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Welcome to LibreOffice Magazine International

With the help of the Brazilian team, an effort to organize an international version of LibreOffice Magazine has been created.

If you are interested in participating, on a regular basis, to the production of the "LibreOffice Magazine International" (the international EN version) please feel free to sign-up on this page. As there are many different posts to fill, it would greatly help if you could let us know of any skills that you wish to bring to the project. Feel free to view the "LibreOffice Magazine Brasil -- Collaborators" page for an example of some of the tasks that you may be able to fill. We should also acknowledge the Brazilian team who has offered its help and expertise with the production/structure of the magazine.

You must be willing to use the LibreOffice suite as the tool of choice for the full production -- Writer and Draw are the modules most used in the production of the magazine. The LibreOffice suite is the tool by which the magazine will showcase its abilities to serve as a professional tool.

Note: the menu up above is linked to the Brazilian production EN translated wiki pages as example pages of what is expected of the contributors to the magazine -- (the blue menu line with "Production - Production Guide - Issues - Magazine Translation - Repository - Friend Pages").


LibreOffice Magazine International Sign-Up Sheet:

  • Marc Paré -- article editing, wiki page creation/editing, authoring/collaboration articles (if necessary)
  • Paulo de Souza Lima -- translations (pt-br, en, es, fr), wiki page editing, authoring/collaboration articles (if necessary)
  • Helio Jose S. Ferreira -- artwork, graphic design, publishing
  • Simon Phipps - reporting & article editing/authoring/collaborating; publishing background so will look for other ways to help
  • Clóvis Tristão -- translations (pt-br, en), article editing/reviser, wiki page editing, authoring/collaboration articles (if necessary)
  • Sigrid Carrera -- possibly translations (en, de), some help with article editing/reviewing
  • SimmacOSenitellis -- authoring, editing and collaborating.
  • Renata Marques -- translations (only en->pt-br), wiki page editing, graphic design, templates, diagramming.
  • Cida Coltro -- currently diagramming.