.
Algot: Goodnight all.
colonelqubit: Remember to invite more people to attend our meetings, regardless of their technical experience w/LibreOffice.
colonelqubit: Face-to-face meeting are nice, so we might have our next meeting as an audio/video-chat using WebRTC
colonelqubit: Informal poll here: Who would prefer audio/video-chat to IRC?
colonelqubit: END: 6:10pm west-coast time
immanuelg: i think a/v chat will be nice
colonelqubit: Joel's also in favor of that
immanuelg: colonelqubit: do you want to outreach to "Code for Boston" and see if they would have anyone interested to join us?



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