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How do I select several pictures?

The selection tool in the Draw toolbar allows you to select several drawing objects. However, it is not possible to select several pictures in a Writer document. Only the Draw module offers this possibility.

The first solution is to anticipate the need for "grouped" work and insert images directly into a temporary document in the Draw module. Then you only need to copy and paste the pictures in the Writer document.
There are some further possibilities for the word processor.

Anchoring to the same paragraph

When more than one picture is anchored to the same paragraph, you only need to select it, then copy it: the pictures will "follow" when you paste it.
With the "to paragraph" option, the anchor is displayed at the beginning of the paragraph. It is therefore necessary to copy from the beginning of the paragraph to make sure the anchor will be copied, to the next paragraph mark.

Inserting in a frame or a table

A table or a frame can be copied, whatever their content. Whenever possible, one can insert the pictures into this type of object to manipulate (copy, move...) the picture via the "parent" object.

Inserting by filling of a drawn object

As said in the introduction, the selection tool of the Draw toolbar allows several drawing objects to be selected.
It is also possible to use pictures as filling for these objects. The more flexible solution for manipulating several pictures is to insert them as filling for drawn objects.

  1. Display the Draw toolbar
  2. Choose the rectangle tool for the selected object
  3. Draw it and then right click on the form > Area
  4. On Bitmaps tab, choose from the existing list or click on the Import button to retrieve a picture on the desktop, then validate.

  • The Tile and AutoFit options are not checked by default. It is usually necessary to come back to this setting by clicking again on Area.