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    Meeting of the QA Team

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    Date and Time (UTC) 2013-08-09 13:00 UTC
    G+ Hangout [ This Meeting]
    Chair Joel Madero
    Secretary Robinson Tryon
    Started 13:06
    Adjourned 14:39
    Participants Florian R., Joel, Robinson
    Talkyoo Room Number 537138


    Agenda + Minutes


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    • Meeting started at: 13:06
    • Participants: Florian R., Joel, Robinson


    Opening Discussion

    • By this meeting we'll have had the North American QA Pub Chat. We might want to say something about how it went here... :-)
    • Summarize ESC Call - should be regular item here
    • Joel is getting busy with law school, probably can't lead the next scheduled QA Meeting
    • We might want to revist our call schedules
    • NA Pub Chat discussed briefly (see notes later)
    • ESC notes later in the call

    Pending Items

    PENDING ITEM: BugReport Page

    • [SUPERSEDED] ACTION: Joel will ping again in 1 month if he hasn't heard back from the locale(s) & see if other locales need to be contacted. Main priority though is PT-BR as they are likely to be the next BSA
    • ACTION: Joel will ping them (PT-BR) today
    • ACTION: Joel will look into additional languages on the wiki (do we have active wiki translators for each listed language?)

    PENDING ITEM: What to do with FDO bugs filed against Extensions, Templates

    • ACTION: Joel will continue to monitor the situation
    • Joel continuing to monitor
    • Florian R. - There is an option in the software that runs the Template/Extension(?) [different account] sites to turn on comments and add a place for a contact field (email or a website url)
    • Florian R. - Comments are disabled by default. The contact field is required
      • Working on template (click Author name) COULD NOT FIND @extension
      • Robinson - If the contact field is required, then hopefully that will solve the problem of finding a contact to report a bug (also see QA/BugReport/Extensions)

    PENDING ITEM: QA Website

    • [DONE] ACTION: Joren will create macOS-specific pages
    • ACTION: Joel will create Linux-specific pages
    • Joel - Joren created the macOS page. It just needs some proofing
    • ACTION: Joel will proof the macOS page
    • Joel - The Linux-specific page is on the way

    PENDING ITEM: Tollef and Bugzilla TODOs and planning

    • ACTION: Get Tollef to activate voting on FDO (merged item)
    • ACTION: Get Tollef to add BOLD statement to each FDO mail sent out to not reply via mail (merged item)
    • ACTION: Get Tollef to clarify 'version' label in Bugzilla (merged item)
    • ACTION: Will track the filed bug and wait to hear updates (re: Bold statement on FDO mail)
    • [DONE] ACTION: Joel will email Tollef (re: Bold statement on FDO mail)
    • ACTION: Continue discussion (long-term) of move to Locally-hosted Bugzilla
    • [DONE] ACTION: Joel will poke Cloph or Markus M. (moggi) to ask about the Bugzilla API
      • July 26 - Tollef got back to Joel; Bugzilla API is here.
    • No other updates
    • Tollef/the FDO team is monitoring our bugs filed against FDO, so we don't need to email them directly. If we do, Bjoern will field those responses

    PENDING ITEM: Update the whiteboard/keywords page

    • ACTION: Joel will update the whiteboard/keywords page
    • No update

    PENDING ITEM: What to do with releases after EOL

    • ACTION: Joel will create new version in FDO "inherited from OOo" for bugs that predate our fork
    • [DONE] ACTION: Joel will inform ESC during their next call
    • Joel - Discussed this with the ESC
    • Bjoern liked the 'inherited from OOo' version idea, but it might be confusing if we don't move all applicable bugs to that version (which requires us to do some triage slog)
    • Florian R. - Rename "LibO 3.3.0.beta2" to "Inherited from" and create new "LibO 3.3.0.beta2" version

    PENDING ITEM: Bibisect Repositories

    • ACTION: Bjoern/Robinson will investigate the possibility of being able to update the bibisect repository via git
      • July 26 - Robinson/Joel/Bjoern had some good discussion on IRC after the meeting
    • Robinson - Looking at code to merge repositories
      • (We might want to revisit frequency of added builds -- every 100 okay?)
    • ACTION: Florian R. will discuss with Bjoern the compression used for the daily builds [If possible "Save only". Fears a big redownload -> Untested...]

    PENDING ITEM: Clarify Bibisect + Version #

    • [DONE] ACTION: Joel will add a note to the Ideas wiki page that our goal is to eventually have everyone use the bibisect repository
    • [DONE] ACTION: Joel will work with Terrence Enger to clean/update this page
    • Joel - Terrence is doing a great job here

    PENDING ITEM: Feedback pages

    • ACTION: Robinson will go ahead with the Feedback page idea (and ping Rob)
    • Robinson - We had some discussion about the Feedback pages, the BSA, etc..; sticking with current plan
    • We'll want to present a mock-up for to the ESC first, then someone (cloph?) can help us put it into production

    PENDING ITEM: QA Meeting Times

    • ACTION: Joel will start email thread about new time possibility and other options
    • We're revisiting meeting times based on trying to get Joel, Joren, etc.. in the call
    • Florian R. - Would a +5 delay help?
      • Joel - It might work for some
    • Joel - We just need to find a time that works for at least 3-4 members of our Team

    New Action Items

    All items proposed between meetings go here

    NEW ITEM: Most Annoying Bug List(Joel Madero)

    1. ESC agreed - we need to figure out how
    2. Plan is by release of 4.2 to move to a single list
    3. Potential issues?
    4. Need to figure out how to test for WFM
    • Joel - Going to merge to one bug list
    • ACTION: Joel and others will work on moving MAB to a single list

    NEW ITEM: Blockers/Critical/Major (Joel Madero)

    • List is over 700 bugs
    • Look for MAB bugs - add if appropriate
    • Look for regressions without bibisect
    • Lower priority if it's appropriate
    • Joel - Mmeeks suggested that the MAB list be used to keep track of the blockers/critical bugs
    • Joel - Devs would like a 'landing page' to make it easier to look at all of the Blocker or Critical or other (important category of) bugs
    • ACTION: Robinson will stub-in one or more wiki pages for this purpose (probably under QA/Bugzilla somewhere)
    • Florian R. - Here's a useful Firefox extension
      • Shows all changes inline (which can be helpful to see who changed priority or other fields)

    NEW ITEM: North America Pub Chat (Joel and/or Robinson)

    [mentioned in the Opening Discussion]

    • Joel - We had our NA Pub Chat
    • Robinson - Great way to introduce people to the project
    • Joel - Looks like we have some interest in another call next month. Let's run it as more of a 'roundtable' -- ask them what they've done, etc..

    NEW ITEM: Auto Prioritize (Joel/Robinson)

    • BSA Auto Priorization
    • Joel - This would solve part of our problems/workload with prioritization of bugs

    NEW ITEM: Warnings for Users About Known Limitations (Joel)

    • Summary of ESC
    • Joel - It was discussed, but left at "who will do the (possibly lengthy) work?"
    • ACTION: Joel will add an enhancement request about adding a Known Limitation pop-up/warning tool

    NEW ITEM: Regressions (Joel)

    • Summary of ESC
    • Joel - QA's position has been that if there's a change in behavior for users, then we call it a regression.
    • Robinson - Sounds like we keep on hitting our heads against problems with Bugzilla (and our inability to customize/fix it on FDO).
      • Our own Bugzilla won't fix all of the problems, but would be a big start

    New Items (Proposed/Discussed at the Meeting)

    NEW ITEM: Title (Author's Name)


    • ANNOUNCEMENT: Our next meeting will take place... August 23th (Friday) at 13:00 UTC, unless otherwise noted on the QA/Mailing List.


    • Meeting adjourned at: 14:39


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