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About this page

This is an in-progress scratch-pad of notes to build release notes from as and when we release. Please do not list features that are to be shipped already in the 6.1 release! Please do not add wish-list features that you hope will be implemented, but only what actually is implemented already.

What does a good feature look like here:

  • It has a description, and a way for a busy reviewer, to find and play with the feature. Target someone who is extremely busy, and knows little-to-nothing about the product. So if a user interface element is key to the feature, be very explicit about where it is, e. g. Menu ▸ Format ▸ Character ▸ Position [tab] ▸ ‘90 degrees’ paths to the elements you changed. Of course, you know your feature is important, and that everyone should care about the Extensible AutoShapes Properties dialog – but often the guys taking the screenshots and writing the notes do not.
  • It credits the main authors who did the work – just add them in brackets after the feature, where possible.
  • If the feature can be shown off with a sample / test file – particularly for new import-able features, it would be wonderful to have a link to/up-load of a test file that we can use to show that feature off to best effect. That really helps us to make good screenshots to show off the features, and allows reviewers to do their testing.

Thanks in advance for your help filling this out!



  • Inline tooltips on tracked changes are optional now (Tools ▸ Options ▸ Writer ▸ View) plus are not shown when View ▸ Track Changes is off; UNO command .uno:ShowInlineTooltips ("Tooltips") available for customization (tdf#114523, Heiko Tietze, Michael Stahl)
  • Basic list styles were added to the Styles submenu in the Context Menu. tdf#85940 (Yousuf Philips)
  • Add insert page number option to header menu. tdf#92685 (Gülşah Köse, Pardus)
  • Allow removing the whole ideographic variance sequence with one backspace. tdf#113481 (Mark Hung)
  • Support vertical ruby text format that is commonly used in traditional Chinese. tdf#35301 (Mark Hung)
  • Allow ruby text to export in docx format. tdf#115258 (Mark Hung)
  • Export comments with right-to-left text to .doc correctly for MS Word. tdf#45999 (Mark Hung)
  • Fix reversed text of column break mark in a RTL page. tdf#84522 (Mark Hung)
  • EPUB: support vertical writing by export writing-mode in the page style as CSS body styles. tdf#115623 (Mark Hung)
  • The Chapter Numbering dialog now allows multi-line headings for chapters by allowing a line break as separator between a chapter number and its name. tdf#112384 (Nithin Kumar Padavu)
  • EPUB: export ruby text. tdf#116822 (Mark Hung)

Signature Lines

It is now possible to generate a signature line using Insert ▸ Signature Line. tdf#83877 (Samuel Mehrbrodt, CIB)

Insert Signature Line

Localized Settings

Two Writer-specific settings that should have localized values did not work exactly as intended in the past:

  • Tools ▸ Options ▸ Writer ▸ General ▸ Settings ▸ Tab stops should default to 7.4 mm for Chinese (locale “zh-CN”) and to 12.5 mm for all other locales.
  • Tools ▸ Options ▸ Writer ▸ AutoCaption ▸ Caption Order should default to “Numbering first” for Hungarian (locale “hu”) and to “Category first” for all other locales.

This has been fixed now (commit, commit), but you may still see unexpected values if you either changed these settings manually in the past, or even if you merely keep using a pre-existing user installation. In either case, please check whether these settings have appropriate values now for you, and change them if necessary in the Tools ▸ Options dialog.




Image handling in Calc has been much improved (Samuel Mehrbrodt, CIB)

  • Images anchored to Calc cells can now be sorted. tdf#98931
  • Anchor types have been reworked tdf#114552. There are now three choices:
    • Anchor to cell -> Image will just move with the cell (new)
    • Anchor to cell (resize with cell) -> Image will move and resize with the cell
    • Anchor to page -> independent of any cells
  • When resizing images with the cell, the aspect ratio is now considered. This only works when the image fits into its cell. If it's larger than the cell, the start and end cell are always kept.
  • Inserted images are again anchored to cell by default. By default they only move with the cell, and don't resize.
  • There's an option to set image anchor type in the insert image dialog. tdf#86739
  • Added option to fit images into their cell. This obviously only works with cell anchored images. tdf#116108
  • When copying/pasting cells, cell anchored images are now copied with the cell tdf#116510

User Interface

  • Now, when the cursor is in on the last non-protected cell of the column in a protected sheet and moves with the Enter key, it return to the first non-protected cell of the next column. This works in the opposite direction if the Shift key is used too. tdf#68290 (Lera Goncharuk)
  • Highlight color customization tdf#116241 blog entry (Szymon Kłos, Collabora)
Higlight Values mode and customization

Context Menu

  • New "Manage Name" UNO command which works if cursor is in a named range, has been created and added in context menu. tdf#108989 (Gülşah Köse, Pardus)
  • New "Data Validation" UNO command which works if cursor is in a field has valitation attiribute, has been created and added in context menu. tdf#108989 (Gülşah Köse, Pardus)
  • New "Conditional Formatting" UNO command which works if cursor is in a field has a condition, has been created and added in context menu. tdf#87357 (Gülşah Köse, Pardus)


Link to External Data supports CSV

  • Sheet ▸ Link to External Data supports Text/CSV files to insert their content as data and update. tdf#114995 (Eike Rathke (Red Hat, Inc.))

New spreadsheet functions

Impress & Draw

  • Draw's menus were reorganized and with the addition of a new Page menu. tdf#95827 (Yousuf Philips)
  • Fix incorrect bracket / parentheses order in right-to-left paragraph in Impress, judging the writing direction of the text from the paragraph instead of the content alone. tdf#60533 (Mark Hung)


  • The ODBC, JDBC and Firebird SDBC drivers/bridges previously applied named parameter substitution (for ODBC and JDBC: when enabled) to all SQL commands, including those that were tagged in the GUI as "execute SQL command directly", thereby not preserving the SQL command exactly as typed. Named parameter substitution now is applied only to SQL queries that are generated from a LibreOffice SQL parse tree, leaving "execute SQL command directly" commands completely untouched.
  • Firebird Embedded engine is not experimental now




Core / General


  • Now, Calc, Draw, Impress ask users if they want to apply EXIF rotation when images are inserted or replaced as Writer currently does. This only applies to images with orientaion 3,6 and 8. tdf#116438 (himajin100000)
  • New expert option was added: "AddReplacementImages" to control during export whether to add fallback images or not tdf#115005 (Serge Krot, CIB)


  • New default order for Traditional and Simplified Chinese fonts. tdf#114768 (Yousuf Philips)

.UNO commands

  • Cycle case now includes sentence case tdf#116315 (Heiko Tietze)
  • The command .uno:ShowInlineTooltips has been introduced to allow customization of inline tooltips (see changes for Writer) (tdf#114523, Heiko Tietze, Michael Stahl)

Help Contents


Improvements to Excel 2003 XML import

The import filter for the Excel 2003 XML format has been overhauled, and the previous XSLT-based filter has been replaced by the one provided by the orcus library. (Kohei Yoshida)


  • Background images in Gallery and Area Fill dialog completely reworked tdf#114817 (Andreas Kainz, Heiko Tietze).
This change breaks documents with relative links to the gallery, which was possible some time ago. Affected users can install the legacy background images per extension (
  • Insert Table dialog presents now a list of table styles instead then button AutoFormat tdf#113558 (Furkan Tokac)
  • Distracting tooltips in tables removed ("Adjust table column/row", "Select whole table/row/column") tdf#116297 (Heiko Tietze)
  • Function to modify tables within 3 seconds removed, freeing the hard-coded Alt+Delete and Alt+Insert shortcuts tdf#116452 (Heiko Tietze)

Icon Theme

  • Colibre introduced as default under Windows tdf#90194 (Andreas Kainz, Heiko Tietze)
  • High contrast theme is now Sifr tdf#75398. Legacy theme hicontrast available as extension. (Heiko Tietze)

Start Center


  • Now message "JRE Required" for Windows contains information on bitness of required JRE tdf#115002 (Lera Goncharuk)
  • Dialog windows now use native GTK3 interfaces on Linux. blog entry (Caolán McNamara)



  • Ctrl/⌘ Cmd+Tab ↹ and ⇧ Shift+Ctrl/⌘ Cmd+Tab ↹ can be used as shortcuts now and have been assigned to next/previous sheet in Calc tdf#86404 (Heiko Tietze)
  • Ctrl+F5 assigned to View ▸ Sidebar tdf#86404 (Heiko Tietze)
  • Shortcuts for number formatting in Calc (decimal, scientific, date...) are now ⇧ Shift+⌃ Ctrl+1..⇧ Shift+⌃ Ctrl+6 on macOS (was ⌘ Cmd before) tdf#78777 (Heiko Tietze)
  • Customization of MOD3 ⌃ Ctrl on macOS is now possible. tdf#34704 (Heiko Tietze)
  • Tooltips show the correct symbol for MOD3 (⌃) tdf#117033 (Heiko Tietze)

Customize Dialog

  • It is now even easier to customize toolbars and top level menus according to your taste, thanks to the newly added gear button/menu of the Customize dialog (Tools ▸ Customize...). tdf#114260 (Muhammet Kara, Pardus)
  • With the new gear menu on the Toolbar and the Menu tabs, you can now;
    • rename the custom toolbars and menus, and the standard sub-menus, commit
    • move and rearrange the top-level menus, commit
    • see the current display style of toolbars, and change it with a single click. commit
  • The plus and minus buttons, which allow you to add or remove top-level menus and toolbars, are also coming as options of the new menu, reducing the clutter on the UI.
Gear Menu for a Custom Menu
Gear Menu for a Custom Toolbar

Basic Editor

  • Now there is repeat search by shortcut tdf#94498 (Lera Goncharuk)

Notebookbar (experimental)


  • Unless otherwise credited - all Online features and fixes here listed provided by the Collabora team.



  • Exposed various dialogs in LibreOffice core to browser. Some screenshots.



  • Following dialogs enriching user's editing experience
    • Find & Replace (Previous dialog written in JS is removed)
    • Edit Style
    • Hyperlink Dialog
    • Special Character Dialog (Previous dialog written in JS is removed)
    • Index Entry
    • Character
    • Paragraph
    • Bullets & Numbering
    • Table properties dialog
    • Spelling & Grammar dialog
    • Word Count dialog


  • Ability to add autofilter
  • Ability to filter items via autofilter popup
  • Format Cell Dialog is available

Column/Row Grouping

In this new release it is possible to collapse or expand any group of columns or rows with a simple click.


Groups are organized in levels and a levels header (for both column and row groups) is available in the top-left corner of the outline. By clicking on a levels header entry, groups belonging to the relative level are collapsed or expanded altogether.



  • Following object & shape dialogs are added
    • Position & Size
    • Line dialog
    • Area dialog


New languages/locales with locale data

Incorporation of other languages

Improvements to proofing tools and language support

  • Arabic. The spelling dictionary was updated to version 3.5. (Ayaspell and Yousuf Philips)



If you speak an endangered language and want to help us to achieve our goal of providing free tools for every single person on Earth, please join us.


Feature removal / deprecation


Platform Compatibility




API changes

UNO API changes

  • The unused macro SAL_CALL_ELLIPSE has been removed from sal/types.h, commit

SDK changes