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New spreadsheet functions

Changed spreadsheet functions

  • Functions that allow using regular expressions now correctly honor case-insensitivity flags (?i) / (?-i) in the expression. Note that the default case-sensitivity of the functions is not changed; the affected functions: AVERAGEIF, AVERAGEIFS, COUNTIF, COUNTIFS, HLOOKUP, LOOKUP, MATCH, SEARCH, SUMIF, SUMIFS, VLOOKUP are case-insensitive by default, so the sensitivity only changes after first (?-i) in the regular expression tdf#78840 (Mike Kaganski, Collabora)

Perfomance improvements

  • Improved opening speed of XLSX files with many pictures tdf#93831 (Noel Grandin, Collabora)

Impress & Draw

  • Subscripts now return to the default of 8%. Automatic positioning fixed for superscripts and subscripts in Textboxes (editeng). Positioning fixed for textboxes with "Autofit text". Users may need to fix exaggerated superscripts in presentations created since LO 4.1. tdf#80194 tdf#89849 (Justin Luth, SIL)
SubscriptReport 7.0.png

Performance improvements

  • Speed up: Long operation during typing in list with animations tdf#129708 (Serge Krot, CIB)
  • Speed up: entering to table editing mode became faster tdf#120216 (Mark Hung)





  • For numeric types, the current locale for the decimal and thousands separators is taken into account, e.g., 1.234,321 in de_DE becomes 1234, whereas 1,234.321 in the en_UK locale provides the same result. tdf#97983 (Andreas Heinisch)

Core / General

  • Cairo library was replaced with Skia library (Luboš Luňák, Collabora)


Writer's Navigator got many improvements by Jim Raykowski:

  • Navigator's categories are gray if they don't have any items (the same for Calc's Navigator) tdf#129625
  • All objects in Navigator (Headings, Tables, Frames, Images, etc.) have own context menu items like Go To, Edit, Delete, Rename tdf#128814
  • Headings in Navigator have Promote/Demote level and Promote/Demote chapter context menu items tdf#128814
  • Table's context menu in Navigator now has Insert caption item tdf#128814
  • Added Outline tracking for Headings in Navigator. It can be in three states: Default, Focus, Off. Try click by your mouse in several place in your big text document with many headings. You'll see that Headings in Navigator will be selected automatically according to text cursor position tdf#108766
  • Replaced the navigation toolbox with the navigate by elements control tdf#89566

LibreOffice Help


Improvements of DOCX import/export filter:

  • DOCX now saves in native 2013/2016/2019 mode instead of in 2007 compatibility mode. “This mode is intended to ensure users of different versions of Microsoft Office can continue working together and documents created with older versions of Office won’t look any different when they’re opened in future versions of Office.” So this mainly benefits Word users - where documents can use more features and Word’s bugfixes since DOCX 1.0 can be applied. Although this means Word 2010 users lose out a little, Microsoft has done the same to them since 2013, and it is end-of-life before 7.0 reaches stable status. Word 2010 users should upgrade to LibreOffice. tdf#131304 tdf#123116 tdf#131121 (Justin, SIL; Miklos/Mike, Collabora; Samuel, CIB)

Improvements of PPTX import/export filter:

Improvements of PPT import/export filter:

Improvements of animation rendering:

Document Encryption


Classic Toolbars

  • All toolbars are lock by default now on fresh user profiles tdf#92484 (Ahmad Ganzouri)

Icon Theme

  • Added a new Sukapura icon theme. That icon theme will be a default theme for new LibreOffice installations in macOS tdf#130500 (Rizal Muttaqin)
Best Fit for macOS




New languages/locales with locale data

  • Ligurian [lij-IT]. tdf#130579 (Jean Maillard, Eike Rathke (Red Hat, Inc.))
  • Minangkabau [min-ID]. tdf#130772 (Peter Farley, Eike Rathke (Red Hat, Inc.))
  • Sundanese [sun-ID]. tdf#131297 (Rizal Muttaqin, Eike Rathke (Red Hat, Inc.))

Additional languages in the language list

Incorporation of other languages

Feature removal / deprecation


Platform Compatibility



  • Windows Default apps button was added to Options ▸ LibreOffice ▸ General, to call Windows file associations management. This button behaves according to Microsoft file association management policy, which is to open "Default apps" on Windows 7, 8, and 8.1; and to show a message telling user how to open that applet manually in Windows 10. This only works with registered application, so would not work for portable or testing (e.g. beta, when not using WRITE_REGSITRY=1 installation option) releases tdf#44462 (Mike Kaganski, Collabora)


On Linux, file://host/ URLs (denoting filesystem resources on a specific host) were in the past sometimes silently treated as smb://host/ URLs denoting resources accessed via the SMB protocol. This is no loner done. If you want to access a file via the SMB protocol, use a smb URL. core commit fa314082a89f917912dd2e610ac19991b84921fa (Stephan Bergman)

KDE 5 + Qt5

  • Introduced basic HiDPI scaling for Qt5 tdf#127687 (Luca Carlon, Jan-Marek Glogowski)

API changes

  • The three Java jars jurt.jar, ridl.jar, and unoil.jar are now combined into a single ridl.jar. The three jars provided classes in overlapping packages, so could not be used with the Java module system. For backwards compatibility, jurt.jar and unoil.jar are still present as empty stubs referencing the combined ridl.jar. tdf#117331 (Stephan Bergmann; Samuel Mehrbrodt, CIB)

UNO API changes

  • remove BasicImport UNO interfaces and service (css::document::XMLBasicImporter, css::document::XMLOasisBasicImporter, css::document::XXMLOasisBasicImporter), which were used internally to load the scripts embedded in documents. core commit 214e6caf2c503d817c47ebcc419e4f7e33b336ac (Noel Grandin)

Configuration changes

SDK changes

Android Viewer

New Features