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    LibreOffice 3.6 改进之处


    This is an in-progress scratch-pad of notes to build release notes from as and when we release. Please do not list features that are to be shipped already in the 3.5 release! Please do not add wish-list features that you hope will be implemented, but only what actually is implemented already.

    What does a good feature look like here:

    • It has a description, and a way for a busy reviewer, to find and play with the feature. Target someone who is extremely busy, and knows little-to-nothing about the product. So if a user interface element is key to the feature, be very explicit about where it is, e. g. Menu ▸ Format ▸ Character ▸ Position [tab] ▸ ‘90 degrees’ paths to the elements you changed. Of course, you know your feature is important, and that everyone should care about the Extensible AutoShapes Properties dialog – but often the guys taking the screenshots and writing the notes do not.
    • It credits the main authors who did the work – just add them in brackets after the feature, where possible.
    • If the feature can be shown off with a sample / test file – particularly for new import-able features, it would be wonderful to have a link to/up-load of a test file that we can use to show that feature off to best effect. That really helps us to make good screenshots to show off the features, and allows reviewers to do their testing.

    Thanks in advance for your help filling this out!


    Writer's new spacing option.
    • Format paintbrush now differentiate character automatic formating attributes applied to paragraph from those applied to text portion inside the paragraph. These character automatic formating attributes are past to the entire paragraph by default; if Ctrl is hold while the format is past these attributes are applied to the selected text portion. (Maxime de Roucy)
    • VML import (used inside older DOCX files) now handles lines, rotations and flips. (Miklos Vajna)
    • DOCX import now handles GetExpression and SetExpression fields. (Miklos Vajna)
    • RTF/DOCX import/export now handle the document zoom setting. (Miklos Vajna)
    • Ctrl + [ and Ctrl + ] will decrease and increase font size of the selected text, respectively. tdf#36187 (Cameron Paul)
    • Word count (whole document and selection) in status bar tdf#34772 (Muhammad Haggag)
    • Table AutoFormats now record the following table-level properties: tdf#31005 (Muhammad Haggag)
    • Break
    • Keep with next paragraph
    • Repeat heading
    • Allow table split across pages
    • Allow rows to break across pages
    • Merge adjacent line styles
    • Table shadow
    • Shows Text Boundaries depending on the choice of display unprintable characters tdf#46073 (Cédric Bosdonnat).
    • Support for importing Smart Art. (Miklos Vajna)
    Try this example DOCX document.

    Label / business card wizard

    • Extension of label definitions with form (paper, page) size. Labels which are not centered on the form are created correctly now. (Winfried Donkers)
    • All 1700+ predefined label definitions have been modified to include the form size, obsolete definitions have been removed. (Winfried Donkers)
    • Recalculation of label position on the form. Label definitions with gaps between labels that are wider than the right margin now produce correct documents. Existing user defined labels are automatically extended with form size. (Winfried Donkers)
    • The form size can be entered/modified in the wizard dialog: (Winfried Donkers)
    New form size modification.


    • Ctrl + D fills-down in more familiar ways, filling with the contents of the cell above if no cell is selected, and filling down multiple cells with larger selections (Kohei Yoshida)
    • New option to specify a custom sheet name prefix in new documents. (Albert Thuswaldner)
    Calc's new Defaults options page.
    • Marked cells in Calc can now be merged via the right mouse click context menu. tdf#37210 (Greggory Hernandez)
    • Improved error message for invalid sheet name. tdf#45285 (Albert Thuswaldner)
    • Export conditional formatting to xlsx (Markus Mohrhard)
    • Improved CSV file import.
      • Handle lines with more than 64k characters. tdf#48501 (Eike Rathke)
      • Differentiate between "max rows exceeded" and "max columns exceeded" and "max cell size exceeded" error messages. tdf#48516 (Eike Rathke)
      • Better handling of broken CSV files where generator didn't follow RFC 4180 quote rules. tdf#48621 (Eike Rathke)
      • Import numbers in scientific notation without having to check "import special numbers". tdf#39716 (Eike Rathke)
      • Better initial default separators, comma, semicolon and tab. tdf#38088 (Eike Rathke)
    • Added a "Save cell formulas instead of calculated values" option to CSV export. tdf#45664 (Florent Gallaire)
    Formulas CSV export option
    • New spreadsheet function DATEDIF as defined in ODF OpenFormula and for MS-Excel interoperability. tdf#44456 (Winfried Donkers, Eike Rathke)
    • Support field items in cells. You can now insert date, sheet name, and title fields into cells. To insert a field, activate the cell to be in edit mode, right-click on the cell, and select Insert Field in the context menu to insert a field. (Kohei Yoshida)
    Insert field into cells.
    • Allow sorting of data from the autofilter menu. (Kohei Yoshida)
    Sort option in autofilter menu.
    • Quickly allow pasting only text, value, or formula from the context menu. (Noel Power)
    Paste only from menu.
    • Detailed configuration options for formula calculation. You can now configure the reference syntax for built-in function INDIRECT. In the future we may add more calculation options here to allow users to configure run-time formula calculations. (Kohei Yoshida)
    • Remove the limitation to 3 sort entries in calc. tdf#45747 (Albert Thuswaldner)
    Sort dialog with multiple sort keys (more than three).
    • Default number of sheets for new document will be 1, instead of 3. tdf#50183 (Stefan Knorr) Note that since version 3.5 you can edit this setting via Tools ▸ Options ▸ LibreOffice Calc ▸ Defaults.


    • Added widescreen format for impress-slides. tdf#42986 (Rob Snelders)
    • Correctly detect the external display and put the presenter console on the local display (Michael Meeks)


    Help Button

    Basic IDE

    • Docked Object Catalog pane (Bence Tomcsik)


    • Support for Japanese postcard paper size in all applications. (Takeshi Abe)
    • Recent Documents list are updated on Save, Save As, Save All, and Close. tdf#37775 (Muhammad Haggag)
    • Allow for editing of read-only documents. Paraphrasing from the commit message of [1]:
      • When e.g. viewing mail attachments (that have been stored r/o to some download directory by the mail application), it would be nice if the user could easily temporarily modify them (say, play around with a spreadsheet, changing some numbers and triggering recalculation of formulas) by clicking the "Edit File" button and not being asked to create a copy for editing. Thus:
        • The "Edit File" button now only toggles the r/o status of the view. It no longer asks to create a copy for editing if the underlying document is physically r/o.
        • When a modified document is toggled to a r/o view via "Edit File," LO still asks the user to save or discard the changes. However, if the underlying document is physically r/o, saving the document opens the "Save As" dialog, instead of just doing a "Save" operation (which would fail on the physically r/o document).
        • The title of the document window now contains "(read-only)" if and only if either the view is r/o or the document is physically r/o (or both).
    • Add Support assistive technology tools option to installation process tdf#39833 (Andras Timar).
    • Added Lanczos algorithm for resizing of images and use it instead of interpolate algorithm. This change has increased the quality of images when reducing image resolution in PDF export. tdf#46378 (Tomaž Vajngerl)
    Lanczos Resampling.jpg


    • Import filter for Corel Draw documents. More details in this blog.
    terra v16.cdr in Corel Draw
    terra v16.cdr in Corel Draw
    terra v16.cdr in LibreOffice Draw
    • PDF Export with Watermark option. See it at File ▸ Export to PDF. (Andreas Mantke)
    PDF export with watermark.png


    • The About dialog has been redesigned for a cleaner look. Access via Help ▸ About (Andrew Higginson)
    • Writer and calc use split color buttons, making it possible to apply the last used color with one mouse click for font, background, border and highlight colors (Winfried Donkers)
    Split-Colors-writer.png Split-Colors-calc.png
    • Clicking >> will not show toolbar options anymore, the options could be shown by right-clicking the toolbar. tdf#38276 (Iain Billett)
    Toolbar options menu in 3.6.png
    • Rulers are now much cleaner and more light-weight (design by Mirek M., implemented by Jan Holesovsky)
    • Support for Trinity Desktop Environment integration (widgets, open/save dialogs, and address books) (Timothy Pearson and original KDE3 integration authors)
    Screenshot coming soon...
    • Dictionary choice removed in spellchecker when there is only 1 dictionary active tdf#40778 (Caolán McNamara & Rob Snelders)
    • Zooming does now base on a geometric progression instead of an arithmetic one tdf#44173 (Tim Hardeck)
    • Default to Tango icon set on OS/X (Michael Meeks & UI team)
    • GTK themes are now able to render background gradient (the screenshots here use oxygen-gtk's "libreoffice" branch)
    • GTK themes now have a way for tab prelight rendering


    • GTK theming is implemented for fixes lines and frames



    • Implemented locale dependent date acceptance patterns for input of incomplete dates.
      This prevents erroneous detection of dates in Calc and Writer cell input and CSV file import.
      See blog article for details. (Eike Rathke)
    • Added English_Malawi en_MW locale data. (Eike Rathke)
    • Added Erzya_Russia myv_RU locale data.


    • Substantially improved OLE2 document import: .doc, .xls, .ppt (Caolan McNamara, Michael Meeks)
    • Substantially improved simple .doc/.docx import (Michael Meeks, Caolan McNamara)
    • Large document scrolling / re-layout / interactive editing improvements (Caolan McNamara)
    • Large autocorrect lists handled around twice as fast (Michael Meeks)
    • Improved performance of pivot table in Calc. Refreshing of pivot table should be now 35-50% faster than 3.5. In addition, memory footprint of pivot table is reduced significantly. (Kohei Yoshida)
    • Improved performance of raw cell value import from xlsx documents. (Daniel Bankston)
    • Improved performance of merged cell and matrix range import from ods documents. (Daniel Bankston)


    • Many modules ported to faster, more reliable gnumake (David Tardon, Matus Kukan, David Ostrovsky & more)