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    1. Download: here!
    2. Test what you want
    3. Find a bug? Mention it on QA/IRC or file a bug!

    It's as simple as that -- your help is greatly appreciated!


    Our community is preparing for the release of LibreOffice 4.4.0. We've added many new features and fixed loads of bugs (see below...,) and we want to make sure that the new version is well tested. You can help to make this release a great one! Be aware however that the translation for this version may not be over, but should be almost complete, so don't hesitate to give feedback on it.

    On the 19th, 20th and 21st of December we will have an international bug-hunting session, testing the first Release Candidate for LibreOffice 4.4.0. Please join us! :-)

    How to join

    Note that it will replace your actual installation, as this is a release candidate version which is almost final.

    Remote Server for testing and bibisecting


    This BugHunting Session we'll be making a remote server with 7+ log-in accounts available for both testing and bibisecting. The server is handy for

    • testing LibreOffice on an Ubuntu GNU+Linux install (if you run a different OS)
    • doing some bibisect work on a fast machine


    To make sure we don't all try to use the same account, please edit this page and put your name in one of the slots before you log in, and then remove your name when you log out:

    (Example: 0. Robinson Tryon)

    1. .
    2. .
    3. .
    4. .
    5. .
    6. .
    7. .

    If your name's on the list above and we don't see you logged-in and can't find you in QA/IRC, we'll remove your name from the list.

    How to use the VM

    First off, you'll need some data:

    SSH KEY: Email Robinson
    USERNAME: user0 + Your number in the list above (e.g. user01, user02, etc...)

    Follow the X2Go part of the instructions we use during a Hackfest, with a few modifications:

    • There won't be any source, so no building LibreOffice required
    • Once you've connected with X2Go, LibreOffice will be located
      (TODO: Fill in location of 4.4.0 RC1 build)

    For those bibisecting, look in:


    When: December 19, 20 and 21

    Feel free to join us at any point during these three days.

    • #Mentors will be available from 08:00 UTC to 22:00 UTC on those dates.

    If you can't join us during this session, you're always welcome to help us hunt for bugs on other days. The builds of this particular RC 1 (LibreOffice 4.4.0. RC1) will be available until January 5th ;-)

    What to test

    We aim at:

    • Doing as much testing on the 4.4.0 as possible
    • Triaging all already filed issues, so that it's as clear as possible for the developers to step in!

    There are always more ways to test: do your regular tasks, structured tests, or playing with the new features..

    Choose what suits best for you :-) All testing is great and important, and the more we are, the more chance we have to hunt a bug!

    So take one of those:

    • Your own favorite features
    • Look at the new 4.4 features
    • Pick up a test case from the standard regression test using Moztrap
    • pick a component and check for bugs that were fixed in this release: fixed in 4.4 by component (excluding fixes already backported to 4.3)
    • Soon we will give some useful queries at this place, what will lead you to bugs that need some checking: xx
    • Things that underwent major refactorings between 4.3 -> 4.4:
      • Bookmarks in Writer (esp. when copy-pasting text, splitting or joining paragraphs) (Bjoern Michaelsen)
      • <your refactoring here> ...

    Found a bug?

    At first, make sure it isn't already reported by searching in our bug database. If it isn't reported yet, you can add it to our bug database using our BSA, which is a simple layout to report bugs. If you are more confident with Bugzilla, you can report your bug using the Bugzilla interface. When you want to discuss first, use chat or mail, fast and direct.


    If there is a bug that you want to pin point as clear as possible, then bibisect (explained by Bjoern Michaelsen) will be a great tool for you (for advanced testers)!

    Get a little support

    Other users and testers are at IRC and the mailing list to help with any question. Don't be shy, don't hesitate to ask!

    More info on Moztrap, to work with our test cases, is here

    If you have an idea for a test case, feel welcome to post this at our QA mailing list


    Who's available to manage the #libreoffice-qa IRC:// channel? It would be great to have a couple of people providing coverage most of the day...

    • sophi