Videos/SSO Explanation Script

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    Script for the SSO explanation video

    1. LibreOffice is made up of many sub-projects and communities, using a wide variety of tools and services. For instance, the wiki for collaboration, Weblate for translations, Gerrit for code patches, and much more.
    2. To make things easier for contributors, we have single sign-on, or SSO, for many services. But what does this mean?
    3. Well, it means that you only need one login to access many of these services. You don't need to set up separate accounts and passwords for the wiki, Gerrit, Redmine and so forth.
    4. So, if you want to contribute to LibreOffice - and we're grateful for your help! - then start off by creating an SSO account. Go to in your web browser, and click "Create new account".
    5. You'll then be asked for a few details, and there's a captcha at the bottom to prevent spam.
    6. After you click Submit, check your inbox for a confirmation email. There you'll find a link, which you can click to validate the new account.
    7. Now you're ready to use the various services inside the LibreOffice projects! Some require manual approval, for which you can find information on the wiki. But for most services, you can start making edits or code submissions as soon as you have an SSO account.
    8. At any time, you can visit and see a list of services linked to your SSO profile. If you have any difficulties with a service, send an email to
    9. Thanks in advance for your contributions to LibreOffice! Your work helps millions of users around the world.