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Meeting of the QA Team

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Date and Time (UTC) 2015-09-16 13:00 UTC
Chair Robinson Tryon
IRC Channel

#libreoffice-qa connect via webchat


Agenda + Minutes


Content from the meeting itself ("the minutes") will be displayed in blue boxes like this.

Before we Start

A few minutes before we officially start, we'll try to have a few people in the IRC channel:


IRC Minutes

We'll touch on a few metrics such as UNCONFIRMED bug count and regressions, and then we'll have each person in the meeting bring up whatever QA topics they'd like to address.

Some people like the current meeting time on Wednesdays, but if there's enough interest in change, we'll do it.


(we'll just discuss stats in the meeting)

Bugs/Topics to discuss

Pending topics:

  • State of multimedia in macOS All The Computers
    • Specifically: Have we finished image testing yet?
  • ACTION Items:
    • ACTION: steve-_- will work on finishing the baseline image media support tests for macOS
    • ACTION: File an enhancement request for a script that normalizes and diffs two user profiles (mjayfrancis)
  • [SET ASIDE]: tdf#87373 - Kerning broken in 4.4b2 (macOS only)
    • Sep 09 - Any update here? We'll remove @ next meeting if we're making no headway (Robinson)
      • Per Thorsten W., we can't do much more here without some serious surgery on device coordinates throughout LO, so we'll take it off the shortlist for now.

  • Conference: Topics for roundtable discussion?
  • Conference: Bug categories & particular issues to tackle @ Hackfest?


  • [DONE] ACTION: Summarize UserProfile study and send to QA list (sophie)
    • Sept 09 - Sophie sent in the study. Thanks!
  • [DONE] ACTION: Robinson/Joel will document on the wiki how all this priority/severity/contributor group stuff is supposed to work
    • Sept 07 - Testing updated patch that's less intrusive (Robinson)
    • Sept 09 - Better error message; Need more feedback! (Robinson)
    • Sept 10/11 - Docs in place; will modify docs as patches/restrictions change in the future
  • [DONE] ACTION: Check with hackfest organizers about small group working on QA stuff (Robinson)
    • Sept 09 - Emailed Carsten; waiting for reply (Robinson)
    • We're all set ==> QA officially a part of the event (see here)
  • [DONE] ACTION: Make proposal for a small (SMALL!) patch to point people on Bugzilla to #libreoffice-qa IRC channel (Beluga)
    • Filed as redmine#1448
  • [DONE] ACTION: Write up ideas for automated messages for Bugzilla --> for discussion @ Aarhus (Beluga)

New topics

  • UNCONFIRMED Bugs: from molehill to mountain
(08:21:31 AM) colonelqubit: #startmeeting
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(08:21:44 AM) colonelqubit: hooray! thank you IZBot
(08:22:29 AM) colonelqubit: okay, UNCONFIRMED is steady at 533
(08:22:58 AM) colonelqubit: we'll try to put a big dent in that number at the Hackfest next week
(08:24:14 AM) colonelqubit: We've got 111 bibisectRequest bugs, so no shortage there, either

       ACTION: Track down Armin's SVG patch and get some stats re: how much faster SVG was in old versions (dave_largo) (colonelqubit, 13:59:41)
       ACTION: Review MABs, wiki pages and other resources dependent on them, and determine workload to switch over to using Priority:highest (Robinson or Other)
(09:58:32 AM) colonelqubit: #endmeeting
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Bugzilla Automated Messages

Some ideas from Beluga re: recruiting from within the bugtracker.

Thank you for your report! We are always looking for volunteers to analyze reports and to make it easier for developers to fix bugs. The work ranges from simple bug confirmation to deep investigation.

If you feel you want to join us in improving the quality of LibreOffice, please explore the quality assurance wiki, join our IRC channel or say hi on the mailing list.

Personal mentors are available to you and they are listed on our team page (see the Mentor column).

Mentors are happy to answer any questions via email or on IRC.

When asking questions on IRC, please make sure to remain on the channel for a period of time to be noticed and 'ping' mentors by mentioning their nickname.