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Informal Meeting of the QA Team (US)

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Date and Time 15:00 EST (19:00 UTC)
G+ Hangout [ See QA/IRC 5min before meeting starts ]
Bartenders Joel Madero, Robinson Tryon
Started (not yet)
Talkyoo Room Number 537138

What is this?

This meeting is the 2nd Pub Chat -- a monthly QA chat/informal BYOB Pub-style get-together for people who do QA work for LibreOffice (or who are interested in getting involved w/QA). Our pool seems to be US folks, so we'll concentrate on that area for now.

Joel and Robinson will work on a very short agenda, but we'll try to make this more of a round-table discussion this time.

If anything interesting or relevant is said at this meeting, or if we just want to remember it, we'll put it in an IPA-colored box... this!


Agenda + Minutes


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Opening Diatribe

This space is for the Bartenders......and by that, I mean mostly Joel :-)

Discussion & To Do List

(We probably won't have "Pending Items" -- anything pending can be pushed to the QA/Mailing List) or to the next biweekly QA Meeting)
  • We can discuss whatever people want...


  • ANNOUNCEMENT: Our next QA Meeting will take place on September 20th (Friday) at 13:00 UTC, unless otherwise noted on the QA/Mailing List.
  • ANNOUNCEMENT: Our next NA QA Pub Chat will take place in a month on October 4th (Friday) at 15:00 EDT.


  • Meeting adjourned at: